A Note to Our Listeners…


Something is happening.

Starting this Monday, August 14th WNUR will switch to automation for a few weeks until Monday, September 18th. The station will remain on-air, yet the broadcast will not be live.

Why is this happening? 

WNUR is undergoing some incredible maintenance so that we can improve and continue to be a reliable college radio station for the Evanston/Chicago area. We have purchased brand new, state-of-the-art transmitters which will be installed with over these upcoming weeks. These new transmitters will set the foundation for allowing WNUR to offer HD radio. This is incredible news for our student run station here in Evanston.

Closing words:

Although we will miss you these next few weeks, we greatly thank you for your constant support and extra strength at Phoneathon, our annual fundraiser, this past year. As you know, during this past year WNUR experienced record breaking success in our fundraising efforts. That is due to you. With your generous support, we are able to majorly upgrade our station with these transmitters. Thank you again, and please look forward to the continuation of great programming this coming fall.