WNUR is a non-commercial, listener-supported radio station broadcasting at a frequency of 89.3 MHz FM and a power of 7200 watts. The WNUR studios are located in the Barbara and Garry Marshall Studio Wing of Louis Hall, on the campus of Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. Our station produces a signal that can be heard by nearly 3 million listeners throughout the Chicagoland area. Our programming also streams on the Web to listeners around the world. Although WNUR is student-run, its roster of DJs comprises both students and members of the WNUR community.

WNUR is licensed to Northwestern University and its operations are subject to the authority and oversight of Northwestern University’s Board of Trustees and its Officers.



Through its programming, WNUR strives to provide a forum for underrepresented music and ideas. By pursuing the cultural, intellectual, and artistic aspects of radio, WNUR promotes musicians, musical genres, news, public affairs issues, and athletic events often overlooked by major media outlets. Because we are completely independent of commercial pressures, WNUR has the opportunity to provide unique and challenging programming to the Northwestern, Evanston, and Chicago communities no matter how unpopular or controversial.



In May of 2015, WNUR celebrated its 65th birthday and officially became a senior citizen. Our station has had a long-lasting and influential presence in the Chicagoland area during its 65 years of operation. WNUR first broadcast out of the Annie May Swift Hall basement on May 8th, 1950. We originally operated using a 10-watt transmitter that reached Evanston, Skokie, and parts of Chicago. WNUR’s slogan from 1982 to 1995 was “The New Music FM;” since 1995, we’ve adopted the tagline “Chicago’s Sound Experiment.”

In March of 2007, WNUR moved into new studios in the Barbara and Garry Marshall Studio Wing of Northwestern’s John J. Louis Hall, where we have since operated.

Many of WNUR’s programs have their own unique histories within the Northwestern and Chicagoland communities. We encourage you to explore their websites and learn more about how each of our shows positively impacts its listeners.



Spin Magazine’s 2003 “Best College Station in the U.S.”

Newcity‘s 2008 “Best College Radio Station”“the city’s most respected, not only for its continual rock-solid programming but also its star-studded alumni, which includes members of Arcade Fire, Steve Albini, Derrick Carter, and Ira Glass.”

Details Magazine 1991—“No. 1 radio station in Chicago”

Chicago Tribune, 1951: “10 Watt WNUR a Teething Ring for Collegians”

Chicago Tribune, 1988: “The Cutting Edge of Radio: Northwestern’s WNUR Dares to be Different”

Spinning Indie “Radio Station Field Trip 7: Northwestern’s WNUR”



General Manager: Brock Stuessi
Programming Director: Nick Anderson
Business Manager: Rachel Williams
Phoneathon Director: Dori Sotirovska
Operations Manager: Jason Sloan
Traffic Director: Eleanor Vail
Events Chair: Alex Fecteau
Publicity/Outreach Chair: Anna White
Social Media Chair: Renee Jacoby
Webmaster: Maxine Whitely
Media Team Directors: Lauren Harris, Nina Matti
Weekend Producer/Community DJ Liaison: Steve Seong
Airplay Producer: Leo Galbraith-Paul

Rock: Ben Shear & Evan Lee (Music Directors), Jake Kelly & Noah Stafford (Producers)
Streetbeat: Marc Chicoine (Music Director), Rachel Williams (Producer)
Continental Drift: Daniela Ruiz
Freeform: Wesley Levers
Jazz: Leo Galbraith-Paul
Sports: Austin Miller & Michael Stern
News: TBD