Composer Sohichiro Suzuki began releasing instrumental music as World Standard in 1985. “The Lonely Driver 1952” comes from his 1997 album Country Gazette, which was produced by Haruomi Hosono and released on Hosono’s Daisyworld Records. Country Gazette is the first volume of a three-part Discovering America series, which arose out of Suzuki’s interest in combining electronics with the sound of ’60s American folk music. According to the liner notes, Country Gazette was inspired by John Fahey and attempts “to take us to nowhere on the banjo sound.” In addition to his releases as World Standard, Suzuki has put out three albums under the name Everything Play, and he collaborated with Hosono on the soundtrack to the Japanese film Gu Gu the Cat. Though Suzuki records many of the instruments himself, he also takes advantage of a backing group for live performances that features Hosono’s daughter, Mina.


World Standard - Country Gazette


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