(Editor’s Note (2/17): Even though this year’s Phoneathon is over, we’re gonna leave this letter up for a day or two, since we think it’s really important.)

WNUR Community,

This week, February 7 – 14, we here at WNUR are having our annual Phoneathon fundraiser. As a noncommercial, independent, volunteer- and student-run radio station, we rely solely on listener support. With your donation, we can ensure that WNUR has the resources to continue the mission it established 63 years ago: to give voice to underrepresented artists and talents. In the last year, we have used funds from Phoneathon to put on two concerts in the Chicagoland area, launch an entirely new website with original content and an extensive archive of recorded programs, and purchase cameras to record our live Airplay sets.

As our entire operating budget consists of money earned through Phoneathon, your donation ensures that WNUR will not just survive, but continue to expand.

We have an exciting list of premiums as gifts for your donation, including CDs, LPs, and our newly designed 2013 WNUR T-shirt, printed on American Apparel shirts.

You can donate right here from our Web site, or call (847) 491-3655 (UPDATE 2/15: Don’t call the phone number).

We sincerely appreciate every donation. Support local radio!

~Ryan Lafferty
WNUR DJ and Phoneathon Director


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