Wesley Willis was a Chicago-based outsider artist and musician, who passed away in 2003. His artwork consisted primarily of ink drawings of Chicago landscapes and skylines. In 1989, Willis was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia This song is one of several about ‘whupping’ superheroes. Many of the songs he wrote featured obscene lyrics, including a large number of songs devoted to bestiality. His approach to songwriting was very systematic; typically, he sung over various Casio keyboard presets, composed of a few verses and an instrumental interlude, followed by a final verse and ending with some slogan (e.g. “Wheaties, Breakfast of Champions,” etc.).

A documentary made back in 2003 by Daniel Bitton follows Willis around in his daily activities, and can be seen in its entirety here. In 1991, he formed the band the Wesley Willis Fiasco with Pat Barnard and Dale Meiners. The group also released a 7″ with Sublime in 1996.

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