Check out the first installment of Dancing Astronaut, which broadcasts biweekly as part of the Handpicked block. It’s off this week, but listen next Tuesday at 9:00 PM.

Dancing Astronaut – 4/9/13 by Wnur-Fm on Mixcloud

After the jump, more Mixcloud from us and our friends:

03-04-2013 WNUR voice of reason w/ guest Andy Ortmann by Soundoferror on Mixcloud

Bandwidth #2: The Millennium by Wnur-Fm on Mixcloud

M50 + Merrick Brown @ etc, WNUR 2013.03.08 by M50 on Mixcloud

Other stuff you might like…

Conference of the Birds airs as part of WNUR’s Jazz Show every Tuesday from 5:00 – 7:30 AM. If you aren’t up to hear it, Joe posts the show on his blog. Here’s a recent one.

Streetbeat is on Soundcloud! Maybe if you all follow them, they’ll post more cool stuff.


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