This elusive hip-hop group consisting of Honey B and Sandy D released only the one single, “Dancing Heart.” I can’t help but believe that to be true, as the single was released under the moniker Universal Two, even though they clearly refer to themselves as the Universal Three right at the start of the song. This was originally released back in 1981 on Golden Flamingo Records, and in the past few years has been featured on a handful of compilations and DJ mixes. I first heard it on the Big Apple Rappin’ compilation, which features 2 CDs full of early New York hip-hop gems. Golden Flamingo, run by Peter Brown, was active in the late-70s and early-80s and put out some incredibly solid socially conscious disco and hip-hop. Peter Brown also ran many other small disco/funk/hip-hop labels including Clarence Music, Destiny, Funk Groove Records, Georgia Peach Records, among others.

The track was produced by none other than Patrick Adams (who contributed to Golden Flamingo quite regularly, both as producer and musician), an honestly prolific musician/songwriter/arranger/producer that worked with groups such as Bumblebee Unlimited, Universal Robot Band, Gladys Knight, Eric B and Rakim, R. Kelly, Salt-N-Pepa, The Shades of Love, Rainbow Brown, Eddie Kendricks, and was responsible for the Musique hit, “Keep On Jumpin’” in 1978. As a producer, Adams was way ahead of his time. His experiments and innovations in the studio continue to be extremely influential to pop music.



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