Today’s Track of the Day is off Spectre, the second LP by San Francisco electronic musician Trans-Millenia Consort, put out in 1984. Trans-Millenia Consort was the musical alter-ego of blind keyboardist Pauline Anna Strom, who self-released Spectre on Trans-Millenia Consort Recordings in 1984. Strom spoke candidly about her blindness inn a 1986 interview with Eurock Magazine, and here’s what she had to say:

I feel it has helped rather than hindered my musical abilities. My hearing and inner visualization have, I feel, developed to a higher level than perhaps they would have, otherwise. And it doesn’t affect my abilities from a technical standpoint, either. It’s quite possible to program synthesizers, effects units, accurately record one’s work and handle a mixer. I do this all by sound. In fact, I rather like working in the dark. [source]

In addition to two LPs released under the Trans-Millenia Consort name (both of which come highly recommended), Strom put out a series of cassettes in 1988. Really interested readers can also look for Strom’s first record, released under her own name in 1982, titled—wait for it—Trans-Millenia Consort. Although Strom has stopped releasing music since the late ’80s, as of 2008 she’s still living in San Francisco and working as a spiritual counselor. Check her stuff out. You won’t be disappointed.



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