In case the huge box on the main page didn’t clue you in, this week is WNUR’s big recruitment push for fall quarter. The WNUR fall recruitment meeting is TONIGHT (October 2) IN ANNIE MAY SWIFT AUDITORIUM AT 8 PM.

With that in mind, I wanted to pull some pages pertaining to what The Rock Show is all about—next week, we’re really going to start digging in, so be ready.

To anyone out there who thinks this sounds even remotely cool, come check out the meeting. We’re all charming people, and we want to help you get involved with the cool stuff we do here. (Also, disregard any dates you read in these; obviously some of these are years old by now.)


Like I said last week, the Rock Bible has accumulated a little detritus over the years. If you know this baby, post in the comments!

Gratitude and appreciation, as always, to the Rock Show staff of yore who contributed these pages; some of them give themselves credit, and some don’t, but they all seem like rad people.

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