Torn From The Bible - UK Punk Edition

In this installment of our (semi-)regular Torn From The Bible feature, I pulled a few pages related to the early days of the UK Punk scene. Those for your reading pleasure after the break, plus a couple of DJ training sheets.

Gratitude and appreciation, as always, to the Rock Show staff of yore who contributed these pages; some of them give themselves credit, and some don’t, but they’re all probably rad people.


  1. Phil S. says:

    This has bugged me for years: first and foremost, Stiff Little Fingers were from Belfast, Northern Ireland, not Scotland. Considering how much of their music referred to The Troubles, this is a pretty important distinction.

    Secondly, despite their associations with reggae-loving skinhead scene, you’d be hard-pressed to find much reggae influence in Sham 69′s music.


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