Jeffrey McGrath recommends Daniel Higgs - Say God

“I really like the album for it courageously not resembling anything anyone has ever made ever.”

David Daniell

David Daniell collaborated with Douglas McCombs (from Tortoise) to record 2009’s Sycamore. The duo released Versions on the label earlier this year.

“I think Thrill Jockey covers an amazing diversity of music, and I really appreciate that. There’s not a focus on one micro-sub-genre, the focus is just ‘great music.’”

David Daniell recommends Brokeback - Morse Code in the Modern Age: Across the Americas

“Why? Because it’s great music.”

Jeremy Jacobsen (The Lonesome Organist)

Jeremy Jacobsen put out three albums under the name the Lonesome Organist on Thrill Jockey, the most recent one being 2003’s Forms and Follies.

“Thrill Jockey has an incredibly broad roster stylistically/genre-wise, and yet maintains a close relationship with the locals in Chicago. Thrill Jockey has fostered collaboration and discussion that has inspired many of us.”

Jeremy Jacobsen recommends Nerves - Nerves

John Colpitts (Man Forever)

John Colpitts, drummer from Oneida, has been working with Thrill Jockey for his Man Forever project, putting out Pansophical Cataract earlier this year. He’ll be playing at the Empty Bottle for Thrill Jockey 20 tomorrow night.

“Thrill Jockey supports challenging music and works hard for their artists. I don’t think there’s a better home. I am really happy to be working with them.”

John Colpitts recommends Trans Am - Futureworld

“Mostly because their press releases are so hilarious.”

Matt Carlson (Golden Retriever)

Golden Retriever consists of Matt Carlson and Jonathan Sielaff. Their Thrill Jockey debut Occupied with the Unspoken was released in 2012.

“Thrill Jockey enabled [our] record to reach more ears than it would’ve otherwise, and perhaps made certain people listen to it differently because it was being presented within the context of the label and its history. I get the sense that they really want to be supportive and help us succeed in any way that they can, which is really awesome.”

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