Third Ear Band began playing together in London during the fall of 1967. Drummer Glen Sweeney was already known in the free jazz scene there from his work with Dave Tomlin and Roger Bunn in The Giant Sun Trolley, playing a weekly Thursday-night gig at the UFO Club (which, during its year-long existence, helped launch such bands as Soft Machine and Pink Floyd). By the end of that year, the lineup was Sweeney on drums, Richard Coff on violin, Paul Minns on oboe and Mel Davis (who had previously played in People Band) on viola. Those four recorded the debut LP Alchemy, on which this track first appeared, released by EMI-Harvest in 1969. Interestingly, John Peel is credited with playing jaw harp on this recording.

Though the lineup saw a number of changes, with Sweeney the only member to play on every release, the band went on to record into the ’90s, releasing nearly a dozen albums. If you dig it, check out Ghetto Raga, which has a lot more really interesting stuff about the band.



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