Today’s Track of the Day comes from These Are Powers, who released four albums between 2007 and their break-up in 2010. The group’s members include Pat Noecker, bassist of Australian-via-Brooklyn post-punk group Liars; Brooklyn singer-guitarist Anna Barie of Knife Skills; and Chicago electronic producer Bill Salas, who records under the name Brenmar. While they were still performing together, These Are Powers often performed in collaboration with artists, dancers, and videographers to create performance-art style concerts that were themselves sometimes performed in art museums or galleries. Bassist Noecker’s unique sound comes from a wooden dowel rod placed under the instrument’s strings, meant to function as a third bridge. This even inspired a Dutch guitar-maker to create a custom-designed bass for Noecker, which he now uses for his solo project RAFT. In 2007, These Are Powers released “Silver Lung” as a 7” single on Elsye and Jack Recordings, b/w “Funeral Xylophone” and “Crows of Troy.”



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