King Khan (real name Arish Ahmad Khan, who also used to go by the stage name Blacksnake) and BBQ (Mark Sultan, one of Khan’s bandmates from The Spaceshits) sadly parted ways in 2010, but they managed to release three solid albums full of raucous, silly garage music before that. “Too Much in Love” comes off of the duo’s 2006 LP What’s for Dinner? and features Khan on vocals and lead guitar and BBQ on drums, tambourine and backing vocals.

King Khan, who was selected as Impose Magazine’s “Best Performer of 2008,” has a deranged, dirty stage presence and has been known to wear ridiculous outfits and get nearly naked on stage—when I saw him in 2008 on the King Khan and the Shrines/Black Lips tour, he spat chewed-up banana and proudly mooned the audience. He collaborated with GZA of the Wu-Tang Clan in 2009 and currently records with The Tandoori Knights and The Black Jaspers. Mark Sultan has also released a series of recordings under his own name, most recently 2011′s dual Whatever I Want and Whenever I Want album releases and his live album, The War on Rock ‘n Roll, put out on LP by In The Red Records last month.



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