The Jazz Show features a wide variety of jazz artists and styles past and present – with special emphasis on new releases, independent labels, local artists, and avant-garde/experimental jazz & free improvisation. Our definition of jazz spills over into creative contemporary composition, electronic music, world music, blues, rock, soul, and funk.

We regularly broadcast interviews and live performances by local and visiting musicians. Daily “11:00 breaks” provide in-depth focus on individual albums, artists, or themes. We also give away tickets to many events in the Chicago jazz community.

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  1. There's jazz on Chicago radio, despite death of Smooth 87.7 | Radio Survivor:

    […] college station. But that doesn’t mean I can’t tell you about its jazz programming. WNUR has jazz every weekday from 5:30 AM to noon. Like WHPK nearly every style of jazz can be heard, though I should warn the hardcore smooth jazz […]

  2. Phillip Washington:

    The jazz show is the motor of the wnur machine with driver Mos Dj.Keep it fueled

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