The Caretaker is James Kirby, who apart from this project is probably most famous for his work as V/Vm, and who has been releasing music since 1996 under several different monikers including “Leyland Kirby” and “The Stranger.” His music is primarily sample based, often involving reworked versions of pop songs, but he is also known for his more industrial-sounding electronic music.

This track is taken from the 2008 album Persistent Repetition of Phrases, which took its inspiration from the haunted ballroom scene from The Shining. Kirby’s music often deals with the experience of memory; his 2005 album was entitled Theoretically Pure Anterograde Amnesia, and his other works explore different elements of amnesia and dementia. Most recently, Kirby recorded the soundtrack to a documentary about German author WG Sebald, Patience (After Sebald), and his release of An Empty Bliss Beyond This World last year saw widespread critical acclaim.

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