Maybe it’s just the sunny weather, but lately it seems like all I’ve been listening to is ’60s pop. “Baby That’s Me” was the debut single for The Cake, released on Decca Records in 1967. Pop songwriter Jackie DeShannon (also of “Put A Little Love In Your Heart”) wrote the song with Jack Nitzsche, who previously had recorded with Phil Spector and who went on to work with Neil Young and Crazy Horse in the early ’70s. Group members Barbara Morillo, Eleanor Barooshian, and Jeanette Jacobs were allegedly discovered singing along to records in a New York nightclub, circumstances music writer Chris Campion calls “a real life Beyond the Valley of the Dolls,” yet by 1968, only two years (and two albums) later, the group had already split up. Although “Baby That’s Me” was the work of a songwriting team, both albums by The Cake also featured original material by the group, which was unusual for pop musicians at the time, female musicians especially. Their two Decca albums, The Cake and A Slice of Cake are out of print today, but a 2007 Rev-Ola Records anthology, More of The Cake Please, includes both releases in their entirety.



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