Track of the Day has been on hiatus this quarter, but that doesn’t mean there you’re devoid of new listening material; unless you’ve been following TotD regularly, there are sure to be some tunes you’ve missed. A few of our favorites, after the jump.

Boredoms – “Seadrum”

Seadrum contains lots and lots (and lots) of percussion. Some of the drums were set up at a beach on wooden planks and recorded right up next to the ocean. As the tide came in, and the drums started to get wet, they started miking the drums sounds from under the water.

Jean Michel Jarre – “Zoolook”

The record was a relatively poor seller for Jarre, which is a shame because it’s great—Laurie Anderson does vocals on one track, and the whole thing is really a fun and interesting listen.

Chuck Johnson – “The Flying Spire Don’t Have No Mercy”

I couldn’t find a video of the recorded version of this Chuck Johnson track, off of his 2011 album A Struggle, Not a Thought, but this version, which was apparently filmed/recorded in someone’s dining room, is just as good.

The Cats and the Fiddle – “I Miss You So”

In 1937, Austin Powell, lead singer of the Harlem Harmony Hounds (actually based out of Chicago), joined another Chicago trio comprising Jimmy Henderson, Chuck Barksdale, and Ernie Price to form The Cats and the Fiddle.

Hedgehog – “Heart on Fire”

The album was an international effort, with New York-based producer John Grew enlisted to help the group realize its vision of “Sonic-Rock,” a new sound for the group incorporating elements of noise and psychedelia. Sun Fun Gun is definitely a break from the smoother sounds of the group’s previous albums, although their songwriting still evidences the group’s pop-rock roots.


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