This track is taken from the 1971 album Church of Anthrax, a collaboration between minimalist composer Terry Riley and experimental musician John Cale. Cale has had an extensive solo career, in addition to his involvement with The Velvet Underground. He was classically trained in viola and played with Tony Conrad and La Monte Young in Theater of Eternal Music. He has also worked as a studio musician for a wide variety of artists including Patti Smith and Nick Drake.

Terry Riley also played in Theater of Eternal Music, although he’s best known for his work as a composer. Riley’s music shows influences of Indian classical, jazz, and other contemporary minimalist composers—one of his pieces, In C, featured Steve Reich, Jon Gibson, Pauline Oliveros, and Morton Subotnick in its first performance. Riley also experimented with sequencing electronic music. He composed and programmed his album A Rainbow in Curved Air entirely electronically.

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