One week til Halloween! Get in the holiday spirit with this track from Freeform producer, Jamie Lee:

Svengoolie (Rich Koz) hosts horror movies (and, occasionally, films from other genres) every Saturday night on Me-TV; the current run of the Svengoolie show began in 1995. One of the running sketches on the show is a “parody song”: an existing song with rewritten lyrics (by Rich Koz), usually to fit the film: though, in this case, the song, which airs whenever the show features the 1959 film, House on Haunted Hill (directed by William Castle and starring Vincent Price), can stand on its own outside the show’s context. “Zombie No. 5” is set to the tune of “Mambo No. 5,” and even the music video is in the style of Lou Bega’s video of his 1999 cover of “Mambo No. 5.

**Bonus fun fact: Rich Koz is a Northwestern alum!**



[Rich Koz on Twitter]


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