Suzanne Langille is a longtime collaborator of Loren Connors, making appearances on some of Connors’ earlier, blues-y works released in the ’80s. “Strong and Foolish Heart” comes off Langille and Connors’ 1999 album Let the Darkness Fall. The two joined forces with David Daniell and Andrew Burnes, of improvisational trio San Agustin, to create the record, which they released on Secretly Canadian. In 2010, Langille worked with sitarist and composer Neel Murgai (who was involved in the group Haunted House with Connors, Langille and Burnes) on her solo album Wild and Foolish Heart.

Langille and Connors released their newest concept album, I Wish I Didn’t Dream, yesterday; the work is a collaborative art/music effort between the duo and WFMU DJ Kurt Gottschalk.


Suzanne Langille - Let The Darkness Fall


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