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Today’s track comes from Solid Space, a U.K. synth act made up of childhood friends Matthew Vosburgh and Dan Goldstein. In 1978, then 14-year-olds Vosburgh and Goldstein started recording together in the four-piece Exhibit A, which released two 7” EPs on their own Irrelevant Wombat Records. Two years later, they formed Solid Space as a duo, beginning to record the material that would eventually see release as the Space Museum cassette on In Phaze Records in 1982. In addition to Vosburgh and Goldstein, also performing on this track is Jon Winegum, playing what sounds to me like a clarinet. The group’s material has yet to be reissued, but as always you might have some luck with the usual second-hand sources online or off.


EDITOR’S NOTE: If you dug today’s Track of the Day, Dan put together an hour of synth-pop back in November that happens to include this track. Check it out on Mixcloud.

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