Sexual Harrassment was the project of Lynn Tolliver, a Cleveland radio DJ, which released one album in 1983; that album, I Need A Freak, shared its name with the group’s most popular single. Tolliver wrote the group’s material under the name David Payton, to distance himself from his radio career, though the group that toured as Sexual Harrassment was one Tolliver had formed after the initial success of “I Need A Freak”; the touring group included Tolliver’s girlfriend, and additional vocals on the record came from radio announcers acquainted with Tolliver.

The majority of Sexual Harrassment’s single releases are contained on the 1983 release—which, if you enjoyed today’s track, you’d probably dig. April of 2011 saw the release of the Give It To Me Hot EP, which featured four reworkings of songs featured on the I Need A Freak album. An interesting listen if you’re looking for more Sexual Harrassment, but probably not much more than a curiosity.



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