Today’s track comes to us from Seattle-based hip-hop producer Sabzi, best known as one half of the alternative rap duo Blue Scholars. Sabzi (real name Alexei Saba Mohajerjasbi) got his start as a student at the University of Washington in 2002, where he met rapper and future Blue Scholars collaborator Geologic. In addition to his work with Blue Scholars, Sabzi also released two albums with rapper RA Scion, under the collective name Common Market; his most recent collaborative effort was the project Made in Heights, which saw him working with singer Kelsey Bulkin.

And in addition to all this, the past few months have seen a steady flow of solo releases through his Bandcamp—today’s track, “eight bit II,” comes off his most recent beat-tape, Delridge, released last Friday as part of an ongoing series of 20-track instrumental collections named after “uniquely titled Seattle streets.” There’s some fantastic material on the Bandcamp, so check it out if today’s track was one you dug.



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