This song comes from the 1996 album Temple IV, released on Kranky. Roy Montgomery hails from New Zealand, but this album was recorded during a 9-month stay in New York. He first started out playing guitar in 1971 in small New Zealand garage groups including Psychedeliks, Compulsory Fun, and Murder Strikes Pink. In 1980, he founded The Pin Group, along with Peter Stapleton and Ross Humphrey. Their first single, “Ambivalence,” was the first single released on the New Zealand label Flying Nun. Flying Nun, along with Xpressway, would go on to release most of the underground music coming out of New Zealand at that time.

Roy Montgomery, along with Stapleton, formed Dadamah in the early 90s, and released a few singles and an album,This Is Not A Dream, on Majora, later to be rereleased on Kranky in 1994. Montgomery has worked with many bands and musicians, including two improvised albums with psychedelic drone band Bardo Pond under the moniker Hash Jar Tempo (a play on Ash Ra Tempel). He also played guitar in the band Dissolve and collaborated with British experimental rock band Flying Saucer Attack on the 1997 album Goodbye/And Goodbye/Whole Day. Everything Montgomery does is fantastic, and if you are unfamiliar with any of his work, Temple IV is a perfect place to start.



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