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Time Tuesday
  • Streetbeat
  • Mike Corsa
  • Saturday, November 10th, 2012
  • 10:00PM - 2:00AM
  • Playlist
  • Fast 'N' Loud
  • Kristian A.
  • Sunday, November 11th, 2012
  • 12:00AM - 2:00AM
  • Playlist
  • Freeform
  • DJ Jazzy L
  • Saturday, November 10th, 2012
  • 2:00AM - 5:00AM
  • Playlist
  • Jazz
  • Joe G
  • Tuesday, November 6th, 2012
  • 5:00AM - 7:30AM
  • Playlist
  • Jazz
  • Mike Corsa
  • Wednesday, November 7th, 2012
  • 5:00AM - 7:30AM
  • Playlist
  • Jazz
  • DJ Jazzy L
  • Thursday, November 8th, 2012
  • 5:00AM - 7:30AM
  • Playlist
  • Jazz
  • Geoffrey
  • Friday, November 9th, 2012
  • 5:00AM - 7:30AM
  • Playlist
  • Jazz
  • Mike Corsa
  • Monday, November 12th, 2012
  • 5:00AM - 7:30AM
  • Playlist
  • Gospel
  • Wendy Pulliam
  • Sunday, November 11th, 2012
  • 6:00AM - 8:00AM
  • Playlist
  • Jazz
  • Stephen Ptacek
  • Tuesday, November 6th, 2012
  • 7:30AM - 10:00AM
  • Playlist
  • Jazz
  • John
  • Wednesday, November 7th, 2012
  • 7:30AM - 10:00AM
  • Playlist
  • Jazz
  • Will C
  • Thursday, November 8th, 2012
  • 7:30AM - 10:00AM
  • Playlist
  • Jazz
  • Flavian Wallis
  • Friday, November 9th, 2012
  • 7:30AM - 10:00AM
  • Playlist
  • Gospel
  • Renay Brown
  • Sunday, November 11th, 2012
  • 8:00AM - 10:00AM
  • Playlist
  • Jazz
  • Marv Goldsher
  • Thursday, November 8th, 2012
  • 10:00AM - 12:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Jazz
  • Eric Ricks
  • Friday, November 9th, 2012
  • 10:00AM - 12:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Jazz
  • Art Lange Peter Kostakis
  • Monday, November 12th, 2012
  • 10:00AM - 12:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Continental Drift
  • Kevin L
  • Tuesday, November 6th, 2012
  • 12:00PM - 2:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Continental Drift
  • Theresa C
  • Friday, November 9th, 2012
  • 12:00PM - 2:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Both Kinds
  • Al Finley
  • Sunday, November 11th, 2012
  • 12:00PM - 3:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Continental Drift
  • Svyat N
  • Monday, November 12th, 2012
  • 12:00PM - 2:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Rock
  • Hannah Lee
  • Tuesday, November 6th, 2012
  • 2:00PM - 4:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Rock
  • James, Vanessa, and the American Rick
  • Wednesday, November 7th, 2012
  • 2:00PM - 4:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Rock
  • Peter and Caitlin
  • Friday, November 9th, 2012
  • 2:00PM - 4:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Rock
  • Lily and Dan
  • Monday, November 12th, 2012
  • 2:00PM - 4:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Rock
  • Jenna Powell-Malloy
  • Tuesday, November 6th, 2012
  • 4:00PM - 6:30PM
  • Playlist
  • Rock
  • samstahl, ramonaroy
  • Wednesday, November 7th, 2012
  • 4:00PM - 6:30PM
  • Playlist
  • Rock
  • Dan
  • Thursday, November 8th, 2012
  • 4:00PM - 6:30PM
  • Playlist
  • Rock
  • Dan S. & Adam C.
  • Friday, November 9th, 2012
  • 4:00PM - 6:30PM
  • Playlist
  • Rock
  • Madallion
  • Monday, November 12th, 2012
  • 4:00PM - 6:30PM
  • Playlist
  • Rock
  • Harlynn Siler
  • Tuesday, November 6th, 2012
  • 6:30PM - 8:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Rock
  • Emai + Jason
  • Thursday, November 8th, 2012
  • 6:30PM - 9:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Rock
  • Max
  • Monday, November 12th, 2012
  • 6:30PM - 9:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Hidden Forms
  • Hidden Forms
  • Saturday, November 10th, 2012
  • 7:00PM - 8:30PM
  • Playlist
  • WNUR Handpicked
  • Kimberly
  • Monday, November 12th, 2012
  • 9:00PM - 10:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Streetbeat
  • Mike Corsa
  • Friday, November 9th, 2012
  • 10:00PM - 2:00AM
  • Playlist
  • Freeform
  • gbuzzard
  • Saturday, November 10th, 2012
  • 10:30PM - 12:00AM
  • Playlist

Recent Playlists

04/24/2015 | 6:30PM-9:00PM | Rock Playlist | DJ: Alye M | Link

Start Artist Track Album
7:25pm West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band Help, I'm a Rock/ Will You Walk With Me Part One
7:19pm Insomniacs Pop Cycle/You Make it Move/My Favorite Story The Insomniacs
6:57pm Holly Golightly Side B The Good Things
6:50pm Liquid Diamonds ft Sonny Vincent Long Ago Liquid Diamonds ft Sonny Vincent
6:49pm Blumfield DraufBen auf Kaution Blumfield
6:41pm Hula Hoop Sometimes, I Feel Just Alright Peel Sessions
6:35pm Alaska! Broken Emotions
6:32pm Alan Singley and Pants Machine Yr Little Hand in Mine Lovingkindness

04/24/2015 | 5:30PM-6:30PM | Rock Playlist | DJ: Camille M, Aliza A, Conor D w/ Julez | Link

Start Artist Track Album
6:11pm jkkiuukhy
6:11pm Thirteenth Floor Elevators You're Gonna Miss Me The Psychedelic Sounds of Thirteenth Floor Elevators

04/24/2015 | 12:00PM-2:00PM | Airplay Playlist | DJ: DJ Broccoli | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label
2:41pm Sports Boys Sports Boys Sports Boys Sports Boys

04/24/2015 | 10:00AM-12:00PM | Jazz Playlist | DJ: Eric Ricks | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label New
10:38am Helen Bledsoe & Alexey Lapin SETTLEMENT GHOST ICEBREAKER Leo Records N

04/24/2015 | 7:30AM-10:00AM | Jazz Playlist | DJ: Flavian Wallis | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label New
9:58am Erroll Garner April in Paris "Concert byt the Sea" Columbia
9:53am Sam Rivers Concept Concept Rivbea
9:33am Anthony Braxton HM---421 Trio and Duet Delmark Records
9:28am Omer Avital Ballad for a Friend New Song Motema N
9:22am Waldo's Gutbucket Syncopators 219 blues New Orleans Jazz Echoes Musical Heritage Society
9:16am Art Blakey Brainstormin' Chippin' In Timeless Records
9:05am Takeo Moriyama Hush-a-Bye Live at Lovely DIW
9:02am Ikue Mori Monkey Music Moon One Hundred Aspects of the Moon Tzadik
8:50am John Tchicai Melvin Truss Infinitesimal Flash Buzz-Records
8:44am John Tchicai Alishan Infinitesimal Flash Buzz-Records
8:40am Jason Moran Refraction 2 Artist in Residence Blue Note
8:32am Jeremy Pelt Nephthys Tales, Musings and Other Reveries HighNote N
8:23am Gebhardt Ullmann Flutist with Hat and Shoe Hat and Shoes Betweenthelines N
8:13am The 3.5.7 Ensemble Before Day's Light Amongst the Smokestacks and Steeples Milk Factory Productions N
8:02am Lucas Pino Homage a'Mitch No Net Nonet Origin N
7:58am Ken Vandermark / Mats Gustafsson We Turn the Page Verses Corbett vs. Dempsey N
7:50am David Friesen Tribute Where the Light Falls Origin N
7:31am Don Pullen Suite (Sweet) Malcom (Part 1: Memmories and Gunshots) Solo Piano Album Sackville

04/24/2015 | 3:00AM-5:00AM | Freeform Playlist | DJ: WNUR | Link

Start Artist Track
3:52am HONNE All in the Value
3:49am Feathered Friend The Blood in My Fingers (starRo Remix)
3:45am Ed Sheeran Thinking Out Loud (Mura Masa Remix)
3:40am Oh Wonder Midnight Moon
3:40am Sola Rosa Real Life (edleigh Remix)
3:39am Nell Good Night
3:31am Echos Don't Let Me Go (Echos Remix)
3:27am KRNE Dollar Sines
3:24am Bitter:Sweet Get What I Want (Skeewiff Remix)
3:20am Blonde All Cried Out ft. Alex Newell (Oliver Nelson Remix)
3:20am Flume Left Alone ft. Chet Faker (Gravez x Ta-ku Re-remix)
3:10am Kerri Watt You (Oliver Nelson Remix)
3:07am Everydayz & Phazz Almeria

04/23/2015 | 9:00PM-10:00PM | WNUR Handpicked Playlist | DJ: Ryan L | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label
9:56pm Modern Vices Cheap Style Modern Vices Autumn Tone Records
9:53pm Ship Captain Crew Notebooks House of Mercury
9:49pm Split Single Last Goodbye Fragmented World Inside Outside Records
9:46pm MONAKR Calling Out Calling Out - Single
9:37pm Hidden Hospitals Rose Hips Surface Tension
9:33pm The Super Happy Fun Club Let's Get Out of Here Let's Get Out of Here - Single
9:26pm Cheerleader A Million Ways The Sunshine of Your Youth Bright Antenna Records
9:23pm CRUISR Go For It Go For It - Single Vagrant Records
9:17pm Amber Run 5AM 5AM Sony Music UK
9:13pm VÉRITÉ Colors Colors - Single
9:10pm Eliza and the Bear Make It My Own Make It On My Own - EP Mi Familia Music
9:05pm Coasts Modern Love Modern Love - Single Tidal Recordings
9:02pm Wolf Alice Bros My Love Is Cool Dirty Hit

04/23/2015 | 4:00PM-6:30PM | Rock Playlist | DJ: SLIME | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label
6:24pm Daed C Air The Operation of the Sonne Siltbreeze
6:20pm Stockhausen + Walkman Brake Failure Hairballs Hot Air
6:18pm Random Touch Turbulent Flesh Who's Name Is That? Token Boy Records
6:06pm Guru Guru Baby Cake Walk Kanguru
5:58pm Tangerine Dream From Dawn... Underwater Sunlight
5:57pm Phurpa Chod The Sound Of Dakini Laughter
5:57pm Otomo Yoshihide Anode 3 Anode Tzadik
5:37pm Kraftwerk Elektrisches Roulette Ralph and Florian
5:10pm Conrad Schnitzler Con '72 Con '72
5:00pm Ring Steppers Pumpkin Pie Ring Steppers Add An Image Quodlibet Recordings
4:53pm Swans See No More The Burning World UNI Records
4:48pm Plan 29 O Little Town of Bethlehem A Very Unschooled Christmas Unschooled Records
4:47pm Michael Nyman Nose-List Song The Kiss and Other Movements
4:47pm Toyah & Fripp The Lady or the Tiger The Lady or the Tiger
4:13pm Horse Lords Outer East Hidden Cities NNA Tapes
4:13pm Surface Tension No One Was Invited But Everyone Came Surface 10 Siked Electronix

04/23/2015 | 2:00PM-4:00PM | Rock Playlist | DJ: Brian Campbell | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label
3:44pm Faust Rainy Day The Faust Concerts Volume One Table of the Elements
3:38pm John Cale Todd Solo, 12-string, Moe Eat/Kiss Hannibal Records
3:34pm Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band Flash Gordon Ape Lick My Decals Off, Baby Bizarre
3:27pm Igba Alusi Original Wings Nigeria Rock Special Soundway Records
3:21pm Top Drawer Song of a Sinner Forge Your Own Chains Now-Again Records
3:15pm Frankie and the Witch Fingers Vibrations Frankie and the Witch Fingers Permanent Records
3:09pm What Denise Sez Alabaster - A First Offensive self-released
3:03pm Frank Zappa Shut Up 'N Play Yer Guitar Some More Shut Up 'N Play Yer Guitar CBS
2:58pm Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band Here I Am, I Always Am The Legendary A&M Sessions A&M Records
2:50pm Graham Lambkin Dripping Junk Dripping Junk Penultimate Press
2:44pm Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band Woe Is Uh Me Bop Grow Fins Volume III: Grow Fins Table of the Elements
2:36pm Frank Zappa Opus I - 2nd Movement Presto Francesco Zappa Barking Pumpkin Records
2:28pm Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band I'm Glad Safe as Milk Buddah Records
2:15pm Frank Zappa Gumbo Variations Hot Rats Bizarre

04/23/2015 | 1:00PM-2:00PM | Continental Drift Playlist | DJ: Daniela | Link

Start Artist Track Album
2:06pm Miguel Araujo Balada Astral - com Ines Viterbo Balada Astral
1:59pm Amor Electro A Maquina (Acordou) Cai O Carmo E A Trindade
1:57pm Hombres G El Ataque de Las Chicas Cocodilo Lo Mejor de Los Hombres G
1:56pm Francisca Valenzuela Afortunada Muérdete La Lengua
1:48pm Baaba Maal Suma Rokia (Radio Mix) Suma Rokia (Radio Mix)
1:47pm Petite Noir Shadows The King Of Anxiety
1:40pm Petite Noir Noirse - Nguzunguzu Remix Noirse
1:39pm Amadou & Mariam Sabali - Miike Snow Remix Remixes
1:38pm Abrar-Ul-Haq Jat Bay Ja Cycle Tay
1:37pm Jawad Ahmad Dholna Uche Majajaan Wali
1:34pm Vital Signs Altebar Altebar
1:33pm Vital Signs Tere Liye Vital Signs
1:33pm Ayman Zabeeb Bahebak Walah Hulft Bi Omri

04/23/2015 | 10:00AM-12:00PM | Jazz Playlist | DJ: Dave F | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label
11:58am Freddie Hubbard Baraka Sasa High Energy Columbia
11:49am Scott Amendola Band Smarty Pants Believe Cryptogramophone
11:43am Tom Gullion Mingle IN The Mincing Machiine Time It IS Momentous Records
11:39am Manu Dibango Bayam Sellum Afrovision island
11:31am Etienne Charles Creole Creole Soul Culture Shock Music
11:29am Jim Gailllereto The Insider This IS Chicago Jazz Chicago Jazz Magazine
11:17am Bill Dickens Footprints Tha Truth RopeADope Records
11:09am Marshall Vente & Tropicale Chombo's Prelude- Chombo Marshall Vente & Tropicale Southport
10:59am Margaret Murphy Webb Wade In the Water Live
10:58am Robin Watson Sometimes I Feel LIke A Motherless Child Jazz Vespers
10:49am Art Hoyle Green Dolphin Street The Art of Persuasion 21st Century Entertainment
10:48am Ray Brown Trio Equinox 3 Dimensional concord
10:37am Don Stiernberg Between The Devil & The Deep blue Sea Mandoboppin mando traveler
10:34am Andy Brown Drum boogie Soloist Delmark
10:26am Kimberly Gordon I'm Beginning To See The Light Sunday The Sirens
10:15am Ken Chaney Experience Autumn Leaves Live At The Love foundation
10:14am Ben Paterson Trio Back on Track Essential elements max jazz
10:04am Barrett Deems Big Band Airmail Special How'd You like It So Far Delmark
10:01am Count Basie Whirlybird Live At The Sands/Before Frank Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab
10:00am Count Basie I Need to Be Beed With Live At The Sands/Before Frank Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab
9:56am Count Basie Can't Stop Loving You Live At The Sands/Before Frank Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab
9:56am Count Basie Splanky Live At The Sands/Before Frank Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab

04/22/2015 | 4:00PM-6:30PM | Rock Playlist | DJ: Mariam & Emai | Link

Start Artist Track Album
5:49pm Women Shaking Hand Women
5:46pm Tremor Malambo Viajante
5:43pm The US is a Monster How we Livin' Sunset at the End of the Industrial Age
5:38pm Uzjsme Doma Eye The Ears
5:34pm Uladat Guerra Uladat
5:27pm Tranquil Kentucky Propeller Factory To Reach The Heavens, The Stars Must Divide
5:21pm Upsilon Acrux When Satan Ruled the Ocean Jesus Made my Fish Tank Boil Planaria Recordings
5:15pm Uzeda Time Below Zero Stella
4:58pm UZI ha-ha-ha Sleep Asylum
4:56pm Fifty Tones of Black Terror White Slave Speaks his Mind UNT
4:54pm Uke of Spaces Dead Pens So Far On The Way
4:48pm Una We are the lonely We are the lonely
4:43pm Ume Baby Xie-xie Urgent Sea
4:36pm Trans Am American Kooter Trans Am
4:31pm Ulaan Markhor Dancing Ulaan Markhor
4:27pm The Trance and the Arcade Amalgamation Survival In Infinity
4:07pm Uncle Woody Sullender A Measure of Dasein Live at Barkenhoff

04/22/2015 | 4:00PM-6:30PM | Rock Playlist | DJ: Jenna Powell-Malloy | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label
5:36am Duke ellington, John Hodges The Jeep is Jumping Capital Jazz Classic Vol. 6 capital
5:33am George Shearing Local 802 Blues Capital Jazz Classic Vol.6 capital
5:31am Ralph Burns Early Spring Capital Jazz Classic Vol.6 capital
5:27am Peter Rugolo Metronome Riff Capital Jazz Classic Vol.6 capital
5:24am Nat cole Leap Here Capital Jazz classic Vol.6` capital
5:21am Benny Carter Riffamarole Capital Jazz Classic Vol.6 capital
5:18am Henry Creamer, James P. Johnson If I could be with you Capital Jazz Classic Vol 6, capital
5:15am Charles Carpenter, Louis Dunlap, earl hines You can depend on me Capitol Jazz Classic Vol. 6 capital
8:55pm Tangerine Dream Tangram (Set 1) Tangram
8:38pm Tangerine Dream Rubycon (Part One) The Virgin Years
8:17pm Tangerine Dream Bent Cold Sidewalk Cyclone
8:06pm Tangerine Dream Song of the Whale Part Two: To Dusk... Underwater Sunlight
7:55pm Aeman Walking Along Edges The Helical World Isounderscore
7:48pm Lockbox Maximum Kiss Prince Soul Granade Hausu Mountain
7:44pm Kate Bush Violins Never for Ever
7:41pm Sharon Van Etten DsharpG SVE
7:33pm Bunnydrums Holy Moly Holy Moly
7:29pm Dan Baker Threw Me Down the Well Pistol in My Pocket
7:21pm Anti-Clockwise The Gothic Apartition Artificial Light
7:20pm Ryley Walker Primrose Green Primrose Green
7:16pm Hungry Ghost Cloud Skulptors Sugar Skulls
6:53pm John Fahey Zabriskie Point II Music from Zabriskie Point
6:48pm Jack Rose Red Horse Wooden Guitar
6:48pm Colleen Soul Alphabet Captain of None

04/22/2015 | 2:00PM-4:00PM | Rock Playlist | DJ: Nicholas W | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label New
4:00pm Tall Dwarfs Neusyland 3EPs Flying Nun Records
3:53pm Eat Lights Become Lights Time Enough Into Forever Rocket Girl N
3:49pm The World/Inferno Friendship Society So Long Saving Grace This Packed Funeral Alternative Tentacles N
3:45pm SPC ECO Burn It Down The Art Of Pop Kaboom Records N
3:41pm The Lovely Feathers Pope Jean Paul Hind Hind Legs Equator Records
3:36pm Field Mouse Two Ships Hold Still Life Topshelf Records N
3:32pm Richard Lloyd Fire Engile Real Time Celluloid
3:28pm Trans Am I'll Never Volume X Thrill Jockey Records N
3:22pm Bobby Matos Tema De Alma Latina My Latin Soul Ubiquity
3:19pm Gladshot Fun With Hydrangeas Maxwell's Cool Demon Frankly Mills Music N
3:15pm Beans All-Encompassing Dust Tired Snow EP Zum
3:11pm Harry J Jack The Ripper The Return of the Liquidator: 30 Skinhead Classics Trojan
2:23pm Astralia [Full Album] Atlas Aloud Music Ltd N
2:18pm Ivan & Alyosha God Or Man All The Times We Had Dualtone
2:13pm Cousins Body The Halls Of Wickwire Ba Da Bing! N
2:10pm Elk Creek Front Porch Greenfield Project N

04/22/2015 | 12:00PM-1:00PM | Continental Drift Playlist | DJ: Andy | Link

Start Artist Track Album
12:55pm Bob Hund Den Nollgradige Bub Hund
12:50pm Thastrom Sondagmandagsang Skebovkvarnsv 209
12:47pm The Radio Dept. Heavens On Fire Clinging To A Scheme
12:43pm Popsicle Blow Up Template
12:37pm Tages The Old Man Wafwer Studio
12:31pm Bo Hansson Divided Reality Magicians Hat
12:27pm Jens Lekman Into Eternity Night Falls Over Kortedala
12:23pm Hakan Hellstrom Forhoppningar och regnbagar Det Ar Sa Jag Sager Det
12:19pm Lars Hollmer Inga Pengar XII Sibiriska Cyklar & Vill Du Höra Mer
12:16pm Stina Nordenstam So Lee This is Stina Nordenstam
12:13pm The Tallest Man on Earth Where Do My Bluebirds Fly Shallow Grave
12:10pm Fred Akerstrom Den Ododiga Hasten Fred Akerstrom och Ruben
12:06pm Ulf Stureson Sjuk I Overkligheten
12:02pm Frifot Frifot Frifot

04/22/2015 | 10:00AM-12:00PM | Jazz Playlist | DJ: Marv Goldsher | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label New
11:53am gebhard Ullmann's Basement Research Quintet Wo Bitte Geht's Zu Den Hackeschen Hofen Hat & Shoes Between The Lines '14
11:41am Oliver Lake Organ Quartet What I Heard What I Heard Passin' Thru Records '15 N
11:37am Cooper-Moore Waltz Solo: Deep In The Neighborhood Of History And Influence Hopscotch Records '00
11:21am Marc Copland Quintet I Loves You Porgy Stompin' With Savoy Savoy '95
11:12am Mark Wade Tossed Event Horizon markwademusicny.com N
11:09am Ira Sullivan Blues For Johnny Bratton Circumstantial Nessa '78/'14 N
11:02am Andrew Cyrille Quintet Ode To The Living Tree Ode To The Living Evidence '97
11:01am Carl Costa's Minerva The Valenti Saturnismo Between The Lines '11
10:59am Michel F. Cote Let's Get Lost Compil Zouave Ambiances Magnetiques
10:55am Chick Corea Trinkle Trinkle Live in Montreux Stretch Records '94
10:36am Marty Grosz/Fat Babies Sweet Sue Digga Digga Doo Delmark '15 N
10:35am Humphrey Littleton Lady Jekyll And Mistress Hyde In Canada Sackville/Delmark '15 N
10:15am Leonardi/Pastor/Blumer/Geisser Let The Creastive Force Take Over Conversations About Thomas Chapin Leo '14

04/22/2015 | 5:00AM-7:30AM | Jazz Playlist | DJ: Alain D | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label New
7:26am Paul Giallorenzo's GitGo A Tone Force Majeure Delmark Records N
7:17am Jack Mouse & Scott Robinson Snakeheads & Ladybugs Snakeheads & Ladybugs Tall Grass Records N
7:09am The Dave Liebman Group Samsara Samsara Whaling City Sound N
7:04am Omar Sosa Mentiras Enemigas Ilé Ota Records N
6:51am Black Host May Be Home Life In The Sugar Candle Mines Northern Spy
6:45am Marilyn Crispell & Raymond MacDonald Notes in the Sky Parralel Moments Babel N
6:35am Gebhard Ullmann Basement Research Flutist With Hat And Shoe Hat And Shoes Between the lines N
6:23am Ted Daniel's Energy Module The Proble Innerconnection No Business Records N
6:10am Kris Davis Infrasound Jumping Over Your Shadow Save Your Breath Clean Feed N
6:05am Houtkamp - Nabatov - Blume Stumbling [upon] Encounters Leo Records N
5:52am Ty Citerman Exchanging Pleasantries With A Wall Bop Kabbalah Tzadik N
5:41am Jeff Cosgrove / Matthew Shipp / William Parker Alternating Current (For Andrew Cyrille) Alternating Current Grizzley Music N
5:22am Ingrid Laubrock Octet Nightbus Zurich Concert Intakt Records N
5:01am Aurora Trio A Moment's Liberty A Moment's Liberty Maya Recordings N

04/21/2015 | 9:00PM-10:00PM | WNUR Handpicked Playlist | DJ: Ni'Hao FM | Link

Start Artist Track Album
9:57pm Jay A Song-length of Time Capricorn
9:52pm Jay Chou Grandma Common Jasmine Orange
9:48pm Jay Chou The Longest Movie On The Run
9:42pm Jay Chou Simple Love Fantasy
9:37pm Jay Chou Hong Chen Ke Zhan Opus 12
9:37pm Jay Chou Lu Xiaoyu Secret OST
9:30pm Jay Chou In the Name of The Father Yeh Hui Mei
9:23pm Jay Chou Chaotic Dance Common Jasmine Orange
9:17pm Jay Chou Sunny Day Yeh Hui Mei
9:12pm Jay Chou Class 3-2 Yeh Hui Mei
9:10pm Jay Chou Love Before BC Fantasy
9:09pm Jay Chou Adorable Lady Jay

04/21/2015 | 6:30PM-9:00PM | Rock Playlist | DJ: Jack C & Jessie D | Link

Start Artist Track Album
8:58pm Jon Lord Out Of My Mind Who Cares
8:54pm Cozy Powell Don't Do That Back For The Last Time Again
8:51pm Larry and His Flask Call It What You Will All That We Know
8:47pm William Lee Ellis Fixin' To Die This is My Memphis
8:43pm Darla Auburn Hill Little Darla Has A Treat For You
8:38pm Tako Lako Overdose Kisk-Start EP
8:33pm EOL Trio Club Mister K
8:29pm Fatal Mambo Probleme Salsa Mundo
8:23pm Martignetti Artemis The Single EP
8:15pm Baaba Mal Fa Laay Fanaan (Ashley Bleedled Africanz On Marz Remix) Global Adventures In Music
8:09pm MIDIval PunditZ Hold On Midival Times
8:05pm Transglobal Underground Vanika Impossible Broadcasting
7:58pm Dubtribe Soundsystem Shakertrance Baggage
7:54pm Williamson Sailing to the Bottom The Trashcan Electric EP
7:49pm Ryuichi Sakamoto Undercooled Chasm
7:46pm Filastine Con Los Manos En La Masa Dirty Bomb
7:43pm Varttina Lieto Llamatar
7:39pm Bebel Gilberto Cada Beijo Versions
7:35pm Fuerzabruta Playero Fuerzabruta
7:31pm Wax Tailor How I Feel Tales Of The Forgotten Melodies
7:26pm Transglobal Underground Stoyane/Male-Le Impossible Broadcasting
7:20pm DJ Shadow Building Steam With a Grain Of Salt Endtroducing
7:14pm Ryuichi Sakamoto Seven Samurai Chasm
7:10pm Ryuichi Sakamoto Pantonal Chasm
7:06pm Si*Se Amiga Caravan
7:01pm Massive Attack Girl I Love You (feat. Horace Andy) Heligoland
6:55pm Zeb Mood Electric Jesterized
6:48pm Spylab Kabelski This Utopia
6:44pm Si*Se Buscare Gold
6:41pm Williamson Tips For Sweet Talking A Caribou The Trashcan Electric EP

04/21/2015 | 4:00PM-6:30PM | Rock Playlist | DJ: RoqueRokkkRoc | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label
6:29pm Tyondai Braxton Platinum Rows Central Market Warp Records
6:28pm The Pen Test Biology 1 Biology Moniker Records
6:26pm Giovanni Fusco Hiroshima, mon amour (suite)
6:17pm ANGUS MACLISE & TONY CONRAD druid's leafy nest Dreamweapon III Boo-Hooray
6:14pm Straight Arrows Never Enough Never Enough HoZac Records
6:13pm Mike Rep and the Quotas Mamawas a schitzo daddywas a vegetable man Mamawas a schitzo daddywas a vegetable man HoZac Records
6:07pm Cop City Chill Pillars Gift Shop Gift Shop HoZac Records
5:53pm Goats Yelling Like Humans Youtube -
5:52pm Stars of the Lid December Hunting for Vegetarian Fuckface Stars Of The Lid And Their Refinement Of The Decline Kranky
5:51pm International Hoodwink Chief Joseph Sweet Ambergris Swift Music
5:36pm Holger Czukay Blessed Easter Rome Remains Rome Virgin
5:27pm Wang Chung Praying to a New God The Warmer Side of Cool Geffen Records
5:24pm Neu! Hallogallo Neu! Brain
4:58pm Datus The Return Masc
4:58pm Sam Prekop The Republic The Republic Thrill Jockey
4:56pm 999999999 White Devils 999999999 HoZac Records
4:56pm Timmy's Organism Flyin' Carpet Love Affair Singles Collection HoZac Records
4:43pm Can Flow Motion (Air Liquid Mix) Can: The Remixes Mute
4:13pm SALES Live on WNUR Airplay

04/21/2015 | 2:00PM-4:00PM | Rock Playlist | DJ: Jacob Skaggs | Link

Start Artist Track Album
3:57pm Tangerine Dream Fly and Collision of Comas Sola Alpha Centauri
3:52pm Faust Nervous Patchwork
3:46pm Kraftwerk Kristallo Ralf & Florian
3:42pm Quilt Eye of the Pearl Held in Splendor
3:40pm Cameron McGill Slow Vampire Gallows Etiquette
3:35pm Frankie and the Witch Fingers Electric Seance Frankie and the Witch Fingers
3:34pm The Higher State Need To Shine The Higher State
3:27pm Crane Wives Show Your Fangs The Fool In Her Wedding Gown
3:24pm Lightfoils Addict Hierarchy
3:15pm KG Crack - Up The Structure of Scientific Misconceptions | The System of Scientific Misconceptions
3:14pm Skeletons and the Girl-Faced Boys There's a Fly In Your Soup And I Put It There Git
3:06pm Sleepytime Gorilla Museum Phthisis Of Natural History
2:59pm SPC ECO Burn It Down Art of Pop
2:56pm Field Mouse A Place You Return To In A Dream Hold Still Life
2:52pm The She's Dream Girl Dreamers
2:45pm Ought Habit (I feel a, I feel a) More Than Any Other Day
2:41pm Animals As Leaders Tooth and Claw The Joy of Motion
2:31pm Deafheaven Dream House Sunbather
2:29pm Scarlet Youth Coastlines The Everchanging View
2:13pm Liturgy Reign Array The Ark Wok
2:13pm Swans Screen Shot To Be Kind

04/21/2015 | 1:00PM-2:00PM | Continental Drift Playlist | DJ: Sylvana | Link

Start Artist Track Album
1:58pm Ana Tijoux Vengo Vengo
1:53pm Santana Samba Pa Ti
1:50pm Gogol Bordello Harem in Tuscany Super Taranta!
1:42pm Matoaral Man El Tahi Del Manana
1:33pm Watcha Clan Ashanti
1:32pm Watcha Clan Gypsy Dust
1:27pm Lesnizver Sun
1:21pm Lesnizver Dusty Roads
1:18pm Lesnizver 21st
1:17pm Yves Montand La Bicyclette
1:17pm Indila Derniere Danse Mini World
1:08pm Amason Kelly Sky City

04/21/2015 | 11:00AM-12:00PM | Jazz Playlist | DJ: DJ Broccoli & DJ LGP | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label
12:00pm Walter Bishop Jr.'s 4th Cycle N'gudu's Prayer gilles peterson Black Jazz Radio Black Jazz Records
11:54am Kurt Rosenwinkel Welcome Home Star of Jupiter Wommusic
11:50am Danny Grissett On The Edge Promise Criss Cross
11:40am Marc Cary Astral Flight 17 Rhodes Ahead Vol.2 Montema
11:32am Gerry Gibbs Thrasher Dream Trio Reasons We're Back Whaling City Sound
11:30am Omar Avital New Middle East New Song Motema
11:29am Gerald Clayton Nobody Else But Me Bond - The Paris Sessions Emarcy
11:21am Gary Burton Quartet Falling Grace Quartet Live Concord Jazz
11:15am Joe Lovano & Hank Jones Budo Live at Dizz'y Club Coca-Cola Blue Note
11:14am Brad Meldau Trio Hightway Rider Highway Rider Nonesuch

04/21/2015 | 5:00AM-7:30AM | Jazz Playlist | DJ: Joe G | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label
7:40am Don Cherry Complete Communion Complete Communion Blue Note
7:35am Charles Mingus Celia Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus Impulse
7:28am Bridge 61 Nothing's Open Journal Atavistic
7:23am Ornette Coleman Monsieur Allard Hidden Man Harmolodic
7:14am Chris McGregor Umsengi Mabele Lo Piano Song, v. 2 Musica
7:05am Chicago Trio (Ernest Dawkins/Harrison Bankhead/Hamid Drake) You Just Crossed My Mind Velvet Songs To Baba Fred Anderson Rogueart
7:03am Arthur Blythe & David Eyges Randy Andy Today's Blues CIMP
7:00am Paul Bley Trio Ida Lupino Closer ESP
6:51am Super Biton de Segou Taasi Doni Anthology Kindred Spirits
6:43am Dudu Pukwana Diamond Express Diamond Express Freedom
6:34am Zaiko Langa Langa Bomwana Tout Choc Anti Choc I.A.D.- Industrie Africaine Du Disque
6:26am Herbie Hancock Doin' It Secrets Columbia
6:18am Bembeya Jazz National Mami Wata Hommage a Demba Camara Syllart
6:11am Balla et Ses Balladins Paulette Reminiscin' in Tempo With Balla Et Ses Balladins Popular African Music
6:07am João Gilberto 'S Wonderful Amoroso Warner Bros. Records
6:04am Astrud Gilberto Felicidade Look to the Rainbow Verve
6:00am Sly and the Family Stone Are You Ready? Dance to the Music Epic
5:58am Cyril Neville Gossip What It Is! Funky Soul And Rare Grooves Rhino
5:55am Curley Moore Soul Train Wardell Quezergue: Sixty Smokin' Soul Senders Funky Delicacies
5:53am Naked Truth The Shing-a-Ling-Thing Walkin' the Duck: 23 Northern Soul Instrumental Tracks Goldmine Soul Supply
5:50am Lee Dorsey A Mellow Good Time The New Lee Dorsey Rev-Ola Records
5:45am Hirut Bèqèlè Almokèrkum Nèbèr Éthiopiques 3 : Golden Years Of Modern Ethiopian Music 1969-1975 Buda Musique
5:40am Archie Shepp Mama Too Tight Mama Too Tight Impulse
5:32am Kahil El' Zabar Trio Nia Love Outside of Dreams Delmark
5:28am Eric Dolphy The Madrig Speaks, the Panther Walks Last Date Fontana
5:24am Mississippi Fred McDowell When You Get Home, Write Me a Few Little Lines Sounds of the South Atlantic
5:19am Baden Powell Candomblé À Vontade Universal Sound
5:13am Musa Adem Days and Nights Rain In The Hills: Beja Ballads Of Port Sudan Original Music
5:06am Abdullah Ibrahim Calypso Minor Cape Town Songs - The Very Best Of Abdullah Ibrahim Nascente
5:05am Adrian Quesada & Ocote Soul Sounds Dedication TV El Niño Y El Sol (Original Soundtrack To The Motion Picture) Eighteenth Street Lounge Music
5:00am Almon Memela The Things We Do in Soweto Funky Africa Atlantic

04/20/2015 | 2:00PM-4:00PM | Rock Playlist | DJ: Inbal Hirschmann | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label
8:58pm The Wailers Put it On
8:57pm The Wailers African Herbsman
8:50pm Wailing Souls Shark Attack
8:48pm Cornel Campbell Girl of my dreams
8:31pm Mikey Dread Walk Rastafari Way
8:30pm King Tubby
8:25pm Dillinger Flat Foot Hustlin
8:24pm Dennis Brown Black Magic Woman
8:23pm Linval Johnson I love marijuana
8:23pm Steel Pulse Taxi Driver
8:22pm Mighty Diamonds I Need A Roof
8:06pm Sun Araw Ma Halo
7:51pm Pulse Emitter Spiritual Vistas
7:29pm Antenna Shine
7:26pm Wild Nothing Confirmation Gemini
7:18pm The Other People Place Let me be me
7:01pm Unknown Mortal Orchestra Multi-Love Multi-Love
6:55pm Follakzoid Directo al Sol
6:51pm TOPS Diamond Look Tender Opposites
6:51pm Sister Nancy Bam Bam
6:46pm Plaid OH Reachy Prints
6:37pm The Holydrug Couple Baby, I'm Going Away Moonlust Sacred Bones Records
6:37pm Harvey Milk The Anvil Will Fall Harvey Milk
6:37pm Grandaddy Track 1 The Sophtware Slump
6:37pm Adam Green Who's Your Boyfriend Gemstones
6:10pm The Bevis Frond Godsent Valedictory Songs Rubric
6:05pm The Telescopes A Cabin in the Sky Third Wave Double Agent
6:02pm Sahara Hotnights Keep Up The Speed Jennie Bomb Jetset
5:50pm Beans Absolute 63:19 Foreverbad
5:50pm The Autocollants Apple Vines Something Cool Cher Doll Records
5:43pm Velour 100 Bittersweet Of Color Bright Tooth and Nail
5:39pm Bart & friends e type jag 10 Songs About Cars & Girls Thrill Jockey
5:32pm Chris McKhool Sultans of String
5:27pm Bart & friends Are you guys into wings? 10 Songs About Cars & Girls
5:26pm Tom Verlaine Those Harbor Lights Warm and Cool Thrill Jockey
5:23pm Hiroshi Ultra Track 2 Sonic Vocalizer
5:20pm The Books Enjoy Your Worries You May Never Have Them Again New York: Various Artists
5:00pm Gaze Blink This is Stereophonic Sunshine Sandcastle Records
5:00pm The Lovelies Weekenderman Something Cool Cher Doll Records
4:54pm Frank Tovey & The Pyros When the Victim Takes the Tyrants Place Grand Union Mute Records
4:51pm Sukpatch Loaded Stinking Fimo Something Cool Cher Doll Records
4:48pm Mikael Karlsson & Rob Stephenson Little Rebelious Aspects dog pleaseMUSICWORKS
4:45pm Tree People In C Just Kidding C/Z Records
4:42pm Birmingham German Blues Ruckus Juice & Chittlins: The Great Jug Bands YAZOO
4:40pm Alexander Rishang Cross Platform Possible Landscape
4:28pm Vopat Silhouette Silhouettes Inam Records
4:23pm Frank Zappa Track 4 Freak Out!
4:21pm Bonehead
4:17pm Raul R. Romero Q'illu Qanchis Festivals of Cusco
4:15pm Manish Kalvakota Reef Outer Limits
4:10pm Heikki Track 5 Heikki Magic Marker Records
4:06pm Truman's Water Sad Sailor Story Truman's Water No Sides Records
3:55pm My Cat is an Alien Cosmological Eye Introduction Cosmological Eye Trilogy
3:35pm Jaap Blonk & Cor Fuhler Ubiquitous Fungi Phase Pre-Zoic Cellways Kontrans
3:28pm Birdsongs of the Mesozoic Swamp Dancing on A'a Cuneiform Records
3:20pm In a Body No Fun s/t Bauta Records
3:11pm Gobby Like If You Pee On the Side of the Bowl Wakng Thrst For Seeping Banhee UNO
3:02pm Mi Ami Echonoecho Watersports Quarterstick
2:59pm Viki Merican Metal Viki / Hair Police Scratch and Sniff Entertainment
2:52pm The Whammies Skirt (to Bill Kooning) Play The Music Of Steve Lacy vol. 2 Driff Records
2:45pm Black Pus New Atlantis B/ Ultra-Fuss Black Pus II Faux Fetus
2:39pm The Wetware Trombone Improvisation 2 Windharp For 4 Ears
2:35pm Man Forever Surface Patterns Pansophical Cataract Thrill Jockey
2:30pm Chris Corsano & Rette Rasmussen # 030 Unseen Recordings
2:19pm Heenan & Forsyth I am not a technologist Reify Recordings
2:17pm Richard Youngs & Simon Wickham-Smith Bed. Kretinmuzak
2:12pm The Holly Martins Group Stairway to the Mezzanine no. no. yes. no. edgetone records
2:03pm No-Neck Blues Band Boreal Gluts Qvaris 5 Rue Christine

04/20/2015 | 12:00PM-2:00PM | Continental Drift Playlist | DJ: Serene D | Link

Start Artist Track Album
1:55pm Ersin Ersavas All of Me - Oud Cover - John Legend
1:54pm Alaa Wardi Wenti Masteneti Wenti Masteneti
1:49pm Feel El Neel 7at 2eedoh feat. Nathalie Saba (Remix)
1:45pm OkyDoky No Emperor Boombox
1:35pm Fareeq El Atrash Gaza 'Al Majweh el Tarsha
12:48pm Hello, Psychaleppo The White Epicycle Gool L'Ah
12:46pm Anas Arabi & Koos Nattaruna Kteer Qawa3id Ishtibak
12:37pm El Rass & Munma Kachf El Mahjoub / Unveiling The Hidden
12:25pm Edd Abbas, Lipos & Elepheel Tripnol
12:04pm Simon Shaheen Bashraf Farahfaza Turath (Heritage)

04/20/2015 | 10:00AM-12:00PM | Jazz Playlist | DJ: Art Lange Peter Kostakis | Title: Writers' Bloc | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label New
11:53am Art Hodes With Volly DeFaut Volly's Room Up In Volly's Room Delmark
11:50am Teo Macero How Low the Earth The Best Of Teo Macero Stash
11:47am Art Hodes' Hot Five Darktown Strutter's Ball The Complete Art Hodes Blue Note Sessions Mosaic
11:45am Teo Macero Mitzi The Best Of Teo Macero Stash
11:42am Art Hodes Trio That Eccentric Rag The Complete Art Hodes Blue Note Sessions Mosaic
11:37am Charles Mingus Jazz Workshop Abstractions Jazzical Moods Period/OJC
11:35am Art Hodes Beale Street Blues Pagin' Mr. Jelly Candid
11:32am Teo Macero 24 + 18 + The Best Of Teo Macero Stash
11:20am Agasul Orchester King Korn No Turning Back Unit
11:15am Radu Malfatti Ohrkiste Graukanal, Part 6 Ohrkiste ITM
11:08am Tim Berne's Snakeoil Lost In Redding You've Been Watching Me ECM N
11:03am Bill Watrous Quintet For Art's Sake Art Pepper: Complete Atlas Years Atlas (Japan)
10:53am Bill Frisell Mr. Memory Nashville Nonesuch
10:48am Bob & Ray Martin LeSoeur, Raconteur The Best Of Bob And Ray, Volume 1 RadioArt
10:45am Kalle Kalima & K-18 Los Olvidados Bunuel De Jour TUM Records
10:42am Shelly Manne and His Men Fugue The West Coast Sound Vol. 1 Contemporary
10:38am Elliott Sharp Cool School Octal, Book Three Clean Feed N
10:33am Humphrey Lyttelton/Wally Fawkes Troglodytes Leah's Lullaby Rent Party Stomp Off
10:21am Jimmy Knepper Avid Admirer Idol Of The Flies Bethlehem
10:16am Jeffrey Morgan / Joker Nies E War Gears Snake Eyes Random Acoustics
10:13am Harlem Kiddies May Fair Boogie 78 rpm Odeon
10:09am Lennie Tristano Judy Chicago April 1951 Uptown
10:04am Rova Saxophone Quartet (track #4, schematic title: Anthony Braxton composition) Beat Kennel Black Saint
10:01am Billie Holiday and Her Orchestra I Hear Music The Lady Sings Proper

04/20/2015 | 7:30AM-10:00AM | Jazz Playlist | DJ: Stann | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label New
7:36am Jethro Tull Serenade to a Cuckoo This Was Chrysalis
7:33am Jazz en Trance Tango Para Mi Madre Refanfinfla Toya N
7:31am Carlos Santana Song of the Wind Caravansarai Columbia

04/20/2015 | 7:30AM-10:00AM | Jazz Playlist | DJ: Stann | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label New
9:49am eric dolphy you don't know what love is last date Fontana
8:48am nicole mitchell the inevitable intergalactic beings fpe
8:46am ari brown oui lee venus Delmark Records
8:41am miles davis :moja" and "wili" live at carnegie hall Columbia
8:39am the art ensemble of chicago fanfare for the warriors fanfare for the warriors Atlantic
8:37am thelonius monk functional thelonius monk with john coltrane jazzland
8:35am conjunto son catorce si yo siempre he sido el son son como son saludos amigos
8:33am herbie mann comin' home baby at the village gate Atlantic
8:32am bassekou kouyate poye Jama Ko Out Here Records
8:29am sierra leone refugee allstars rich but poor libation cumbancha
8:25am Marquis Hill Return of the Student The Poet Skiptone N
8:10am Marc Seales Remember Why American Song #2 Origin N
8:03am Junior Brown You Inspire Me Down Home Chrome Telarc Surround
7:59am Sean Jones Don't Give A Dawn Blues Improvise Mack Avenue Records N
7:48am Luiz Bonfa Batucada Brazilian Guitar Capitol
7:45am Beres Hammond Always Be There A Day in the life VP Records
7:43am Wes Montgomery Caravan Jazz Masters Verve Records
7:41am Jethro Tull Serenade to a Cuckoo This Was Chrysalis

04/20/2015 | 5:00AM-7:30AM | Jazz Playlist | DJ: Mike Corsa | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label New
7:23am School Days Elephantasy In Our Times Okka Disk
7:18am Karl Berger / Dave Holland / Ed Blackwell We Change Transit Black Saint
7:10am Matt Panayides Awaken Conduits Pacific Coast Jazz N
7:04am The 3.5.7. Ensemble Stand Fast Amongst The Smokestacks and Steeples Milk Factory Productions N
6:54am Ensemble 5 Glimpses of a ninja part one The Summary Of 4 Vol. 2 Leo Records N
6:47am Derek Bailey / Jamaaladeen Tacuma / Calvin Weston Nebula Mirakle Tzadik
6:37am Jeb Bishop, Jaap Blonk, Lou Mallozzi & Frank Rosaly Cachoo Hideout At The Hideout Kontrans
6:13am Freddie Hubbard, Ilhan Mimaroglu Sing Me a Song of Songmy Sing Me A Song of Songmy Atlantic
6:06am Nels Cline & Julian Lage Amenette Room Mack Avenue Records N
5:58am Archie Shepp Straight Street Down Home New York Soul Note
5:53am Jimmy Bennington Trio Sax Especially One More Beautiful Ballad CIMP
5:43am Lester Bowie Brass Fantasy Blueberry Hill Avant Pop ECM Records
5:38am Vincent Chancey Vernal Equinox Next Mode DIW
5:29am Gebhard Ullmann Basement Research Five Hat and Shoes Between The Lines N
5:20am Klang Ground Brooklyn Lines...Chicago Spaces Allos Documents
5:14am Vijay Iyer Trio Break Stuff Break Stuff ECM Records N
5:07am Scott Amendola Band Bantu Cry Cryptogramophone
5:01am Expansions: The Dave Liebman Group Level One Samsara Whaling City Sound N

04/19/2015 | 5:30PM-7:00PM | WNUR Handpicked Playlist | DJ: gbuzzard | Title: Shred, White, and Blue | Link

Start Artist Track Album
6:56pm Kylesa Come As You Are Whaterver Nevermind
6:49pm Royal Thunder Time Machine Crooked Doors
6:25pm Pentemple Pazuzu Part 1 O))) Presents...
6:18pm Edge of Sanity Enigma Unorthodox
6:08pm Deafheaven Sunbather Sunbather
6:03pm Torche In Bloom Whatever Nevermind
6:01pm Municipal Waste Beer Pressure The Art of Partying
5:50pm Wolvhammer Writhe The Obsidian Plains
5:43pm Ved Buens Ende Carrier of Wounds Written In Waters
5:38pm Bolt Thrower In Battle There is No Law In Battle There is No Law
5:32pm Obituary Suffocation Slowly We Rot

04/19/2015 | 4:00PM-5:30PM | WNUR Handpicked Playlist | DJ: Ni'Hao FM | Link

Start Artist Track Album
5:29pm G.E.M. ft. Khalil Fong In Spring I am a Singer Season 2
5:24pm Tan Wei Wei Lighthouse I am a Singer Season 3
5:19pm Zhang Jie The Brightest Star in the Sky I am a Singer Season 2
5:13pm Peng Jia Hui Lu Gang Town I am a Singer Season 2
5:04pm Lin Zhi Xuan Never Left I am a Singer Season 1
5:00pm A-Lin When I Think of You I am a Singer Season 3
4:54pm Yang Zong Wei Wandering I am a Singer Season 1
4:48pm Gary Chaw I'm Ugly, but I Have a Tender Heart I am a Singer Season 2
4:42pm Zhou Bi Chang Where Did the Time Go I am a Singer Season 2
4:38pm Han Hong The Day Breaks I am a Singer Season 3
4:31pm Chen Jie Yi Tempting Heart I am a Singer Season 3
4:26pm Li Jian When You're Old I am a Singer Season 3
4:19pm Hu Yan Bin Lady Jeremiah I am a Singer Season 3
4:15pm Han Lei A Place Afar I am a Singer Season 2
4:09pm Zhou Xiao Ou No Place to Hide I am a Singer Season 1

04/19/2015 | 2:00PM-4:00PM | Blues Playlist | DJ: SteveTemkin | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label
4:03pm Reefer Blues Canned Heat The Boogie House Tapes Ruf
4:01pm Sam Lay Somebody Got to Do It Blues for a Rotten Aftwernoon Telarc
4:00pm Paul Butterfield Blues Band Drivin Wheel Paul Butterfield Blues Band Elektra WEA
3:58pm Buddy Guy Damn Right I got the Blues Buddy's Baddest Jive Records
3:51pm Bonnie Raitt Finest Lovin Man Bonnie Raitt Collection Warner
3:47pm Eric Clapton Five Long Years From the Cradle Reprise
3:38pm Eric Clapton/B.B. King Riding With the King Riding With the King Reprise
3:36pm Willie Dixon I Can't Quit You I am the blues Columbia/Legacy
3:29pm Ruth Brown Chains of Love Pinetop Perkins: Ladies Man M.C. Records
3:23pm Etta James Something's Got a Hold 20th Century Masters: Millennium Collection Geffen
3:23pm Bobby Blue Bland Who Will the Next Fool Be The Anthology Geffen
3:21pm Bobby Blue Bland Further On Up the Road It's My Life Baby Jasmine
3:13pm John Lee Hooker Cuttin Out The Healer Capricorn
3:10pm John Lee Hooker One Bourbon One Scotch One Beer Definitive Collection Hip-O
3:07pm Jimmy Reed Shame, Shame, Shame The Very Best ofg Jimmy Reed Tomato Records
3:04pm Jimmy Reed Big Boss Man Best of Jimmy Reed Recall Records
3:02pm Ike Turner The Hunter The Hunter Blue Thumb
3:04pm Ike Turner Rocket 88 Here and Now Ikon
2:56pm Ike Turner Mean Old World The Best of Blue Thumb Hip-O
2:53am Howlin' Wolf 300 Pounds of Joy His Best: Chess 50th Anniversary Collection Chess
2:50pm Howlin' Wolf Smokestack Lightning The Chess Box Geffen
2:45am B.B. King The Power of the Blues B.B. King In London Geffen
2:40am Bo Diddley You Can't Judge a Book By It's Cover The Chess Story Chess/MCA
2:37pm Bo Diddley Hey Bo Diddley Chess 50th Anniversary Chess
2:30am Louis Jordan I'm Gonna Leave You On The Outskirts of Town Louis Jordan: Best of Acme
2:27pm T-Bone Walker The Hustle Is On The Complete Imperial Recordings Capitol
2:26pm Robert Johnson Stop Breakin Down Blues The Complete Recording Sony
2:26pm Robert Johnson Crossroads Blues The Complete Recording Sony
2:24pm Elmore James The Sun Is Shining The Sky Is Crying: The History of Elmore James Rhino
2:23pm Elmore James Dust My Broom The Sky Is Crying: The History of Elmore James Rhino Entertainment Company
2:06pm Muddy Waters The Blues Had a Baby Hard Again Sony
2:06pm Luther Allison All The Kings Horses Crucial Blues Guitar Alligator

04/19/2015 | 10:00AM-12:00PM | Folk Playlist | DJ: Ron Lewis | Link

Start Artist Track Album
11:35am Dar Williams Beauty of the Rain Beauty of the Rain
11:32am Ellis Paul Annalee The Day After Everything Changed
11:27am Sean Watkins All I Do Is Lie All I Do Is Lie
11:22am Rhiannon Giddens Black is the Color Tomorrow Is My Turn
11:16am Jenny and Robin Bienemann Jennifer Aniston Jenny and Robin Bienemann Live
11:11am John Flynn Kintsugi Poor Man's Diamonds
11:04am Sufjan Stevens Carrie & Lowell Carrie & Lowell
11:01am Lily & Madeline Fumes Blue Blades Acoustic Sessions
10:57am Joe Pug Bright Beginnings Windfall
10:55am The Weepies Crooked Smile Sirens
10:48am Marc Cohn Walking in Memphis Live 04/05
10:44am Eilen Jewell Walking Down The Line Letters from Sinners & Strangers
10:38am John Prine Taking a Walk Fair & Square
10:35am Anika Larsen, Jarrod Spector Walking in the Rain Beautiful, The Carole King Musical
10:23am Sons of the Never Wrong Twiggy Little Bird On A Good Day... I Am
10:21am Neil Young Birds Live at the Cellar Door
10:15am Tracy Grammer Blue Wing Book of Sparrows
10:12am Leonard Cohen Bird on the Wire Songs From a Room
10:08am The Be Good Tanyas The Littlest Birds Blue Horse
10:04am Anne Hills, Michael Smith We Become Birds Paradise Lost and Found

04/19/2015 | 9:00AM-10:00AM | Gospel Playlist | DJ: Praise & Worship Hours | Link

Start Artist Track
9:34am Dave Hollister What Do You Do
9:26am Dale Ciceron & Optimistic 4 Christ Get Up
9:26am Derrick Starks I got it all Back
9:26am Mali Music I Believe
9:12am 21:03 Brand New Day

04/19/2015 | 8:00AM-10:00AM | Gospel Playlist | DJ: Praise & Worship Hours | Link

Start Artist Track
9:00am Lee Williams & Spiritual QC's Jesus made a Way
8:57am The Canton Spirituals Keep Knocking
8:57am The Gospel Crusaders Good News
8:48am Tim Rodgers & the Fellas I Believe God's Gonna Turn it around
8:45am Richard Smallwood with Visions Trust Me
8:44am Mississippi Mass Choir Waymaker
8:44am Wheeler Ave Baptist Church He Steps In
8:38am William Smith Jr. & Renewed Voices New York-Chi-Town Medley
8:16am Angela Spivey & Voices of Victory Lift Up Jesus
8:08am Mary Mary Sunday Morning

04/19/2015 | 6:00AM-8:00AM | Gospel Playlist | DJ: Wendy Leighton w/ Sunday Morning Rise | Link

Start Artist Track
7:57am Darwin Hobbs feat. Michael McDonald Everyday
7:47am Mark Bunney Morning Devotion
7:43am Michael Norman Endless Devotion
7:36am Pastor Charles Jenkins War
7:32am Donald Lawrence The I Am Factor
7:29am Bishop Tudor Bismark I Am Factor
7:25am Latisha Lee Breath of God Mag To the Ministers
7:14am Ricky Dillard One More Chance
7:09am Anthony Brown Testimony
7:05am Brenda Waters Stranger
7:01am Ben Tankard Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
6:57am Wincey Wanna Be
6:53am Marvin Sapp Yes, You Can
6:48am Phil French Terrence Richburg I Won't Let Go
6:45am Cynthia Jones Happy Birthday
6:24am Joyce Spencer Pressing On
6:24am Eric Warren When I Think of the Goodness of the Lord
6:18am Masque Right Here
6:14am Dorothy Collins Just A Closer Walk with Thee
6:13am Pastor Daryl Coley He That Dwelleth
5:56am Soul Tempo The Lord's Prayer
5:56am Les Paul Roque SMR Promo
5:56am Ron Kenoly As For Me and My House
5:46am MercyMe I Can Oly Imagine

04/18/2015 | 10:00PM-12:00AM | Freeform Playlist | DJ: K-Sound with D.J. Oh | Link

Start Artist Track
10:46pm Broccoli You Too No More Encore
10:46pm Sister's Barbershop Beautiful Thing
10:28pm Sweden Laundry Never Even Once
10:24pm Autumn Break Sometimes I want to hug you like crazy
10:20pm Jung Joon Il Hug Me
10:12pm Thomas Cook I'm Nothing
10:12pm Standing Egg Pain
10:12pm Pepper Tones Viking

04/18/2015 | 6:00PM-8:00PM | Hidden Forms Playlist | DJ: The StarShip | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label New
7:56pm iVardensphere It Is As Blackness Is Fable Negative Gain Productions N
7:50pm Go Fight Kill What You Eat Napalm Baby N
7:44pm Cygnets Data Ghosts Sleepwalkers Negative Gain Productions N
7:40pm Replicant Knifewire Bloodmoon
7:35pm Charles Bobuck MS Romance Missing Soldiers - The Favorite Songs Of Clara Barton N
7:32pm Charles Bobuck MS Sadness Missing Soldiers - The Favorite Songs Of Clara Barton N
7:27pm Charles Bobuck Walk Over Walk Over N
7:15pm Noveller Pluse Point Fantastic Planet N
7:12pm The Soft Moon Wrong Deeper N
7:04pm Kevorcian Death Cycle I Have No Time I Am God Negative Gain Productions N
6:58pm Mr. Kitty Entwine Entwine N
6:55pm Replicnt Nightmover Bloodmoon
6:48pm Cygnets Through Hell To Where? Sleepwalkers Negative Gain Productions N
6:44pm The Dreaming Blink Of An Eye Rise Again Metropolis N
6:38pm The Prodigy Nasty The Day Is My Enemy N
6:32pm Front Line Assembly Leveled - Slighter Echos Metropolis
6:25pm The Soft Moon Desertion Deeper N
6:17pm iVardensphere Terra Sapien Fable Metropolis N
6:10pm Kevorcian Death Cycle Another Day I Am God Negative Gain Productions N
6:03pm Go Fight Sundown Napalm Baby N

04/18/2015 | 4:00PM-6:00PM | Airplay Playlist | DJ: DJ Broccoli | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label
6:00pm Cyberbully Mom Club hair piles
5:57pm Spencer Radcliffe Child's Pose, Tina Keeper
5:55pm Hykuu Puzzles Keep Dreaming EP Hush Hush Records
5:55pm Bear Hands Crime Pays Burning Bush Supper Club Cantora Records
5:53pm M!nes Died A Prisoner, Mom n' Pop Just Another Thing That Got Ruined
4:39pm Alicia Walter Live on Airplay
4:30pm The Bribes Oh Mother The Man is Good and Fine
4:29pm The Bribes 3,4,5 The Man Is Good and Fine
4:17pm Petty Crimes Live on Airplay

04/18/2015 | 1:00PM-4:00PM | Classical and Beyond Playlist | DJ: Theron Humiston | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label
3:15pm James Tenney August Harp Postal Pieces New World Records
2:56pm Martin Bresnick Grace My Twentieth Century New World Records
1:52pm Irwin Bazelon Sunday Silence Irwin Bazelon Albany
1:27pm Donald Erb Violin Concerto Donald Erb Koss Classics
1:10pm Lei Liang Yuan Milou New World Records

04/18/2015 | 7:00AM-9:00AM | Freeform Playlist | DJ: WNUR | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label
9:57pm Motohiko Hino Into the Heaven First Album Takt
9:52pm Tatsu Aoki Wed Lock Avant-Bass Live Innocent Eyes & Lenses
9:48pm Fleetwood Mac I Loved Another Woman Fleetwood Mac Blue Horizon
9:39pm Yasuhiro Otani The Flash of Summer Brain-Wash P@le Blue
9:29pm Red Sparowes Mechanical Sounds Cascaded Through the City Walls and Everyone Reveled in Their Ignorance At the Soundless Dawn Neurot Recordings
9:20pm Conrad Herwig Blue in Green Another Kind of Blue Half Note Records
9:12pm Explosions in the Sky Your Hand in Mine The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place Temporary Residence
9:00pm Sun Araw Lucretius Ancient Romans Drag City

04/18/2015 | 7:00AM-9:00AM | Freeform Playlist | DJ: WNUR | Title: State of Mind | Link

Start Artist Track
8:52am Sufjan Stevens A Little Lost
8:52am The Verve Pipe The Freshmen
8:43am Rodriguez Sugar Man
8:42am Aretha Franklin Respect
8:35am The Temptations Papa Was a Rolling Stone
8:28am Grand Funk The Loco-Motion
8:20am Stevie Wonder Sir Duke
8:11am The Von Bondies C'Mon C'Mon
8:11am The Milk Carton Kids Michigan
8:00am Madonna (feat. Justin Timberlake) 4 Minutes
7:57am Bill Monroe & His Blue Grass Boys Blue Moon of Kentucky
7:53am Montgomery Gentry Where I Come From
7:47am Steve Goodman Go Cubs Go
7:47am My Morning Jacket Wordless Chorus
7:34am The New Basement Tapes Kansas City
7:31am Sleeper Agent Get Burned
7:30am Cage the Elephant Come a Little Closer
7:25am Dierks Bentley Bourbon In Kentucky
7:18am Sturgill Simpson Turtles All the Way Down
7:17am Billy Ray Cyrus Achy Breaky Heart
7:09am John Prine Paradise

04/17/2015 | 6:30PM-9:00PM | Rock Playlist | DJ: Alye M | Link

Start Artist Track Album
8:53pm Bright Eyes Firewall The People's Key
8:50pm Radar Eyes Positive Feedback Radar Eyes
8:47pm The Mysteries of Life I'm Into Something Good Focus On The Background
8:42pm The Mysteries of Life Naive Melody Focus On The Background
8:39pm The Mysteries of Life Shiver Focus On The Background
8:35pm The Mysteries of Life Sight Unseen Focus On The Background
8:31pm The Mysteries of Life Something's Wrong Focus On The Background
8:27pm The Mysteries of Life Wish you Well Focus On The Background
8:22pm The Dead Space Fall Away/Both Eyes Faker
8:11pm Neu! Lieber Honig Neu!
8:01pm Neu! Negativland Neu!
7:54pm Neu! Im Gluck Neu!
7:48pm Neu! Weissensee Neu!
7:43pm Neu! Sounderangebot Neu!
7:33pm Neu! Hallogallo Neu!
7:29pm Radar Eyes Morning Glory Radar Eyes
7:26pm The Hard Feelings Girl on my Mind Fought Back And Lost
7:23pm That Ghost Going Out When It's Warm At Night Young Fridays
7:07pm The Lemon Drops Side A The Lemon Drops Second Album
6:59pm Tall Boys Criminal Scallywag Tag
6:55pm Shuggie Otis Magic Inspiration Information
6:52pm South In the Course Of South
6:36pm Harmonia Deluxe (immer weider) Deluxe
6:34pm Sultans of String My Squid has a Rash Luna

04/17/2015 | 4:30PM-6:30PM | Rock Playlist | DJ: Camille M, Aliza A, Conor D w/ Julie | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label
6:26pm Hush Arbors Gone Hush Arbors Ecstatic Peace!
6:25pm Weisstronauts Psychedelic Whiplash Pete Weiss Presents: The Wiesstronauts Stereorrific
6:20pm Steve Westfield and the Burnouts Brainwreck Brainwreck Bib Records
6:19pm We Drew Lightning How I Live In This World Glitch High Mayhem
6:08pm Gladshot Steady Light Maxwell's Cool Demon
6:05pm Barana Kizil Elektro Shaman Loplop Productions
5:53pm Bosley American Gurls The Dirty Gods Radio Show Bosley Brown Music Publishing
5:51pm SPC Eco Burn It Down The Art Of Pop Saint Marie Records
5:44pm Verbena Shaped Like a Gun Souls For Sale Merge Records
5:41pm SSion I Think I Got Something To Prove Minor Treat Version City Records
5:34pm Black Grape Get Higher (Rollo and Sister Bliss Mix) Get Higher Radioactive Records
5:31pm Typewriter New Mexico Your Body Is A Deathtrap, However... Original Sound Recordings
5:28pm Bibi Tanga and The Selenites Be Africa
5:22pm Cokeweed Sunseekers Back To Soft Thrill Jockey
5:14pm Elk Creek Bound to Break Greenfield Project
5:12pm FIDLAR Blackout Stout FIDLAR Burger Records
5:11pm Six Star General Christopher Walken Hair Supply 75 Or Less Records
5:05pm Cousins Body The Halls of Wickwire Ba Da Bing!
5:03pm Crain Car Crash Decisions Speed Automatic Wreckords
5:03pm The Dik Van Dykes Aerobocop Waste Mor Vinyl Og Music
5:03pm Josie Cotton Johnny Are You Queer? Johnny Are You Queer?
4:52pm Antena Don't Think About It Seaside Weekend
4:46pm Sand Moonlightlove Ultraphonic Seraphium United Dutro
4:45pm Saloon Que Quieres If We Met In The Future
4:39pm Frank Tovey Passing Through Grand Union Mute Records
4:38pm Sandpit Drawing Straws The Hunting Picture Fellaheen
4:28pm Bob Log III Log Bomb Log Bomb Bloat Records
4:27pm Dan Baker What I'm Looking For Pistol In My Pocket
4:19pm Robyn Hitchcock One Long Pair of Eyes One Long Pair of Eyes AM Records
4:18pm Stiv Bators Story In Your Eyes Story In Your Eyes MCA Records
4:15pm Dead Kennedys Halloween Halloween! Alternative Tentacles
4:11pm Tijuana Hercules Pack It In, Mama! Tijuana Hercules Black Pisces Recordings
4:09pm Holly Golightly Virtually Happy The Good Things Damaged Goods
4:06pm Angie Heaton Polly Do You Wanna Calamities and Restitution Mud

04/17/2015 | 12:00PM-2:00PM | Continental Drift Playlist | DJ: DJ Broccoli | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label
12:25pm Toshio Matsuura Western Sunrise (Matsuura remix) Compost Brazil 2014 Selacoa Compost Records
12:24pm Kyoto Jazz Massive The Brightness of These Days (Quantic Remix) 10th Anniversary Compost Records
12:24pm De Lata Ronco Da Cuica 10th Anniversary Compost Records
12:22pm Hiromi Move Move Telarc
12:22pm Jazztronik Voyage Jazztronik Studio Live Shichigosan Records
12:21pm Soil & "Pimp" Sessions Waltz For Goddess Freshly Composted 2 Compost Records
12:20pm Quasimode Down In The Village Oneself Likeness Freestyle Records
12:19pm Quasimode Waltz Ga Kikoete Blue Note Beach Classics Blue Note
12:16pm Sleep Walker Brotherhood Brotherhood Extra Freedom
12:15pm Sadao Watanabe Hiro Recital Universal
12:14pm Sadao Watanabe I'm Old Fashioned I'm Old Fashioned Universal
12:13pm Toshio Matsuura Behind The Shadow 10th Anniversary Compost Medien
12:12pm Jazztronik Chromatic Suite Cinematic Shichigosan Records
12:10pm Jazztronik the Piano Set Free Flower Records

04/17/2015 | 10:00AM-12:00PM | Jazz Playlist | DJ: Eric Ricks | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label New

04/17/2015 | 7:30AM-10:00AM | Jazz Playlist | DJ: Flavian Wallis | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label New
9:53am David Murray Cousin Mary Special Quartet DIW
9:46am Marty Grosz / The Fat Babies A Jazz Holiday Digga Digga Doo Delmark N
9:38am Eric Dolphy Mrs. Parker of K.C. (Bird's Mother) Far Cry OJC
9:30am Mike Bagetta Transmission Thieves and Secrets Fresh New Sound N
9:24am Roscoe Mitchell Snurdy McGurdy and Her Dancing Shoes Snurdy McGurdy and Her Dancing Shoes Nessa
9:19am The Evergreen Classic Jazz Band Put Em Down Blues Early Tunes 1915-1932 Delmark
9:12am The H2 Big Band Black lace Freudian Slip It Could Happen Orign N
9:01am Dexter Gordon Flick of a Trick Gettin' Around Blue Note
8:53am Omer Avital Maroc New Song Motema N
8:47am Clarence Penn Green Chimney Monk: The Lost Files Origin N
8:39am Gene Argel Hermosa Luminescent Origin N
8:32am Chris Potter Lament Imaginary Cities ECM N
8:27am Albert Nicholas / Art Hodes Digga Digga Doo The New Orleans Connection Delmark
8:18am Brad Goode Halo on a Stick Montezuma Origin N
8:07am Ira Sullivan Circumstantial Circumstantial Nessa
8:03am Humphrey Lyttelton Lady Jekyll and mistress Hyde In Canada Sakville
7:51am Rob Mazurek The Earthquake Tree Sound Is Delmark
7:40am John Stowell / Michael Zilber Shot Through with Beauty Live Beauty Origin N
7:31am Vijay Iyer Hood Break Stuff ECM N

04/17/2015 | 2:00AM-4:00AM | Rock Playlist | DJ: Tara S | Link

Start Artist Track Album
2:42pm Clown Sunday Purgatory
2:42pm Clown At Your Mercy Purgatory
2:42pm Clown Salvation Purgatory
2:41pm Clown Run and Hide Purgatory
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