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Time Sunday
  • Streetbeat
  • m50
  • Saturday, July 13th, 2013
  • 10:00PM - 2:00AM
  • Playlist
  • Freeform
  • Sunday, July 7th, 2013
  • 1:00AM - 3:30AM
  • Playlist
  • Streetbeat
  • Ouranos
  • Wednesday, July 10th, 2013
  • 2:00AM - 3:00AM
  • Playlist
  • Rock
  • Phil Scepanski
  • Tuesday, July 9th, 2013
  • 4:00AM - 6:30AM
  • Playlist
  • Jazz
  • Mike Corsa
  • Monday, July 8th, 2013
  • 5:00AM - 7:30AM
  • Playlist
  • Jazz
  • Alain D
  • Thursday, July 11th, 2013
  • 5:00AM - 7:30AM
  • Playlist
  • Jazz
  • Seth
  • Friday, July 12th, 2013
  • 5:00AM - 7:30AM
  • Playlist
  • Gospel
  • Wendy Pulliam-Leighton
  • Sunday, July 7th, 2013
  • 6:00AM - 8:00AM
  • Playlist
  • Jazz
  • Stephen Ptacek
  • Tuesday, July 9th, 2013
  • 6:00AM - 10:00AM
  • Playlist
  • Jazz
  • Stann
  • Monday, July 8th, 2013
  • 7:30AM - 10:00AM
  • Playlist
  • Jazz
  • John
  • Wednesday, July 10th, 2013
  • 7:30AM - 10:00AM
  • Playlist
  • Jazz
  • Ashina
  • Thursday, July 11th, 2013
  • 7:30AM - 10:00AM
  • Playlist
  • Jazz
  • Eric Ricks
  • Friday, July 12th, 2013
  • 7:30AM - 12:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Gospel
  • Gospel Show
  • Sunday, July 7th, 2013
  • 8:00AM - 10:00AM
  • Playlist
  • Folk
  • Ron Lewis
  • Sunday, July 7th, 2013
  • 10:00AM - 12:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Jazz
  • Marv Goldsher
  • Monday, July 8th, 2013
  • 10:00AM - 12:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Jazz
  • Marv Goldsher
  • Tuesday, July 9th, 2013
  • 10:00AM - 12:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Jazz
  • Art Lange
  • Wednesday, July 10th, 2013
  • 10:00AM - 12:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Both Kinds
  • Al Finley
  • Sunday, July 7th, 2013
  • 12:00PM - 1:30PM
  • Playlist
  • Continental Drift
  • Kevin L
  • Tuesday, July 9th, 2013
  • 12:00PM - 2:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Classical and Beyond
  • Theron Humiston
  • Saturday, July 13th, 2013
  • 1:00PM - 4:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Blues
  • Mike Baum
  • Sunday, July 7th, 2013
  • 1:30PM - 3:30PM
  • Playlist
  • Blues
  • Mike Baum
  • Sunday, July 7th, 2013
  • 2:00PM - 3:30PM
  • Playlist
  • Rock
  • Paul VK
  • Monday, July 8th, 2013
  • 2:00PM - 4:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Rock
  • soundoferror
  • Thursday, July 11th, 2013
  • 2:00PM - 6:30PM
  • Playlist
  • Rock
  • Danielle Pierre
  • Friday, July 12th, 2013
  • 2:00PM - 4:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Rock
  • Mackenzie
  • Monday, July 8th, 2013
  • 4:00PM - 6:30PM
  • Playlist
  • Rock
  • Eileen H
  • Wednesday, July 10th, 2013
  • 4:00PM - 6:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Rock
  • Ashina
  • Friday, July 12th, 2013
  • 4:00PM - 6:30PM
  • Playlist
  • R and B Flashback
  • Eric Ricks
  • Sunday, July 7th, 2013
  • 5:00PM - 7:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Rock
  • John S.
  • Monday, July 8th, 2013
  • 6:30PM - 9:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Rock
  • JasonV
  • Tuesday, July 9th, 2013
  • 6:30PM - 9:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Rock
  • Lou Kovitz
  • Wednesday, July 10th, 2013
  • 6:30PM - 9:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Rock
  • Wolfgang
  • Thursday, July 11th, 2013
  • 6:30PM - 9:00PM
  • Playlist
  • WNUR Handpicked
  • Kimberly
  • Monday, July 8th, 2013
  • 9:00PM - 10:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Streetbeat
  • m50
  • Friday, July 12th, 2013
  • 10:00PM - 2:00AM
  • Playlist

Recent Playlists

08/30/2014 | 6:00PM-8:00PM | Hidden Forms Playlist | DJ: broken36 | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label New
7:55pm roman remains nest in your room zeal hot records limited
7:50pm ruby my dear hawa (hecq remix) conversions ad noiseam
7:46pm comaduster car crash at sea emerging organisms vol.5 tympanik audio N
7:41pm panic lift awake is this goodbye? metropolis
7:36pm monomorte s3v3ranc3 coven xxiii EP self-released N
7:29pm alter der ruine lights i will remember it all differently negative gain productions N
7:19pm skinny puppy worlock (rhys fulber eye of the beholder remix)) remix dys temper nettwerk
7:14pm kevorkian death cycle the promise distorted religion EP negative gain productions N
7:08pm dmn lose myself after death equilateral records N
7:02pm siva six nemesis superstition alfa matrix
6:58pm front line assembly ghosts (greg reely alternative mix) dependence vol.6 dependence records
6:54pm comaduster far from any road (the handsome family cover) self-released
6:49pm purity ring fineshrine shrines 4ad
6:45pm awolnation sail (dj slink remix) self-released
6:42pm dmn orgasm witch (feat. yasha) after death equilateral records N
6:39pm s7evenoct waiting waiting EP self-released N
6:34pm dryft slow jimmy the blur vent n5md N
6:31pm blvck ceiling time, ghosts, bye cloud garden self-released N
6:25pm aynth fallen aempossum self-released N
6:19pm agonoize dafur apokalypse (disc 1) out of line N
6:18pm hate dept. disconnector (produkt remix) spirit - the ghost remixes self-released N
6:11pm the gothsicles moon knight is cool squid icarus negative gain productions N

08/30/2014 | 7:00AM-9:00AM | Freeform Playlist | DJ: Ron Lewis | Link

Start Artist Track Album
8:59am Neil Young My My Hey Hey Rust Never Sleeps
8:52am New Radicals You Get What You Give Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too
8:50am Keira Knightley Lost Stars Begin Again
8:49am The Fugs Marijuana Electromagnetic Steamboat
8:44am The Pogues Dirty Old Town The Very Best of the Pogues
8:37am The Turtles Happy Together Happy Together
8:36am The Turtles It Ain't Me Babe The Turtles Present The Battle of the Bands
8:33am The Turtles Elenore The Turtles Present The Battle of the Bands
8:28am Elvis Costello Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood The Costello Show
8:25am The Animals Don't Let me Be Misunderstood The Best of the Animals
8:23am The Animals We Gotta Get Out of This Place The Best Of The Animals
8:19am The Animals We Gotta Get Out of This Place Ridin; The Hits of the 60's
8:15am The Pogues The Sunnyside of the Street 30:30 The Essential Collection
8:12am Louis Armstrong On the Sunny Side of the Street Louis Armstrong: Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
8:08am Paul Simon Was A Sunny Day There Goes Rhymin' Simon
8:08am Bobby Hebb Sunny Sunny
7:58am Mumford and Sons After the Storm Sigh No More
7:53am Bob Dylan Shelter from the Storm Blood on the Tracks
7:46am The Doors Riders on the Storm The Future Starts Here: The Essential Doors Hits
7:41am The Wailin' Jenny's Storm Bright Morning Stars
7:37am The Kinks Sunny Afternoon Classics: The Best of the Kinks
7:30am Madison Violet Small of My Heart No Fool For Trying
7:27am Rosanne Cash The Long Way Home The River & The Thread
7:24am Justin Townes Earle White Gardenias White Gardenias-Single
7:21am Ellen Harper Memories of Gold Childhood Home
7:18am Owl and Mouse Don & Anna Somewhere To Go
7:10am Jessie Mueller and Ensemble I Feel The Eath Move Beautiful Soundtrack
7:07am Jessie Mueller Beautiful Beautiful Soundtrack
7:04am Beautiful Ensemble 1650 Broadway Medley Beautiful Soundtrack
7:02am Jessie Mueller and others So Far Away Beautiful Soundtrack

08/29/2014 | 9:00PM-10:00PM | Jazz Playlist | DJ: Geoffrey | Link

Start Artist Track Album
10:06pm Hot Chip Night and Day Night and Day - Single
10:00pm Bebel Gilberto Night and Day Momento
9:56pm Ella Fitzgerald NIght and Day Ken Burns Jazz
9:54pm Billie Holiday NIght and Day Lady Day
9:51pm Joe Henderson Night and Day Inner Urge
9:47pm Sonny Rollins Night and Day The Standard Sonny Rollins
9:39pm Stan Getz and Bill Evans Night and Day Stan Getz and Bill Evans
9:35pm Frank Sinatra Night and Day Classic Sinatra
9:30pm Django Reinhardt Night and Day Souvenirs
9:27pm Tommy Dorsey Night and Day A Portrait of Tommy Dorsey
9:22pm Benny Goodman Night and Day The Complete Benny Goodman
9:18pm Fred Astaire Night and Day Finest Hour
9:08pm kd lang So in Love Recollection

08/29/2014 | 6:30PM-9:00PM | Rock Playlist | DJ: Geoffrey | Link

Start Artist Track Album
9:00pm Mike Doughty Sleepless Circles
8:54pm Kate Bush Running Up That Hill Up Down Turn Around
8:50pm Midlake Van Occupanther The Trials of Van Occuopanther
8:45pm Sheep Dogs Ewen's Blues The Sheep Dogs
8:45pm Nick Drake Which Will From the Coffee House
8:40pm Lucinda Williams Angels Laid Him Away Avalon Blues
8:39pm Counting Crows Round Here August and Everything After
8:32pm Pomeroy Droppin Identity
8:27pm Matchbox 20 Damn Yourself or Someone Like You
8:23pm Trombone Shorty Suburbia Backataown
8:19pm Tom Petty Saving Grace Highway Companion
8:15pm Talking Heads Road to Nowhere Same As it Ever Was
8:11pm Chingon Cielito Lindo Mexican Spaghetti Western
8:07pm Moses Mchunu Thul'ulalele The Indestructable Beat of Soweto
8:00pm Ali Farka Toure Ai Bine Boiling Point
7:55pm Dave Edmunds Promised Land
7:52pm Cage the Elephant Aint No Rest for the Wicked Cage the Elephant
7:48pm Michelle Shocked If Love was a Train Mercury Poise
7:43pm Alex Clare Too Close The Lateness of the Hour
7:39pm Joe Jackson Baby Stick Around Look Sharp
7:36pm REM Orange Crush In Time
7:33pm Verve Pipe Cup of Tea Villains (Advanced CD)
7:28pm Regina Spektor Fidelity Begin to Hope
7:21pm Tin Machine Heaven's In Here Tin Machine
7:17pm Nirvana Come As Your Are MTV Unplugged
7:16pm Jam Going Underground Greatest Hits
7:10pm White Stripes Iggy Thump Iggy Thump
7:10pm Warren Zevon Lawyers Guns and Money Excitable Boy
7:02pm Tori Amos Enjoy the Silence Strange Litle Girls
6:58pm Cake Daria Fashion Nugget
6:54pm David Byrne Broken Things Look Into the Eyeball
6:50pm Zoe Keating Optimist Into the Trees
6:43pm Dave Matthews Crush Before the Crowded Streets

08/29/2014 | 2:00PM-4:30PM | Rock Playlist | DJ: Prophet on The Burning Shore | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label
4:02pm The Jerry Garcia Band Keystone Jam Keystone Berkeley: September 1, 1974
4:01pm The Jerry Garcia Band People Make The World Go Round > Keystone Berkeley: September 1, 1974
4:00pm The Grateful Dead Greatest Story Ever Told 1972-08-27 Veneta, Oregon
3:36pm The Grateful Dead Bird Song 1972-08-27 Veneta, Oregon
3:35pm The Grateful Dead Jack Straw 1972-08-27 Veneta, Oregon
3:20pm The Grateful Dead He's Gone 1972-08-27 Veneta, Oregon
3:19pm The Grateful Dead I Know You Rider 1972-08-27 Veneta, Oregon
3:05pm The Grateful Dead China Cat Sunflower > 1972-08-27 Veneta, Oregon
2:58pm The Grateful Dead Black Throated Wind 1972-08-27 Veneta, Oregon
2:55pm The Grateful Dead Me And My Uncle 1972-08-27 Veneta, Oregon
2:42pm The Jerry Garcia Band After Midnight After Midnight: Kean College, 2/28/80 Rhino Records
2:38pm The Jerry Garcia Band Eleanor Rigby Jam > After Midnight: Kean College, 2/28/80 Rhino Records
2:25pm The Jerry Garcia Band After Midnight > After Midnight: Kean College, 2/28/80 Rhino Records
2:20pm Jerry Garcia & Howard Wales Uncle Martin's Hooteroll? Douglas Records
2:15pm Jerry Garcia & Howard Wales Morning in Marin Hooteroll? Douglas Records

08/29/2014 | 10:00AM-12:00PM | Jazz Playlist | DJ: Eric Ricks | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label New
12:31pm CHARLES RUMBACK ICE FACTORY Two Kinds Of Art Thieves Clean Feed N
12:02pm IVO PERELMAN PENSIVENESS Reverie Leo Records N
10:52am ADA ROVATTI GHOST STORIES DISGUISE Piloo Records & Productions N

08/29/2014 | 8:00AM-10:00AM | Jazz Playlist | DJ: Flavian Wallis | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label New
9:54am Earl Hines I've Got You Under My Skin Earl Hines Plays Cole Porter New World Records
9:46am Mark Buselli Istanbull Untold Stories OA2 N
9:36am Benny Golson Time Speaks Domingo Dreyfus
9:29am Ben Monder I'll Rember April Dust Arabesque
9:21am Gordon Lee Urgent Message Tuesday Night OA2 N
9:10am Anthony Branker Forgotten peoples The Forward (Towards Equality) Suite Origin N
9:03am Todd Bishop Moving Travelogue Origin N
8:56am John Ehlis Mbira Chant Along the Way Sivac N
8:46am Peter Lerner Once upon a Chance Encounter Continuation Origin N
8:37am Duke Ellingston / Johnny hodges Stompy Joe Side by Side Verve
8:20am Bill Dixon Palimpsest Papyrus, Vol. 1 Soul Note
8:09am Eric Alexander Mr. Stitt Chicago Fire HighNote N
8:02am Bobby Broom Just One of Those Things My Shining Hour Origin N

08/29/2014 | 6:30AM-8:00AM | Jazz Playlist | DJ: Alain D | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label New
8:04am Tom Harrell State Colors Of A Dream HighNote N
7:32am Jason Adasiewicz's Sun Rooms Leeza From the Region Delmark Records N
7:18am Clark Sommers' Ba(SH) Garrison Ba(SH) Origin Records N
6:58am Mike Reed's People, Places & Things One Bar Second Cities: Volume 1 482 Music N
6:48am Eric Revis The Shadow World In Memory Of Things Yet Seen Clean Feed N
6:43am Ivo Perelman - Karl Berger Pursuance Reverie Leo Records N
6:29am David Weiss The Turning Gate Endangered Species Motema N
6:18am Michael Musillami Trio Old Tea Pride Playscape Recordings N

08/28/2014 | 9:00PM-10:00PM | WNUR Handpicked Playlist | DJ: Lou Kovitz | Title: Shred, White and Blue | Mood: Heavy | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label
9:52pm Scorpions Drifting Sun Fly To The Rainbow RCA
9:41pm Budgie Zoom Club Best Of Budgie MCA Records
9:40pm Riot Narita Narita Capitol Records
9:32pm Anvil March Of The Crabs Metal On Metal Attic
9:29pm Slayer In A Gadda Da Vida Less Than Zero Def Jam
9:23pm Pigface Steamroller Notes From Thee Underground Invisible
9:19pm Ministry Never Believe The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste Sire
9:15pm Prong Caprice Rude Awakening Epic
9:09pm Suicidal Tendencies Waking The Dead Controlled By Hatred/Feel Like Shit...Deja Vu Epic
9:05pm Sepultura Ratamahatta Roots Roadrunner Records
DJ Comments: Guest DJ this week.

08/28/2014 | 6:30PM-9:00PM | Rock Playlist | DJ: Lou Kovitz | Title: The Outer Limits | Mood: Nnnnkay | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label
8:44pm Isao Tomita Side 1 The Bermuda Triangle RCA
8:33pm Isao Tomita Promenade/The Gnome/Promenade Pictures At An Exhibition RCA Victor
8:24pm Kodo with Isao Tomita Song Of The Universe Nasca Fantasy TriStar Music
8:15pm Isao Tomita Clair de Lune Snowflakes Are Dancing RCA Victor
8:04pm Isao Tomita Mars The Planets RCA Victor
7:52pm Controlled Bleeding Another Brick In THe Wall Pts.1&2 A Saucerful Of Pink Cleopatra
7:44pm Killing Joke Mathematics Of Chaos Pandemonium Zoo Entertainment
7:40pm Supervillains Eternia's Greatest Villain Supervillains Suckadelic
7:34pm Brian Eno Juju Space Jazz Nerve Net Opal Records
7:24pm The Temptations Take A Stroll Thru Your Mind Psychedelic Soul Motown
7:18pm Faust Eroberung Der Stille Teil 1 Rien Table Of The Elements
7:12pm The Cambodian Space Project Wait 10 Months 2011: A Space Odyssey Metal Postcard
7:03pm Moors The Voice Of Thunder The Moors Castle von Buhler
6:57pm MC 900ft. Jesus Adventures In Failure Welcome To My Dream Nettwerk
6:48pm John Zorn The Clavicle of Solomon IAO Tzadik
6:43pm The Orb Turn It Down/Egnable Cydonia Island Records
DJ Comments: Tonight's 8 O Clock Break: Isao Tomita

08/28/2014 | 2:00PM-6:30PM | Rock Playlist | DJ: soundoferror | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label
6:14pm the things i will not miss burt b soundtrack to lost horizen
6:09pm sex pistols emi
6:08pm liason dangeroues pet etre pas
6:00pm EN HALVOKT I FOLIE satanic permutations
5:54pm skinny puppy blue serge
5:51pm klaus schulze
5:45pm ++mick jagger invocation of my demon brother soundtrack to kenneth anger film
5:39pm warner jepson heads up
5:33pm warner jepson orange wind youtube cnet video face circa 1970
5:26pm r c hoffman serge wad experiments
5:24pm dan p synthi LD 1
5:22pm dead tech pit of darkness+++dan p & todd scartches
5:17pm david mcclanahan invention #1
5:08pm keith fullerton witman london & toronto ontario live 2014
5:03pm kkempes me you and a sole
5:01pm despino sopund three cheers for the computer age
4:59pm regenbot phon-echo-erbverb
4:55pm fly away religion far left final
4:52pm richard devine grayscale-algorrhythm-binary reticulating rhytms patch
4:50pm karl fousek synthbits jan 1-5
4:45pm warner jepson buchla christmas
4:45pm dead tech got me on the run
4:32pm ==richard smith buchla 100
4:29pm en halvokt i folie boffo hard ons (in the woods) the totally out music of en halvokt i folie
4:25pm hans grusel quarintimes
4:15pm klaus schulze neuronengesang cyborg
4:05pm atomic shadow we sleep on magnets city of chrome and glass
3:55pm queen stone cold crazy
3:52pm the damned melody lee machine gun etiquet
3:49pm ny dolls pusss n boots
3:47pm ramones do you wanna dance
3:37pm dazzling killmen medicine me/my lacerations/poptones recuerda
3:31pm herbie hancock watermelon man headhunters
3:26pm Radian R4
3:20pm gushing cloud witness beat wings in vain
3:19pm EN HALVOKT I FOLIE satanic permutaions
3:18pm food natures recipe 3 track from runeology rune grammfon& WIRE
3:18pm opvik & jennings the lazst country village
3:04pm susanna hangout
2:58pm sparks propaganda//at home at work at play propaganda
2:54pm the babys head first
2:54pm grateeful dead caution do not stop on tracks anthem of the sun
2:51pm test dept faces of freedom 1 end
2:43pm ben vida live on wnur airplay 2-26-05
2:40pm test dept the faces of freedom 3
2:37pm dreaming together//xenakis 4 edens and a world of shells dammerschein
2:36pm gjango reinhardt please be kind
2:28pm k drumm ill never go to mass again boxmedi drumm pita 12 boxmedia
2:26pm vincce guarldi trio pebble beach a boy named charlie brown
2:22pm sylvie walder the most abstract to date moments experimedia
2:20pm pita //pCe3 boxmedi drumm pita 12"
2:19pm sylvie walder non depourvue d'une certaine violence + pita //pe2 boxmedi drumm pita 12"
2:17pm king crimson 20century schizoid man live

08/28/2014 | 7:30AM-10:00AM | Jazz Playlist | DJ: DJ Jazzy L | Title: King Rip's Caffeine Swing | Link

Start Artist Track Album
9:55am Cécile McLorin Salvant I Didn't Know What Time It Was WomanChild
9:47am Miguel Zenon Quartet Juguete Alma Adentro: The Puerto Rican Songbook
9:40am Bobby Broom In Walked Bud Bobby Broom Plays Monk
9:35am Dave Holland, Kevin Eubanks, Craig Taborn and Eric Harland: PRISM Choir Prism
9:25am Tom Harrell (Colors of a Dream) Shapes Time's Mirror
9:20am Gary Burton Libertango Libertango
9:09am Ari Brown Quintet Shorter's Vibes Live at the Green Mill
9:00am Terence Blanchard (Terence Blanchard with Ravi Coltrane & Lionel) Magnetic Magnetic
8:49am Myra Melford Park Mechanics Life Carries Me This Way
8:43am Rufus Reid It's the Nights I Like Hues of a Different Blue
8:34am George Freeman (George Freeman/Mike Allemana Quartet) Hot Box George Burns
8:23am Chicago Yestet The Decider Jazz Is Politics?
8:11am John Wojciechowski (John Wojciechowski Quartet) Title Lexicon
8:04am Clark Sommers Momentary Flux (Ba)SH
7:56am Paul Marinaro That Old Black Magic Without a Song
7:49am David Boykin Expanse (David Boykin) Circus 47th Street Ghost
7:40am Deep Blue Organ Trio (Chris Foreman) Goin' to Town Goin' to Town: Live at the Green Mill
DJ Comments: King Rip's Caffeine Swing ** Special Edition ** Celebrating the 36th Annual Chicago Jazz Festival. Two websites with extensive information: http://www.cityofchicago.org/city/en/depts/dca/supp_info/chicago_jazz_festival.html http://chicagojazzfestival.com/

08/27/2014 | 11:00PM-1:00AM | Streetbeat Playlist | DJ: WNUR Streetbeat | Link

Start Artist Track
10:55pm Space Disco w/ Redux + Duke Shin

08/27/2014 | 6:30PM-9:00PM | Rock Playlist | DJ: Gillian/Nick/Dan | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label New
8:55pm Gate Mary and Mars The Lavender Head MYPIT
8:50pm The Clean Caveman Live Dead Clean Flying Nun Records
8:42pm Tall Dwarfs Neusyland Up The Down Staircase (from 3 EPs) Flying Nun Records
8:36pm Dead C Das Fluten, Das Fluten (Oh Mama, I Can't Go) Clyma Est Mort Siltbreeze
8:32pm The Clean Point That Thing Somewhere Else Compilation Flying Nun
8:25pm Tall Dwarfs Pictures on the Floor Hello Cruel World Flying Nun
8:23pm Alastair Galbraith Vincent Morse Xpressway
8:17pm This Kind Of Punishment Words Fail Me In The Same Room Flying Nun Records
8:14pm Graeme Jefferies Prisoner Of A Single Passion Messages For The Cakekitchen Ajax Records
8:11pm Roy Montgomery Clear Nights, Port Hills Songs From The South Island Drunken Fish Records
8:07pm Peter Jefferies Talkin' Bout Nuthin' Closed Circuit Emperor Jones
8:03pm The Chills Pink Frost Kaleidoscope World Homestead Records
7:55pm Joy Division New Dawn Fades Unknown Pleasures Factory
7:49pm Music Blues It's Not Going to Get Better Things Haven't Gone Well Thrill Jockey N
7:43pm Liturgy Pagan Dawn Renihilation Thrill Jockey
7:32pm Davis Redford Triad Solar Aquarius The Mystical Path of the Number 86 Holy Mountain
7:24pm White Hills So you Are... So You'll Be So You Are... So You'll Be Thrill Jockey
7:17pm William Tyler Cadillac Desert Impossible Truth Merge Records
7:14pm Chad VanGaalen Sunshine Snare Hits Infiniheart Sub Pop
7:12pm Gary Sloan & Clone A.R.R. Harmonitalk Cache Cache
7:09pm Gary Sloan & Clone Backporch Blues Harmonitalk Cache Cache
6:59pm Flying Saucer Attach & Roy Montgomery And Goodbye Goodbye/And Goodbye/The Whole Day VHF Records
6:50pm Wipers Youth of America Gift of Life
6:45pm Severed Heads Guests City Slab Horror Ink Records
6:36pm Television Marquee Moon Marquee Moon Elektra

08/27/2014 | 10:00AM-12:00PM | Jazz Playlist | DJ: Marv Goldsher w/ shana624 | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label
11:35am what we live trio never was never was black saint '98
11:22am lotte anker/taborn /cleaver the hierophant triptych Leo Records
11:20am larry young talkin' about j.c. the art of larry young blue note '92
10:58am earl howard 2455 granular modality new world records '12
10:50am francois houle/marilyn crispell nomad any tumultuous terrain rred toucan '95
10:41am geoff young so long [in between] romhog '04
10:35am the who trio quartier lointain the current underneath leo '04
10:31am jesse stone & his blues serenaders starvation blues big band jazz from the beginnings to the fifties smithsonian institute '83
10:19am carl ludwig hubsch the common denominator the universe is a disk leo '08
10:11am lester young one o'clock jump jazz immortal series the pres lester young savoy..nippon columbia '92

08/27/2014 | 7:30AM-10:00AM | Jazz Playlist | DJ: John | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label New
9:55am John Carter & Bobby Bradford Swiss Account Tandem Remastered Emanem N
9:48am Ari Brown One for Ken Groove Awakening Delmark N
9:44am Corey Wilkes & Abstract Pulse Rain Cries From the Ghetto Pi Recordings
9:38am Gary Burton & Friends Guitarre Picante Six Pack GRP
9:26am Dave Holland Quintet Free For All Extended Play ECM Records
9:20am Ravi Coltrane Solar Sax Storm Grand Central Evidence
9:16am Terence Blanchard Man with the Golden Arm Jazz In Film Sony Classical
9:09am Andy Haas The Rush to Buy Heaven Taballah Resonantmusic N
9:06am Hadouk Quartet Danse Des Lutins Hadoukly Yours Naive N
9:02am Michael Vlatkovich Always Multitudes Telepathic pfMENTUM N
8:54am Billie Holiday Without Your Love The Billie Holiday Collection 2 Columbia
8:51am Billie Holiday I'll Get By (As Long As I Have You) The Billie Holiday Collection 2 Columbia
8:49am Lester Young Ad Lib Blues Classic Columbia, Okeh and Vocalion Lester Young with Count Basie (1936-40) Mosaic
8:47am Lester Young Pound Cake Classic Columbia, Okeh and Vocalion Lester Young with Count Basie (1936-40) Mosaic
8:44am Lester Young The Apple Jump Classic Columbia, Okeh and Vocalion Lester Young with Count Basie (1936-40) Mosaic
8:41am Lester Young Way Down Yonder in New Orleans The Commodore Story Commodore
8:38am Lester Young Destination K. C. The Essential Keynote Collection 1 Keynote
8:25am Von Freeman Darn That Dream The Improvisor Premonition Records
8:18am George Freeman I Wish I Knew Rebellion Southport
8:11am David Boykin Trio Blue Lotus Live At Dorchester Projects Sonic Healing Ministries
8:07am Ernest Dawkins' New Horizons Ensemble Turtle Island Dance Jo'burg Jump Delmark Records
7:53am Alan Chan Jazz Orchestra Moving to a New Capital Shrimp Tale Crown Heights N
7:45am Bobby Broom Just One of Those Things My Shining Hour Origin Records N
7:36am Ken Aldcroft Zum Schneider One Sunday Trio Records and Productions N
7:30am Farmers By Nature The Green City Love and Ghosts AUM Fidelity N

08/27/2014 | 5:00AM-7:30AM | Jazz Playlist | DJ: Alain D | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label New
7:20am Jason Roebke Octet High / Red / Center High Red Center Delmark Records N
7:11am Ivo Perelman - Karl Berger Reverie Reverie Leo Records N
7:04am Keefe Jackson's Likely So Neither Spin nor Weave A Round Goal Delmark Records N
6:53am Wadada Leo Smith Lake Ontario The Great Lakes Suites TUM Records N
6:46am Marilyn Crispell & Raymond MacDonald Notes in the Sky Parallel Moments Babel N
6:39am Darius Jones - Matthew Shipp Gardens of Yivaroth The Darkseid Recital AUM Fidelity N
6:29am Kalle Kalima & K-18 El Padre Bunuel de Jour TUM Records N
6:23am Pete Robbins Wichita Lineman Pyramid Hate Laugh Music N
6:15am Tarbaby Black Skin White Mask Fanon RogueArt N
6:05am Hal Russell NRG Ensemble + Charles Tyler Sponge Generation Nessa Records
5:56am The Thing India Boot! The Thing Records N
5:47am Phil Haynes Last Dance No Fast Food CornerStoreJazz N
5:38am Marc Ribot Trio The Wizard Live At The Village Vanguard Pi Recordings N
5:29am Michael Musillami Trio Uncle Fino's Garden Pride Playscape Recordings N
5:15am Nicole Mitchell's Sonic Projections Secret Assignment The Secret Escapades Of Velvet Anderson RogueArt N
5:02am Ingird Laubrock Octet Chant Zurich Concert Intakt Records N

08/26/2014 | 9:00PM-10:00PM | WNUR Handpicked Playlist | DJ: SYNTH U BEEN GONE | Title: Popol Vuh? Popol You! | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label
9:52pm Popul Vuh Vuh In Den Garten Pharaos Pilz
9:34pm Popul Vuh In Den Garten Pharaos In Den Garten Pharaos Pilz
9:27pm Popol Vuh Aguirre I Lacrima Di Rei Popol Vuh: Revisited & Remixed 1970-1999 SPV Recordings
9:07pm Popol Vuh Affenstunde Affenstunde Liberty

08/26/2014 | 6:30PM-9:00PM | Rock Playlist | DJ: Mariam & Emai | Link

Start Artist Track Album
9:02pm Chicago Afrobeat Project Talking Bush Chicago Afrobeat Project
8:50pm Twilight Swarming Funeral Mass III: Beneath Trident's Tomb
8:35pm William Hooker + Thurston Moore Sirius Part 1 - Wheels William Hooker Duets With Thurston Moore And Elliott Sharp
8:34pm Hall, Ranaldo, and Hooker H2 Oasis of Whispers
8:28pm Ciccone Youth Macbeth The Whitey Album
8:22pm Free Kitten Never Gonna Sleep Sentimental Education
8:14pm Boredoms Super Are Super Ae
8:07pm John Zorn & Yamataka Eye Shiso Baba Nani Nani II
7:55pm Cave Fames The Last Book
7:55pm Cave Bellum The Last Book
7:51pm Cave Pestilentia The Last Book
7:47pm The Jesus Lizard Lady Shoes Bang
7:45pm Mike Hagedorn Feelers The Driver
7:31pm David Grubbs Act Five, Scene One Pt.4 Act Five Scene One
7:26pm Boris Hauf Soft Left Onto Wasteland Soft Left Onto Westland
7:22pm Illium track 4 Paint By Number
7:14pm Jack the Dog Gloria Missa Canibus
7:12pm Weasel Walter, Henry Kaiser, Charles Noyes Jazz Daimyo Ninja Star Danger Rock
7:06pm KKRampage Drowsy death episode pt.2 Anesthetize and Degrade
7:00pm Glenn Kotche Projection of (What) Might Mobile
6:55pm A Light Sleeper Are You now Or Have You ever Been No Sudden Movements
6:50pm Loftus Nervous Loftus
6:41pm Lozenge grychchyng&grunting Undone
6:33pm Mountains Below Sewn

08/26/2014 | 4:00PM-6:30PM | Rock Playlist | DJ: Danielle Pierre & Jenna Powell-Malloy | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label
6:10pm Keiji Haino Execration That Accept to Acknowledge Execration That Accept to Acknowledge
6:02pm Iannix Xenakis Otomo Yoshihide Persepolis Remixes Edition Asphodel LTD
5:54pm The For Carnation Emp. Man's Blues s/t Touch And Go
5:52pm Tamlon 12 Inch Let's Suffer Let's Suffer Ersatz Audio
5:44pm Tim Terhaar Drunken Round Dance Demo 3
5:41pm Telephone Jim Jesus Bathroom Mirror A Point Too Far To Astronaut... Anticon
5:39pm Team Genius Take Me Home s/t
5:23pm Soft Machine Hope for Happiness Middle Earth Masters Cuneiform
5:20pm Tartufi If We had Daggers They Would Fly Us Upon Buildings Upon Us
5:06pm Talibam! Talibam! s/t Evolving Ear Records
5:00pm Snowmine Columbus Dialects Redeye
4:47pm Terrestrial Tones Car Fumes/The Sailor Dead Drunk Paw Tracks
4:43pm Hamster Theatre What Makes You Think This is a Good Place to Bring a Date?/Les Funfs Carnival Detournement Cuneiform Records
4:39pm Bruce Haack Mean Old Devil Electric Lucifer Book 2 Q.D.K. Media
4:40pm Wolf Eyes & Black Dice Side B Wolf Eyes & Black Dice
4:23pm Matmos Last Delicious Cigarette The West Deluxe
4:20pm Idaho Segue #5 & 6 People Like Us Should Be Stopped Live Volume One Idaho Music
4:14pm Petra Haden Look Both Ways Before You Cross/Cuckoo Clock/Bach: Prelude No. 2 in C Minor Imaginaryland WIN Records
4:10pm Lee Dorsey Yaya Holy Cow! Arista

08/26/2014 | 11:30AM-2:00PM | Rock Playlist | DJ: Prophet on The Burning Shore | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label
1:31pm Phil Lesh & Friends Jam > Shakedown Street 2006-07-09 Bethel Woods
1:15pm Phil Lesh & Friends Slipknot 1999-04-16 The Warfield
1:09pm Phil Lesh & Friends Help On The Way > 1999-04-16 The Warfield
1:03pm The Grateful Dead Playing In The Band Grateful Dead Warner Bros.
12:57pm The Grateful Dead I Know You Rider 1971-04-05 Manhattan Center
12:52pm The Grateful Dead China Cat Sunflower > 1971-04-05 Manhattan Center
12:42pm The Grateful Dead Cosmic Charlie 1969-02-27 Fillmore West
12:33pm The Grateful Dead Cryptical Envelopment 1969-02-27 Fillmore West
12:24pm The Grateful Dead Drums > The Other One > 1969-02-27 Fillmore West
12:22pm The Grateful Dead Cryptical Envelopment > 1969-02-27 Fillmore West
12:11pm The Grateful Dead The Eleven 1968-08-23 Shrine Auditorium
12:07pm The Grateful Dead St. Stephen > 1968-08-23 Shrine Auditorium
11:57am The Grateful Dead Caution (Do Not Stop On The Tracks) 1966-02-25 Ivar Theater
11:51am The Grateful Dead I'm A King Bee > 1966-02-25 Ivar Theater
11:48am The Grateful Dead I Know You Rider 1966-02-25 Ivar Theater
11:47am The Grateful Dead On The Road Again 1966-02-25 Ivar Theater

08/26/2014 | 7:30AM-10:00AM | Jazz Playlist | DJ: Stephen Ptacek | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label
9:48am Albert Ayler 2 SME 1,2 Affinity
9:47am Fred Anderson Quartet Best Time of Life Live at the Velvet Lounge Volume III Asian Improv Records
9:27am Tom Buckner, Joelle Leandre, Nicole Mitchell Take 9a Bass and Voice, Take 10a Trio Flowing Stream Leo
9:10am Jean Michelle Jarre Oxygene Oxygene Polydor
9:03am Chapelier Fou Animaux flexibles Chapelier Fou Lci d' aillieurs
8:52am Fred Anderson Quartet Postive Changes Live at the Velvet Lounge Volume III Asian Improv Records
8:47am Gil Scott-Heron Who'll Pay Reparations on my Soul? A New Black Poet Small Talk at 125th and Lenox Flying Dutchman
8:38am Ornette Coleman Check Out Time "Love Call" Blue Note
8:37am Gil Scott-Heron and Brian Jackson A Prayer for Everybody/To Be Free Secrets Arista
8:25am KLANG Shevitz's Dream other doors Allos Documents
8:21am Yusef Lateef Opus Pt II, This Old Building Hush 'N Thunder Atlantic
8:16am Jodie Christian Trio Chicago Delta Blues Reminiscing Delmark
8:04am Nat Baldwin Bored to Death, A Good Day To Die In The Hollows Western Vinyl
8:04am Fred Lonberg-Holm Trio I Know You Terminal Valentine Atavistic
7:41am Yusef Lateef Prayer, Sunset, His Eye is on the Sparrow, Hush 'N Thunder Atlantic
7:30am New Directions of the Afro Blues Quintet Plus One 3/4/5/4/7/2 New Directions of the Afro Blues Quintet Plus One Mira

08/25/2014 | 6:30PM-9:00PM | Rock Playlist | DJ: Camille M, Alye M | Link

Start Artist Track Album
8:58pm The Woolies Who Do You Love Nuggets
8:50pm The Spiders Love is the Way Back
8:49pm The Nightcrawlers Little Black Egg Nuggets
8:47pm Antenna Seaside Weekend Seaside Weekend
8:43pm The Rolling Stones The Spider and the Fly
8:30pm Ant-Bee Evolution 7 Pure Electric Honey
8:20pm Deafheaven Dream House Sunbather
8:18pm Spider Legs Leg One Spider Legs
8:12pm Fuzzbox Love is the Slug Bostin Steve Austin
8:10pm The Who Boris the Spider A Quick One
8:04pm The Spiders Now` Back
8:02pm The Bees Voices Green and Purple Nuggets
8:00pm Spider Virus How'd You Get So Real Spider Virus
7:39pm Severed Heads Gashing the Old Mae West Gashing the Old Mae West
7:31pm The Herbaliser Gadget Funk The Herbaliser
7:28pm Holy F*ck Safari Holy F*ck LP
7:24pm Schlong Pooploops Vs. Barney No Idea Fanzine 11
7:21pm Bedlam Hour Get Off (The Drugs) Rock The Cradle
7:15pm All Just Living Allroy Saves
7:09pm Less than Jake Liquor Store No Idea Fanzine 11
7:08pm Bl'ast! Time To Think The Power Of Expression
7:03pm Bewitched Crank Call Brain Eraser
7:00pm The Bevis Frond Lord Pentiful Reflects Any Gas Faster
6:54pm Honeybunch Candy Breath Time Trials 1987-1995
6:50pm Starlight Mints Sir Prize The Dream That Stuff Was Made Of
6:47pm Sam the Sham and the Pharohs Wooly Bully Nuggets
6:45pm Big Boys Funk Off Wrecking Collection
6:40pm Bongwater Psychedelic Sewing Room Too Much Sleep
6:38pm Heavy Hands She Got It Smoke Signals

08/25/2014 | 4:00PM-6:30PM | Rock Playlist | DJ: Brian Campbell | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label
6:12pm Mediafired selections The Pathway Through Whatever Beer on the Rug
5:58pm Jason Lescallet My Dreams Are Dogs That Bite Me Much to My Demise Kye
5:54pm James Ferraro Memory Theater Marble Surf New Age Tapes
5:27pm BEBETUNE$ selections INHALE C - 4 $$$$$
5:08pm The Dismemberment Plan What Do you Want Me To Say? Emergency & I Barsuk Records
5:07pm Tim Tuten interview
4:27pm Aphex Twin Rhubarb (slowed down) n/a n/a
4:26pm The Handsome Family So Much Wine In The Air Fargo Records

08/25/2014 | 12:00PM-2:00PM | Rock Playlist | DJ: Prophet on The Burning Shore | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label
1:48pm The Grateful Dead Playing In The Band 1974-08-06 Roosevelt Stadium, NJ
1:39pm The Grateful Dead Scarlet Begonias > 1974-08-06 Roosevelt Stadium, NJ
1:17pm The Grateful Dead Playing In The Band > 1974-08-06 Roosevelt Stadium, NJ
12:56pm The Grateful Dead Eyes Of The World 1974-08-06 Roosevelt Stadium, NJ
12:43pm The Grateful Dead Terrapin Station 1977-02-26 Swing Auditorium
12:37pm The Grateful Dead New Speedway Boogie Workingman's Dead Warner Bros. Records
12:31pm The Grateful Dead Box Of Rain American Beauty Warner Bros. Records
12:30pm Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Everbody I love You Deja Vu
12:24pm Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Country Girl Deja Vu
12:24pm Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young 4 + 20 Deja Vu
12:16pm The Grateful Dead Cosmic Charlie Aoxomoxoa Warner Bros. Records
12:14pm The Grateful Dead China Cat Sunflower Aoxomoxoa Warner Bros. Records
12:04pm The Allman Brother Band Stormy Monday At Fillmore East Capricorn

08/25/2014 | 10:00AM-12:00PM | Jazz Playlist | DJ: Art Lange Peter Kostakis | Title: Writers' Bloc | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label New
11:51am Ike Turner & His Kings of Rhythm Prancin' Ike's Instrumentals Ace
11:49am Piron's New Orleans Orchestra Ghost of the Blues Breaking Out Of New Orleans 1923-27 JSP
11:45am Sankofa Strings Black-Eye Blues Carolina Chocolate Drops Presents Colored Aristocracy Music Maker
11:42am Canned Heat Turpentine Moan Canned Heat/Boogie With Canned Heat BGO
11:38am Paris Reunion Band The Man From Potter's Field "For Klook" Gazell
11:35am Thore Jederby Irritation Blues Jazz Groups 1940-48 Dragon
11:31am Melvin Taylor & The Slack Band Depression Blues Melvin Taylor & The Slack Band Evidence
11:28am Sleepy John Estes 3:00 Morning Blues Broke And Hungry Delmark
11:17am Ivo Perelman Big Bang Swing The Other Edge Leo N
11:12am Joe Henderson Opus-One-Point-Five Power To The People Milestone
11:03am Billy Bang / Shoji Hano Track One Four Seasons Heart Lord Studio (cdbaby)
11:00am Chris Speed Trio Part III Iffy Knitting Factory Works
10:53am Derek Bailey Pie guitar, drums 'n' bass Avant
10:47am Bob & Ray Giraffe Collector's Club The Lost Episodes, Volume Four RadioArt
10:43am I Compani Circo Snap Luna Triste BV Haast Records
10:41am Rova Saxophone Quartet 3 x 30 degrees Each This, This, This, This Moers Music
10:36am Jaki Byard European Episode The Late Show: Live At The Keystone Korner, Vol. 3 HighNote N
10:31am Lin Halliday Quartet Airegin Airegin Delmark
10:21am Anthony Braxton / Stewart Gillmor Ain't Gonna Give Nobody None of My Jelly Roll 14 Compositions (Traditional) 1996 Leo
10:18am Hal Russell NRG Ensemble Sinus Up Generation Nessa
10:13am Tony Scott / Pee Wee Russell Love Is Just Around the Corner 52nd Street Scene Coral
10:06am John Carter & Bobby Bradford Quartet Abstractions For Three Lovers Flight For Four International Phonograph Inc.
10:03am World Saxophone Quartet Fast Life Dances And Ballads Elektra Nonesuch
10:00am Bing Crosby and Buddy Bregman Heat Wave Bing Sings Whilst Bregman Swings Verve

08/25/2014 | 7:30AM-10:00AM | Jazz Playlist | DJ: Stann | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label New
9:51am Gerald Clayton Alone Together Parlor Series Artist Share N
9:46am astrud gilberto vera cruz asrtrud gilberto with stanley turrentine columbia
8:30am astrud gilberto brazilian tapestry astrud gilberto with stanley turrentine columbia
8:29am chico hamilton that boy with that long hair the further adventures of el chico Impulse!
8:28am chico hamilton manila the further adventures of el chico Impulse!
8:27am nicole mitchell the inevitable intergalatic beings ffe
8:22am gato barbieri india the impulse story Impulse!
8:21am alice coltrane jorney in satchidananda journey in satchidananda Impulse!
8:19am john coltrane out of this world coltrane impulse
8:17am mccot tyner contemplation the real mccoy blue note
8:15am mccoy tyner search for peace the real mccoy Blue Note
8:15am miles davis the sorcerer sorcerer Columbia
8:13am miles davis nothing like you sorcerer Columbia
8:11am charlie parker embraceable you ken burns jazz Verve Records
8:09am charlie parker orinthology ken burns jazz Verve Records
8:06am Darius Jones/Matthew Shipp Divine Engine The Darkseid Recital AUM Fidelity N
7:53am Chuck Webb Armando's Rhumba No Smoke No Mirrors Chuckwebbmusic N
7:45am Monte Alexander/Ernest Ranglin Nightwork Rocksteady Telarc
7:40am Etienne Charles Turn your lights down low Creole Soul Culture Shock N
7:34am Steely Dan Janie Runaway 2 against Nature Giant
7:33am Ken Aldcroft 52nd Street Theme Music of Thelonious monk Trio Records and Productions N

08/25/2014 | 5:00AM-7:30AM | Jazz Playlist | DJ: Mike Corsa | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label New
7:27am Malachi Thompson Some Freebop for Monk Timeline Delmark Records
7:21am Andy Haas Lapsed Dance Taballah Resonantmusic N
7:15am Barre Phillips / Bertram Turetzky / Vinny Golia Confirmation of Judgement Trignition 9 Winds
6:59am Nana Simopoulos Pulcie's Dance Wings and Air ENJA Records
6:53am Marty Ehrlich's Dark Woods Ensemble Dance No. 1 Just Before The Dawn New World Records
6:46am Fred Anderson Saxoon Black Horn Long Gone Southport Records
6:35am Hanuman Jazz Quartet Retreat Soundhousing Leo Records N
6:29am Ye Ren Ante Up Another Shining Path Drimala Records
6:20am Sabir Mateen, Matthew Heyner, David Nuss Dance 4 Your Inner Self Light Comes Front The Front Sound@One
6:15am Fly! Fly! Fly! Fly! Fly! Timing The Sight Accurately Self Rule Fire & Flux Records
6:09am Owl Xounds The Afflicted Interest Teenagers From Mars Mad Monk
6:01am Free Nelson MandoomJazz Into The Sky The Shape Of Doomjazz To Come / Saxophone Giganticus RareNoise Records N
5:51am Everyman Band The Mummy Club Everyman Band ECM Records
5:39am Perelman | Shipp | Bisio | Dickey Desert Flower The Other Edge Leo Records N
5:33am Starlicker Skull Cave Double Demon Delmark Records
5:16am Prima Materia Brazilia Peace On Earth (Music Of John Coltrane) Knitting Factory Works
5:06am Amir ElSaffar Nid Qablitum Alchemy Pi Recordings N
5:00am Greg Osby Enteruption Inner Circle Blue Note

08/24/2014 | 4:00PM-5:00PM | Lotus Beat Playlist | DJ: Grishma & Jalpa | Link

Start Artist Track Album
4:58pm Akele Hum Akele Tum Akele Hum Akele Tum
4:48pm Chalte Chalte Mohabbatein
4:47pm Asie Na Dekho Raanjhanaa
4:44pm Aaj Mera Jee Karda Monsoon Wedding
4:44pm Yeh Mehndi Ke Boote Humko Tumse Pyaar Hai
4:43pm Neeli Neeli Khili Hili Si Duniya Jalpari
4:32pm Party on Mind Race 2
4:26pm Phoolo Ka Taro Ka Hare Ram Hare Krishna
4:13pm Na Me Boli Love in Bombay
4:13pm Naughty Naughty Bhadaas
4:12pm Sun Le Re Madras Cafe
4:11pm Mayang Dhoom 3

08/24/2014 | 12:00PM-4:00PM | Both Kinds Playlist | DJ: Al Finley | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label
3:55pm Tom Harrell I Don't Know Visions Contemporary Records
3:48pm Gary Burton & Friends Invitation Six Pack GRP
3:43pm Gary Burton & Friends Anthem Six Pack GRP
3:37pm Gary Burton & Friends Six Pack Six Pack GRP
3:28pm Terence Blanchard On The Sunny Side Of The Street Let's Get Lost Sony Classical
3:19pm George Freeman Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho Rebellion Southport
3:13pm Howard Alden & George Van Eps Skylark Seven and Seven Concord Jazz
3:04pm Ernest Dawkins Fred's Blues Chicago 12: A Black Op' era Sons d'hiver
2:57pm Deep Blue Organ Trio Willow Weep For Me Deep Blue Bruise Delmark Records
2:52pm Erwin Helfer Chick Shack Erwin Helfer Way The Sirens Records
2:44pm Elvis Presley Good Rockin' Tonight Sunrise RCA
2:41pm Wynonie Harris Good Rockin' Tonight Rockin' The Blues Proper Records Ltd.
2:39pm Wynonie Harris Everybody Boogie Everybody Boogie! Delmark Records
2:36pm Wynonie Harris Wynonie's Blues Everybody Boogie! Delmark Records
2:30pm Wynonie Harris Around The Clock, Pt. 1 & 2 Rockin' The Blues Proper Records Ltd.
2:28pm Wynonie Harris Who Threw The Whiskey In The Well Rockin' The Blues Proper Records Ltd.
2:22pm Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup Any Old Way You Do Meets the Master Blues Bassists Delmark Records
2:19pm Arthur Crudup Look On Yonder Wall That's All Right (Mama) Relic Records Productions, Inc.
2:16pm Arthur Crudup That's All Right (Mama) That's All Right (Mama) Relic Records Productions, Inc.
2:14pm Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup My Baby Left Me That's All Right Mama Bluebird
2:11pm Arthur 'Big Boy' Crudup That's Alright That's All Right Mama Bluebird
2:08pm Elvis Presley That's Alright Mama Sunrise RCA
2:03pm Johnny Rivers Chicago Bound Last Train to Memphis Soul City Records, Inc.
1:59pm Kermit Ruffins The Big Butter & Egg Man The Big Butter & Egg Man Justice Records
1:53pm Alejandro Escoveda Bottom of the World Big Station Fantasy/Concord Music Group, Inc.
1:49pm Joe Ely Cool Rockin' Loretta B484 Rack'em Records
1:42pm Danielia Cotton Rare Child Rare Child Cottontown Records
1:39pm The Dutchess and The Duke Sunrise/Sunset Sunset / Sunrise Hardly Art
1:34pm Corky Siegel's Traveling Chamber Blues Show! Train Corky Siegel's Traveling Chamber Blues Show! Alligator Records and Artist Mgmt., Inc.
1:25pm Corky Siegel's Traveling Chamber Blues Show! Five Planets In Harmonica Convergence Corky Siegel's Traveling Chamber Blues Show! Alligator Records and Artist Mgmt., Inc.
1:18pm Corky Siegel's Chamber Blues Insecurity Corky Siegel's Chamber Blues Alligator Records and Artist Mgmt, Inc.
1:09pm John Cowan Can't You Hear Me Callin' The Massenburg Sessions E1 Music
1:07pm John Cowan Caldonia The Massenburg Sessions E1 Music
12:58pm John Cowan I Found A Love Soul'd Out! Sugar Hill Records
12:54pm John Cowan When A Man Loves A Woman Soul'd Out! Sugar Hill Records
12:49pm John Cowan Here I Am Soul'd Out! Sugar Hill Records
12:45pm New Grass Revival Can't Stop Now Grass Roots: The Best Of New Grass Revival Capitol Records Nashville
12:41pm New Grass Revival Hold To A Dream Hold To A Dream Capitol Records
12:37pm New Grass Revival Angel Eyes Friday Night In America Capitol Records
12:34pm New Grass Revival Callin' Baton Rouge Friday Night In America Capitol Records
12:30pm New Grass Revival Good Woman's Love Grass Roots: The Best Of New Grass Revival Capitol Records Nashville
12:21pm Uncle Tupelo Acuff-Rose Anodyne Sire

08/24/2014 | 8:00AM-10:00AM | Gospel Playlist | DJ: Praise & Worship Hours | Link

Start Artist Track
9:53am Fred Hammond Thank You(I Won't Complain)
9:48am Mississippi Mass Choir God's on your side
9:44am John P Kee & New Life Community Choir Grateful
9:43am Tye Tribbett He Turned It
9:43am Ben Tankard Ain't No Stoppin us Now
9:43am 21:03 Win Favor Remix
9:19am God's Property Faith
9:19am Jessica Reedy Put it on the Altar
9:19am Cynthia Jones Happy Birthday
8:54am Canton Spirituals Keep Knocking
8:50am Doc McKenzie & the Hi-Lites What a Friend
8:43am New Direction Peace
8:32am Hezekiah Walker I Feel Your Spirit
8:27am Pastor Galen Leverette & The Greater House of Prayer Combined Choir Greater Works
8:19am Bishop Trotter & Sweet Holy Spirit Whatever I expect
8:18am Byron Cage I Can't Hold It
8:12am Beverly Crawford Sweeping Through the City
8:08am Mary Mary Sunday Morning
7:59am Jennifer Holliday This Day

08/24/2014 | 6:00AM-8:00AM | Gospel Playlist | DJ: Wendy Pulliam-Leighton w/ Sunday Morning Rise | Link

Start Artist Track New
7:51am Darwin Hobbs Everyday
7:48am Donnie McClurking feat. Ty Tribbett Victorious
7:44am Rod McGaha Amazing Grace
7:31am DeWayne Woods I Will Never Be The Same
7:28am Wayne Barrett Take It Away
7:23am Tasha Page-Lockhart Different
7:16am Donald Lawrence Spiritual
7:12am Latisha Lee Breath of God Mag Spirit Controlled Mind
7:00am Kirk Whalum The Name
6:56am Ben Tankard Everything Is Gonna Be Alright
6:51am Mark Bunney Coming Soon N
6:48am Cynthia Jones Happy Birthday
6:34am Stephanie Higgins Garrett I'll Give It All Up for You N
6:30am Dee Landers Imagine Being Me N
6:25am Brian Courtney Wilson All I Need
6:21am Bryan A. Wilson Turning Away N
6:19am Dorothy Collins Spirit of God Descend Upon My Heart
6:19am Pastor Daryl Coley He That Dwelleth
6:18am Curtis Price, Jr. Theme to Sunday Morning Rise
6:18am Soul Tempo The Lord's Prayer
6:18am William Murphy It's Working

08/23/2014 | 10:00PM-11:00PM | Freeform Playlist | DJ: K-Sound | Link

Start Artist Track Album
10:52pm Yoon Jong Shin Red Bean Shaved Ice Shade
10:49pm Turbo Our Heaven New Sensation
10:44pm Clon Kung Da Ri Sha Ba La Are You Ready?
10:41pm BoA Atlantis Princess Atlantis Princess
10:36pm DJ DOC Summer Story DJ DOC Summer
10:31pm Turtle Airplane Buy A Turtle!!
10:26pm Five Fingers Balloon Music With Essays 2
10:22pm Lee Jung Hyun Summer Dance Summer Party! (Special Album)
10:17pm Deux In This Summer DEUX Forever
10:14pm UP Sea Second Birth
10:08pm Cool Summer Forever
10:04pm IU Summer Night's Dream Flower
9:59pm MC Mong Ice cream The Way I Am

08/23/2014 | 1:00PM-4:00PM | Classical and Beyond Playlist | DJ: Theron Humiston | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label
3:51pm Beat Moon Dinner is West Saros BiBimBopy Music
3:30pm Nils BUltmann 10 Viola Duets Troubadour Blue Innova
3:00pm Deep Listening Band Kamakura Looking Back ZA Discs
2:45pm David Watson Dexter Fingering an Idea XI Records
1:43pm Robert Helps Quartet Complete Works for Piano, Vol. 2 Albany
1:05pm Thomas Albert Thirteen Ways Thirteen Ways Cedille Records
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