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Time Tuesday
  • Rock
  • Kristian
  • Sunday, April 7th, 2013
  • 11:30PM - 6:00AM
  • Playlist
  • Jazz
  • Joe G
  • Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013
  • 5:00AM - 7:30AM
  • Playlist
  • Jazz
  • Alain D
  • Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013
  • 5:00AM - 7:30AM
  • Playlist
  • Jazz
  • DJ Jazzy L
  • Thursday, April 4th, 2013
  • 5:00AM - 7:30AM
  • Playlist
  • Jazz
  • Seth
  • Friday, April 5th, 2013
  • 5:00AM - 7:30AM
  • Playlist
  • Jazz
  • Mike Corsa
  • Monday, April 8th, 2013
  • 5:00AM - 7:30AM
  • Playlist
  • Freeform
  • Ron Lewis
  • Saturday, April 6th, 2013
  • 6:00AM - 7:00AM
  • Playlist
  • Gospel
  • Wendy Pulliam-Leighton
  • Sunday, April 7th, 2013
  • 6:00AM - 8:00AM
  • Playlist
  • Jazz
  • Stephen Ptacek
  • Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013
  • 7:30AM - 10:00AM
  • Playlist
  • Jazz
  • John
  • Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013
  • 7:30AM - 10:00AM
  • Playlist
  • Jazz
  • David M.
  • Thursday, April 4th, 2013
  • 7:30AM - 9:30AM
  • Playlist
  • Jazz
  • Flavian Wallis
  • Friday, April 5th, 2013
  • 7:30AM - 10:00AM
  • Playlist
  • Jazz
  • Stann
  • Monday, April 8th, 2013
  • 7:30AM - 10:00AM
  • Playlist
  • Gospel
  • Gospel Show
  • Sunday, April 7th, 2013
  • 8:00AM - 10:00AM
  • Playlist
  • Jazz
  • Marv Goldsher
  • Thursday, April 4th, 2013
  • 10:00AM - 12:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Jazz
  • Eric Ricks
  • Friday, April 5th, 2013
  • 10:00AM - 12:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Folk
  • Sue Kessell
  • Sunday, April 7th, 2013
  • 10:00AM - 11:30AM
  • Playlist
  • Jazz
  • Art Lange Peter Kostakis
  • Monday, April 8th, 2013
  • 10:00AM - 12:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Continental Drift
  • Svyat N
  • Thursday, April 4th, 2013
  • 12:00PM - 1:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Continental Drift
  • Jessica Peng
  • Friday, April 5th, 2013
  • 12:00PM - 2:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Continental Drift
  • Serene D
  • Thursday, April 4th, 2013
  • 1:00PM - 2:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Rock
  • Danielle P.
  • Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013
  • 2:00PM - 4:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Rock
  • Eileen + Paul + Harlynn = <3
  • Thursday, April 4th, 2013
  • 2:00PM - 4:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Rock
  • Jay & Brian
  • Friday, April 5th, 2013
  • 2:00PM - 4:00PM
  • Playlist
  • R and B Flashback
  • Eric Ricks
  • Sunday, April 7th, 2013
  • 2:00PM - 3:30PM
  • Playlist
  • Rock
  • Jacob Skaggs
  • Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013
  • 4:00PM - 6:30PM
  • Playlist
  • Rock
  • Ethan + Lily + Ryan
  • Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013
  • 4:00PM - 6:30PM
  • Playlist
  • Rock
  • Green Eggs and Jams &Picture Us Naked
  • Thursday, April 4th, 2013
  • 4:00PM - 9:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Airplay
  • Matt
  • Friday, April 5th, 2013
  • 4:00PM - 7:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Airplay
  • Matt
  • Saturday, April 6th, 2013
  • 4:00PM - 7:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Lotus Beat
  • Jalpa
  • Sunday, April 7th, 2013
  • 4:00PM - 6:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Rock
  • Jason, Alina, Zach, Ted
  • Monday, April 8th, 2013
  • 4:00PM - 6:30PM
  • Playlist
  • Rock
  • Peter + Caitlin
  • Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013
  • 6:30PM - 9:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Rock
  • Gillian and Jason
  • Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013
  • 6:30PM - 9:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Freeform
  • gbuzzard
  • Sunday, April 7th, 2013
  • 6:30PM - 8:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Hidden Forms
  • stats
  • Saturday, April 6th, 2013
  • 7:00PM - 9:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Rock
  • Jenna & John
  • Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013
  • 9:00PM - 10:00PM
  • Playlist
  • WNUR Handpicked
  • Ash
  • Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013
  • 9:00PM - 10:00PM
  • Playlist
  • WNUR Handpicked
  • Kimberly
  • Monday, April 8th, 2013
  • 9:00PM - 10:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Rock
  • Kristian
  • Saturday, April 6th, 2013
  • 11:30PM - 6:00AM
  • Playlist

Recent Playlists

10/22/2014 | 6:30PM-9:00PM | Rock Playlist | DJ: Zach & Alye w/ Paul | Link

Start Artist Track Album
8:52pm Geoffrey Stoner Delta Lady Watch Out!
8:48pm Richard Barone The Man Who Sold Out Cool Blue Halo
8:48pm The Velvet Underground Sister Ray White Light/White Heat
8:29pm The Misfits Skulls Walk Among Us
8:18pm Nico Heroes Drama of Exile
8:18pm The Fugs Cold War No More Slavery
8:05pm Suicide Hot Ticket Y B Blue
7:59pm Stephen Radar of Small Dogs Spins You 'Round
7:57pm Tycho Adrift Tycho
7:57pm The High Dials Our Time Is Gonna Come War of the Waking Phantoms
7:56pm This Moment in Black History Tony, You Owe Me The Cleveland Finger EP
7:56pm Government Issue Another Day Crash
7:55pm Tortoise TNT TNT
7:20pm Liquid Liquid Lock Groove Successive Reflexes
7:15pm Grandchildren/Rad Racket Track 4 Cold Warrior
7:13pm The 13th Floor Elevators You're Gonna Miss Me The 13th Floor Elevators
7:12pm Talibam! Jim O'Rourke Boogie in the Breeze Blocks
7:01pm Spiritualized Cool Waves Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space
6:55pm Silver Apples Program Silver Apples
6:52pm Spiritualized Electricity Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space
6:52pm Surface of Eceton Victory of Ice and Magyk dragyyn
6:36pm Kraftwerk Elektrisches Roulette/Tongebirge/Kristallo Ralf and Florian

10/22/2014 | 4:00PM-6:30PM | Rock Playlist | DJ: St | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label
4:05pm Filastine Sound Swarm/The Bike Bloc Disobedient Objects (Art Exhibition)
4:01pm Fuck Track 3
4:00pm Raymond Scott Lightworks Instrumental Electronium: A Complete Guide to Audio Composition
3:56pm Dreamcrusher (Godless Chic) Suicide Deluxe
3:52pm Idaho Grown in California The Lone Gunman Retrophonic
3:51pm Splatter Trio Peter Herley Pt. IV 3 + N Rastacan
3:41pm Nervous Germans Inside Outside Nervosen Deutschen Shatter Records
3:37pm Seefeel Filter Dub Quique Shatter Records
3:26pm Ariel Kalma Les Temps de Moissons (1975, Part 1)
3:24pm Fennesz Paint It Black Plays Moikai
3:24pm Three Mile Pilot Androsyn The Chief Assassin to the Sinister
3:20pm Bruckman/Rosenberg/Zerang Knistern; Prasseln Six Synaptics Barely Auditable
3:10pm Luigi Grandi Cavalli + Acciaio Futurism & Dada Reviewed Sub Rosa
2:59pm Ikeda Ryoji Track 7 Zero Degrees Celsius
2:50pm Hot Troche Oka Yopaakuyu With Me Illegal Art
2:46pm Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band When I See Mommy I Feel Like A Mummy Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller) Warner Bros. Records
2:41pm Gravenhurst Nicole Fires in Distant Buildings Warp Records
2:33pm John Cale & Terry Riley Church of Anthrax Church of Anthrax Columbia Records
2:26pm Roy Montgomery Down From That Hill and Up to the Pond And Now the Rain Sounds Like Life is Falling Through It Drunken Fish
2:18pm Splinters Hot Sprocket Metal Petals Woodson Lateral
2:10pm John Zorn Halisah Masada IW Records
2:00pm Floored by Floor Dougie Chimera Music IV

10/22/2014 | 4:00PM-6:30PM | Rock Playlist | DJ: Jack C & Jessie D | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label
6:17pm DJ Shadow What Does Your Soul Look Like (Part 2) What Does Your Soul Look Like Mo Wax
6:11pm DJ Shadow What Does Your Soul Look Like (Part 1) What Does Your Soul Look Like Mo Wax
6:06pm Gyre Know What You Have No Album unsigned
6:00pm Cesaria Evora Nha Cancara Ka Tem Medida Cesaria Tropical Music Records
5:56pm Varttina Lligua llmatar Wicklow Records
5:53pm Lena Willemark Hornlat Nordan ECM Records
5:44pm Soft Machine I Should've Known Middle Earth Masters Cuneiform Records
5:33pm Nass Marrakech Hammeadi Sabil 'a'Salaam Alula Records
5:28pm Sonic Vocalizer Sanzu hiroshi-ultra VIN! Muisc International
5:25pm Filastine Circulate False Notes Loot
4:57pm Slikev Prader Confidenc.In.Duber Hefty Records
4:50pm Sleepy Time Gorilla Museum Sleep is Wrong Grand Opening and Closing Seeland
4:47pm S.E.V.A. in the tiger's mouth S.E.V.A Mush Records
4:32pm That Which Is Planted Give It Some Thought 1032K Passin' Thru Records

10/22/2014 | 1:00PM-2:00PM | Continental Drift Playlist | DJ: Aro-Lambo | Link

Start Artist Track

10/22/2014 | 12:00PM-1:00PM | Continental Drift Playlist | DJ: DJ Broccoli | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label
1:05pm Zongo Junction The Van That Got Away Live at the Bowery Electric
12:48pm Roy Ayers Africa, Center Of The World Africa, Center Of The World Polydor
12:42pm Souljazz Orchestra Agoya Inner Fire Strut Records
12:40pm Shaolin Afronauts Ojo Abemata Follow The Path
12:30pm Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou Ahouli Vou Yelli Echos Hypnotiques Analog Africa
12:24pm William Onyeabor Atomic Bomb Who Is William Onyeabor? Luaka Bop
12:15pm Ebo Taylor Heaven Ebo Taylor Essiebons
12:06pm Fela Kuti Buy Africa London Scene EMI

10/22/2014 | 10:00AM-12:00PM | Jazz Playlist | DJ: Marv Goldsher | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label New
11:54am Bobby Few Continental Jazz Express Few and Far Between Boxholder Records
11:53am Sonny Rollins/John Coltrane Tenor Madness Tennor Madness Prestige '56
11:38am Fats Waller Somebody Sttole My Gal I'm Gonna Sit Right Down Bluebird
11:24am Spin Quartet Camping Lantern In Circles Origin '14 N
11:15am Dawan Muhammad We'll Be Together Again Preachin' To The Choir Lifeforce Jazz '14 N
11:02am Dick Hyman My Funny Valentine ...Plays Variations On Richard Rodgers Jazz Heritage Society
10:54am John Coltrane Bass Blues Traneing In Prestige '58
10:45am Gene Ammons The Happy Blues The Happy Blues Prestige '56
10:26am Hugh Ragin Collective Pictures a rec. music blue note sampler Blue Note '96
10:21am Joey Giardullo Migrations Language Of The Swans Drimala '02
10:17am Keith Jarrett In Front Facing You ECM '71

10/22/2014 | 7:30AM-10:00AM | Jazz Playlist | DJ: John | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label New
10:00am Spontaneous Music Ensemble 2 B Ornette Challenge Emanem
9:49am Gordon Lee with the Mel Brown Septet Machangulo Tuesday Night OA2 N
9:28am Bill Evans - Lee Konitz Quartet Come Rain or Come Shine Together Again Moon
9:21am Oliver Nelson with Eric Dolphy Six and Four Straight Ahead New Jazz
9:17am Eric Revis Hold My Snow Cone In Memory of Things Yet Seen Clean Feed N
9:07am Dave Liebman Love Homage to John Coltrane Owl
9:05am Tomeka Reid Zero Dead Hero Soundtrack to Hairy Who & the Chicago Imagists Corbettvsdempsey N
8:55am Dave Rempis How It Started Spectral Aerophonic N
8:51am Umberto Petrin Dioniso Traces & Ghosts Leo N
8:44am Rank Ensemble Revenge Papilio Noblei Leo N
8:42am Jimmy Smith and Wes Montgomery Milestones Further Adventures of Jimmy and Wes Verve
8:35am Pete Magadini Bones Blues Bones Blues Sackville N
8:26am The Spin Quartet Baiao Atemporal In Circles Origin N
8:19am Hafez Modirzadeh Churnings In Convergence Liberation Pi Recordings N
8:12am Sirone When It's Over Sirone Live Corbettvsdempsey
8:06am Harry Sparnaay God Bless the Child Ladder of Escape 1 Babel
7:54am Peter Lerner My Blues Continuation Origin N
7:45am Sun Ra Arkestra Reflections in Blue Reflections in Blue Black Saint
7:40am Devin Gray Thickets Dirigo Rataplan Skirl N
7:30am The Clarinets Lovescar The Clarinets Skirl N

10/22/2014 | 5:00AM-7:30AM | Jazz Playlist | DJ: Alain D | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label New
7:25am Kris Davis Evidence Massive Threads Thirsty Ear N
7:19am Steve Lehman Octet Segregated and Sequential Mise en Abîme Pi Recordings N
7:12am Tyshawn Sorey Template Alloy Pi Recordings N
7:01am Anna Weber 1994 Simple Skirl Records N
6:56am Blaser - Delbecq - Hemingway Laak Fourth Landscape Nuscope N
6:45am Fred Frith & John Butcher Accommodating The Mess The Natural Order Northern Spy N
6:39am Jason Adasiewicz's Sun Rooms Just Talkin' To Myself From The Region Delmark Records N
6:30am Paul Giallorenzo's GitGo Force Majeure Force Majeure Delmark Records N
6:19am Angles 9 In Our Midst Injuries Clean Feed N
6:07am Joachim Kuhn Heavy Birthday Birthday Edition ACT N
6:03am Oliver Lake Zip Ntu: Point From Which Creation Begins Universal Sound
5:55am Miroslav Vitous Group When Face Gets Pale Miroslav Vitous Group ECM
5:50am Alexander Hawkins Stillness from 37,000 Feet Song Singular Babel Label N
5:43am Herculaneum The Sparrow Herculaneum III Clean Feed
5:30am Ivo Perelman - Karl Berger Pensiveness Reverie Leo Records N
5:19am Connie Crothers Espoir Concert in Paris New Artists N
5:08am Digital Primitives Talking in Tongues Soul Searchin' Hoptscotch Records N
5:02am Charmasson - Gress - Jaume - Rainey Oubliés Fly Baby, Fly! AJMI Series N

10/21/2014 | 6:30PM-9:00PM | Rock Playlist | DJ: Camille M, Aliza A w/ Inbal, Ryan, Conor | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label
8:58pm The Eyes When the Night Falls Nuggets
8:55pm The A-Bones Little Egypt I Was a Teenage Mummy (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Norton Records
8:51pm Os Mutantes Bat Macumba Os Mutantes
8:47pm Red Stuff The New Country Swag Best of Hot Rod Love Skell Records
8:46pm Nazz Open My Eyes Nazz
8:37pm Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. Pink Lady Lemonade (I Wanna Drink You) Live in Occident Detector MP-19
8:32pm Kaleidoscope A Dream for Julie Nuggets from The British Empire Rhino
8:28pm The Count Five My Generation Psychotic Reaction Original Sound Record Co.
8:27pm Tin Tin Manhattan Woman Tin Tin Atco Records
8:21pm The Pretty Things Gonna Find Me A Substitute Get the Picture? Norton Records
8:18pm AKA Do What You Like Those Shocking Shaking Days Now Again Records
8:13pm Iteoremi Nuvola Che Copri Il Sole Iteoremi Comet Records
8:08pm The Cynics On the Run Blue Train Station Skyclad Records
8:07pm Surf Trio Strychnine Here Ain't The Sonics! Popllama/Estrus Records
8:06pm Thirteenth Floor Elevators You're Gonna Miss Me The Psychedelic Sounds of Thirteenth Floor Elevators International Artists Recordings
7:58pm Television Venus Marquee Moon
7:58pm Supersport 2000 17 Braids Supersport 2000 EP boy's life records
7:54pm Patti Smith Space Monkey Easter Arista
7:44pm Television The Dream's Dream Elektra
7:41pm Mantis 199(7)1 Hey Drag City
7:38pm Misfits Skulls Walk Among Us J. Ruby Productions
7:35pm Talking Heads Stay Hungry More Songs About Buildings and Food Sire Records
7:33pm Yukihiro Takahashi Curtains Neuromantic Alfa Records
7:26pm The Tinklers Trees Like to Rot in the Forest Saplings Shimmy-Disc
7:22pm Moondog Rough Terrain Creatures of the Mind Media Sound
7:19pm Cha Cha Cha My Linda Cha Cha Cha with Mr. Flouride Alternative Tentacles Records
7:17pm The Tiki Men Pitcheresque Twelve Dusky Diamonds Hillsdale
7:14pm Soeza Youngs Elastic Constant Founded by Sportsmen and Outlaws Prohibited Records
7:10pm Prolapse Slash/Oblique The Italian Flag Jet Set Records
7:04pm Iggy Pop Rock and Roll Party Party Artista
6:58pm Poster Children Get A Life Junior Citizen Twintone Records
6:53pm Plasmatics Lunacy Metal Priestess Passport Records
6:51pm Beezus 60 Hours Breakfast Was Weird MU
6:47pm Frigg Salmentone Frigg Northside
6:42pm Cappablack Niji's Hierograffiti Sort of Perspective Dutch East India
6:37pm Jaques Higelin I Love The Queen Higglin Saravah
6:34pm Hey Mum Version Louis: Dreams Never Die Austro Mechana

10/21/2014 | 4:00PM-6:30PM | Rock Playlist | DJ: SLIME | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label
6:27pm Blood Farmers Headless Eyes Headless Eyes Resurrection
6:22pm The Residents Adventures of a Troubled Heart Whatever Happened to "Vileness Fats" Ralph
6:22pm Pierre Henry Le couple Messe Pour Le Temps Present Philips
6:14pm Mats Gustafsson Tree Collectors of Bird Note Diskaholics Anonymous Trio Crazy Wisdom
6:03pm The Hanatarash Web Wing 4 Public Bath
5:58pm Guitar Wolf Midnite Blood Pump Loverock Narnack
5:55pm Peleiatan Dance Troupe Sekar Jupun (Gamelan)
5:50pm Imperial Court Ensemble Etenraku (Gagaku)
5:39pm Der Plan Adrenalin lasst das blut kochen Geri Reig und Normalette Surprise Ata Tak
5:34pm Rheingold FanFanFanatisch FanFanFanatisch Welt-Rekord
5:33pm Grauzone Eisbaer Eisbaer Welt-Rekord
5:33pm Zeni Geva Disorganization Freedom Bondage Alternative Tentacles
4:55pm Earth Angel/A Burial at Ornans (Mix) The Penguins/Disembowelment Transcendence into the Peripheral Relapse Records
4:53pm Mono Op Beach Under the Pipal Tree Tzadik
4:53pm OOIOO Kila Kila Kila Kila Kila Kila Thrill Jockey
4:44pm Acid Mothers Temple and the Melting Paraiso UFO Universe of Romance New Geocentric World Squealer
4:42pm Orange Roughies Knuckle Sandwich Knuckle Sandwich Nocturnal
4:40pm The Flesh Eaters Digging My Grave A Minute to Pray, A Second to Die Ruby Records
4:33pm Spacemen 3 Revolution Revolution Fire Records
4:33pm Black Dice Treetops Creature Comforts Fat Cat
4:21pm Davud Fulton Semi-Trilogy Don't Ask Dossier
4:14pm Seefeel Industrious Quique Too Pure
4:14pm Melt-Banana Cut Off Speak Squeak Creak Nux Organization
4:06pm Kaminumada Yohji You're Mine Forever Katana Aether
4:03pm Vertonen The Medicated Turntable Variations: A Glimpse of the Oasis Return of the Interrobang Crippled Intellect Productions

10/21/2014 | 2:00PM-4:00PM | Rock Playlist | DJ: Nicholas W | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label
3:55pm Sore Eros & Kurt Vile Calling Out Of Work
3:54pm The Magnetic Fields I Shatter 69 Love Songs Merge Records
3:51pm 18th Dye Aug. Crayon Matador Records
3:47pm Dosh Water Turn Off Notice Dosh Anticon
3:43pm Oozing Wound Colonel's Kernel Earth Suck Thrill Jockey Records
3:35pm Everything, Now! Fishbowl Prank Police, Police! Standard Recording Co.
3:32pm Too Many Zooz To The Top F Note EP
3:24pm Karl Blau Crashing Waves Beneath Waves K
3:18pm Joy Kills Sorrow Was It You Wide Awake
3:11pm Everything Is Fine DB Cooper Ghosts Are Knocking On Walls Tract Records
3:06pm Dustin Wong & Takako Minekawa She He See Feel Savage Imagination Thrill Jockey
3:00pm Bardo Pond Sunrise Dilate Matador Records
2:53pm Fast 'N' Bulbous Trust Us Waxed Oop (An Impetuous Stream Bubbled Up) Cuneiform Records
2:45pm pg.lost Gathering Key Black Star Foundation
2:37pm Shakey Graves Roll The Bones Roll The Bones
2:32pm Drums And Tuba Carrots Box Fetish T.E.C. Tones
2:27pm Hanggai Xiger Xiger He Who Travels Far World Connection
2:22pm Evenings 9BFCE2 Gardener EP
2:18pm Hilary Hahn & Hauschka Adash Silfra Deutsche Grammophon

10/21/2014 | 12:00PM-2:00PM | Continental Drift Playlist | DJ: Kevin L | Link

Start Artist Track Album
1:55pm Jean-Fred Mele Rendez-Vous Sous La Pluie
1:52pm Eamon Doorley, Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh Beauty Deas an Oileain
1:46pm Cecilia Barraza El Picador
1:40pm Kuch Kuch Hota Hai Udit Narayan & Alka Yagnik
1:35pm Zaraza Oana
1:33pm L.P. Mikhay AND T. Mikhailova Britiyano
1:28pm Konsonans Retro Khasitsky Tanets And Horo
1:27pm Afro Musette Rough Guide to Paris Cafe Music
1:19pm Jaguares Si Fuera Necesario
1:14pm Soda Estereo Persiana Americana
1:02pm Soda Estereo & Aterciopelados En La Ciudad de La Furia Comfort y Música para Volar
12:59pm Junoon Mein Nay Kabhi
12:52pm Junoon Yaar Bina
12:49pm China MC Brothers Jai Jung
12:43pm Voodoo KungFu Chi An
12:39pm Hanggai Wuji
12:38pm Hanggai Yuan Zou de Ren
12:32pm Dunkelbunt Black Eyed Sea
12:25pm Dunkelbunt Istanbul 1:26am
12:24pm Strunz and Farah Twilight at the Zuk
12:14pm George Abdo Ruh Tum bi Salama
12:09pm Orchestra Baobab La Rebellion
12:08pm Anatolia Weyn A Ramallah Lost Songs of Palestine
12:00pm 3 Mustaphas 3 Shouffi Rhirou Shopping

10/21/2014 | 10:00AM-12:00PM | Jazz Playlist | DJ: Broccoli | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label
11:57am Ambrose Akinmusire Vartha the imagined savior is far easier to paint Blue Note
11:37am Burn Out The Cinematic Orchestra Every Day Ninja Tune
11:29am Brad Meldau Trio Ode Ode Nonesuch Records
11:22am Kendrick Scott Oracle Be Water Conviction Concord Music Group
11:11am Thelonius Monk Monk's Mood Thelonious Monk Quartet with John Coltrane at Carnegie Hall Blue Note
11:06am Matt Jorgensen + 451 Che Hope Origin Records
11:00am Christian McBride Guajeo y Tumbao(feat. Eddie Palmieri) Conversations With Christian Mack Avenue Records
10:53am Dave Holland Quintet Conference of the Birds Conference of the Birds ECM
10:48am Joshua Redman Faraway Compass Nonesuch Records
10:47am John Faddis West End Blues Legacy
10:36am Christian Scott NewNew Orleans Atunde Adjuah Concord Records
10:27am BADBADNOTGOOD Hedron III Innovative Leisure
10:22am Jason Moran Break Down Artist In Residence Blue Note
10:20am Robert Glasper Experiment Smells Like Teen Spirit Black Radio Blue Note
10:05am Nir Felder Codes Golden Age Okeh
10:05am Christain Scott Van Gogh Christain Atunde Adjuah Concord Records

10/21/2014 | 7:30AM-10:00AM | Jazz Playlist | DJ: Stephen Ptacek | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label
7:37am Roy Campbell Jr, Daniel Carter, William Parker, Rashid Bakr Steve's Festive Vision Revisited Other Dimensions in Music AUM Fidelity

10/21/2014 | 5:00AM-7:30AM | Jazz Playlist | DJ: Joe G | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label
7:27am Vijay Iyer Fleurette Africaine Solo ACT
7:17am Atomic Crux Happy New Ears! Jazzland
7:05am Audio One The Floor (for Julius Hemphill) An International Report Audiographic
6:57am John Zorn Laughing Owl O'o Tzadik
6:49am Peregoyo Y Su Combo Vacaná Descarga Vacaná The Afrosound of Colombia, Vol. 1 Vampi Soul
6:45am Orlan Divo Gueri Gueri Orlandivo Kindred Spirits
6:40am Sam Prekop C + F Who's Your New Professor? Thrill Jockey
6:38am Kalafayi Kitoko Na Yo Ekosaki Ngai Roots of Rumba Rock: Congo Classics 1953-1955 Crammed
6:35am Johnny Adams Tra-La-La The Complete Ric & Ron Recordings, Vol. 4: Classic New Orleans R&B And More, 1958-1965 New Rounder
6:33am The Twilights Bohemian Wierdsville! Monsieur
6:29am The Impressions Woman's Got Soul The Complete A and B Sides 1961-1968 Fontana
6:26am Muggsy Spanier & his Ragtime Band Mandy Make Up Your Mind Muggsy A-Z: A Portrait of Muggsy Spanier Upbeat
6:24am Selah Jubilee Singers Leak in the Building Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 1 Document
6:21am Jimmy Collier & Frederick Douglass Kirkpatrick Hands Off Nkrumah Everybody's Got a Right to Live Smithsonian Folkways
6:12am Nostalgia 77 You and Me The Garden Tru Thoughts
6:08am Pino Canizzo Black California Suono Libero Volume 2 La Douce
6:04am Lefties Soul Connection Freaky Franky Skimming the Skum Melting Pot Music
6:00am Soul Rebels Living for the City Unlock your Mind Rounder
5:56am Chicago Afrobeat Project Ich Fumbus Grossen Off the Grid CABP Music
5:53am The Fabulous Three Whitesands Soul Fire: The Majestic Collection Fastlife
5:50am People's Choice I Like to Do It Philadelphia Roots Soul Jazz
5:48am Roscoe Robinson Let Me Be Myself The Birmingham Sound, vol. 1 Rabbit Factory
5:43am Mask Man and the Agents It's the Thing One Eye Open Dynamo
5:38am Funk Factory Rien Ne Va Plus What It Is! Funky Soul and Rare Grooves Rhino
5:35am The Meters Ease Back Funkify Your Life: The Meters Anthology Rhino
5:33am John Holt Sister Big Stuff 1000 Volts of Holt Trojan
5:20am K. Frimpong & Vis a Vis Aboagyewaa Ghana Soundz Volume 2: Afro-Beat, Funk and Fusion in 70's Ghana Soundway
5:15am Oscar Sulley & the Uhuru Dance Band Bukom Mashie Ghana soundz - Afro-Beat, Funk and Fusion in 70's Ghana Soundway
5:10am Urbano de Castro Fatimita Angola Soundtrack 2 - Hypnosis, Distorsions & Other Sonic Innovations 1969&#8203;-&#8203;1978 Analog Africa
5:04am Unspecified Ugandan musicians Orchestre Lukeme & Song Afrique (Music of the World) Ocora

10/21/2014 | 3:00AM-5:00AM | Freeform Playlist | DJ: Kay | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label
4:56am The Necks Open Open Northern Spy
4:56am Chakra Delight 6th Chakra Improvisation/ Mic Break
4:55am Glenn Jones Redwood Ramble Misremembered Barbecue Bob in Fishtown
4:54am TMNT PSA
4:51am I have got a feeling I'm Falling Aki Takase with Eugene Chadbourne Aki Takase plays Fats Waller
4:48am Irma Thomas Anyone Who Knows What Love Is (Will Understand)
4:41am White Magic Plain Gold Ring Through the Sun Door
4:38am Nina Simone Feeling Good I Put A Spell On You Phillips
4:35am Helena Espvall Travessa do Cabral We Are All One, In the Sun: Tribute to Robbie Basho
4:31am Acid Mothers Temple & Melting Paraiso UFO Pink Lady Lemonade, Part 4 Pink Lady Lemonade ~ You're From Inner Space Alien8 Recordings
4:22am Rob Mazurek & Black Cube SP Reverse the Lightning Return the Tides: Ascension Suite and Holy Ghost Cuneiform
4:20am Fila Brazilia Extract of Pineal Gland / Mic Break Maim That Tune Pork
4:20am Kenneth Patchen with Jazz Chamber Sextet Do The Dead Know What Time It Is?
4:20am Farmers By Nature Massalia Farmers By Nature Aum Fidelity
4:20am Die Schacht Benzin 7" EP Halber Selbstbetrug
4:20am Matt Ulery Mary Shelley In The Ivory Greenleaf Music
4:20am Circle Vaarnen Valtiatar Sunrise Clear Spot
4:20am Robyn Hitchcock and the Venus 3 I'm Falling Goodnight Oslo Yep Roc
4:20am Blonde Redhead 23 23 4AD
3:10am Adam Ant 1969 Again Wonderful Capitol
3:05am Soft Machine Hope for Happiness Soft Machine
3:00am Guided by Voices Salty Salute Alien Lanes Matador
2:45am Pink Floyd A Pillow of Winds Meddle Capitol

10/20/2014 | 6:30PM-9:00PM | Rock Playlist | DJ: Ted bin d'Jeff | Mood: =))))) | Link

Start Artist Track Album
8:54pm Terminal 4 This was Frippe time Terminal 4
8:52pm Terrestrial Tones Plow Man Dead Drunk
8:45pm Prolapse Slash/Oblique Italian Flag
8:44pm Boards of Canada The Devil is in the Details Geogaddi
8:29pm Sore Eros and Kurt Vile Calling Out of Work Limited Edition 10" Vinly EP and Download
8:19pm Modirzadeh The Number that Moves In Convergence Liberation
8:13pm Mark McGuire When You're Somewhere Get lost
8:05pm Tangerine Dream Zeit Zeit
8:04pm nightmares on wax Fup Ya Lid Nightmares by Night
8:04pm Sonic Youth Teenage Riot Daydream Nay-Shun
7:43pm Midway Still You Made Me Realise Midway Still
7:42pm Midway Still Wish Midway Still
7:42pm Midway Still Who You Are Midway Still
7:42pm Midway Still Everywhere I Look Midway Still
7:41pm Talking Heads Road to Nowhere Single
7:40pm Numbers Feelings In My Mind All the Time
7:24pm Cristopher Laidler Lungs Weigh a Tonne Until Late
7:24pm Cristopher Laidler Gritz on the Internet Until Late
7:08pm Mike Watt boilin' blazes the secondman's middle stand
6:57pm Sarrasine Sunshine Never EP1
6:53pm Various slow bip_hop generation vol. 7
6:44pm zerodB a pomBa giron zerodB
6:40pm Alan Watts LOVE YOU. This is IT

10/20/2014 | 4:00PM-6:30PM | Rock Playlist | DJ: Jacob Skaggs | Link

Start Artist Track Album
6:28pm Unwound Below the Salt Leaves Turn Inside You
6:20pm Math Bats Heat and Dust Bat Day
6:17pm The Soul Catcher Headless Chickens Stunt Clown
6:09pm Django Django Hail Bop Django Django
6:05pm Patrick O'Hearn April Fool Rivers Gonna Rise
6:00pm Bruce Cockburn If I Had a Rocket Launcher Stealing Fire
5:50pm The Juan MacLean Running Back to You In A Dream
5:47pm Biology Side B Biology
5:43pm Schonwald Gemini Schonwald
5:25pm Glenn Kotche/Tim Barnes 15.46 Music for Traps, Percussion, and Electroacoustics
5:17pm Star Period Star Synesthesia Can't See the Focus
4:58pm Pond Giant Tortoise Hobo Rocket
4:50pm Erkin Koray Karli Daglar Elekronik Turkulen
4:48pm Numbers Drink With Pain In My Mind All the Time
4:45pm Califone Fisherman's Wife Roomsound
4:44pm Smegma Potatoe War Smell the Remains
4:36pm Tom Verlaine Saucer Crash Warm and Cool
4:30pm Awesome Color Eyes of Light Electric Aborigines
4:26pm Rocket From the Crypt Guilt Free Hot Charity
4:22pm Cosmic Psychos Back at School Blokes You Can Trust
4:17pm Peter Lang When Kings Come Home John Fahey, Leo Kottke, Peter Lang
4:14pm Leo Kottke Mona Ray Dreams and all that Stuff
4:11pm The Gnar Wave Rangers Whoomp #GetNastyandRich
4:03pm Cul de Sac & John Fahey Magic Mountain The Epiphany of Glenn Jones

10/20/2014 | 2:00PM-4:00PM | Rock Playlist | DJ: Emai | Link

Start Artist Track Album
3:54pm Miriodor Le Fantome de M.C. Escher Mekano
3:46pm Henry Cow Industry Western Culture
3:43pm Les Poules J'habite a Montreal Les Contes de L'amere Loi
3:40pm Hella Republic of rough and ready Hella
3:28pm Flasket Brinner Bosses Lat Flasket Brinner
3:25pm Heldon IV Perspective II Agnetta Nilsson
3:18pm Goat Diariabi World Music
3:16pm Hungry Ghost Grind Ego to Dust Sugar Skulls
3:15pm Hungry Ghost Please Stop Breeding Sugar Skulls
3:14pm John Hughes Lying in the Backseat Scarlet Diva
3:03pm Neu! Hallogallo Neu!
3:02pm Hot Corn Girls Crackhead bit my dick Look at my bum
2:54pm The Howling Hex What, Man? Who are you? All Night Fox
2:50pm Can Vitamin C Ege Bamyasi
2:47pm Hotel Hotel The Dirac Sea The Sad Sea
2:45pm De Facto Madagascar How do You Dub You Fight for Dub You Plug Dub In
2:42pm Keith Hudson Dubwise Pick a Dub
2:39pm Keith Hudson I'm All Right Pick a Dub
2:32pm Chelsea Wolfe Pale on Pale Apokalypsis
2:28pm Jana Hunter Untitled (hanging around) Blank Unstaring Heirs of Doom
2:23pm Hoahio Marimo Ohayo! Hoahio!
2:21pm Jana Hunter The New Sane Scramble Blank Unstaring Heirs of Doom
2:14pm Hoover Relectrolux/electrodub Hoover
2:07pm Hugh Hopper Miniluv 1984
2:01pm Hood Branches Bare Cold House

10/20/2014 | 10:00AM-12:00PM | Jazz Playlist | DJ: Art Lange Peter Kostakis | Title: Writers' Bloc | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label New
11:51am Lee Konitz / Netherlands Metropole Orchestra Subconscious Lee Saxophone Dreams Koch Jazz
11:48am Fred Frith Throw the Bolt Guitar Solos ESD
11:46am Lee Konitz Quartet When You're Smiling Tranquility Verve / Polygram (Japan)
11:42am Fred Frith Bricks for Six Stone, Brick, Glass, Wood, Wire: Graphic Scores 1986-96 I Dischi di Angelica
11:39am Lee Konitz Hugo's Head Spirirts Milestone / OJC
11:36am Fred Frith / Joelle Leandre / Jonathan Segel Goodbye Pop Tempted To Smile Spool
11:34am Lee Konitz & Mark Feldman Short Cut #1 Rhapsody II Evidence
11:31am Fred Frith Blue Clearing Tzadik
11:19am Kenny Clarke-Francy Boland Big Band with Stan Getz Touchstone Change Of Scenes Verve
11:13am AMM III Convergence It Had Been An Ordinary Enough Day In Pueblo, Colorado ECM
11:12am Clark Terry Quintet That Old Black Magic Serenade To A Bus Seat Riverside / OJC
11:03am Steve Reid Rocks (For Cannonball) Rhythmatism Universal Sound
10:50am Anthony Ortega Trio Hot House Scattered Clouds hatOLOGY
10:47am Bob & Ray Wally Ballou With Leonard Thrash, Sign Maker The Lost Episodes, Volume Three RadioArt
10:43am Getatchew Merkuria & The Ex & Guests Tezeta Moa Aubessa Terp
10:40am John Zorn Shuffle Boil That's The Way I Feel Now A&M
10:36am Pandelis Karayorgis Think of One The Other Name Motive
10:30am Jimmy Smith Trio Slightly Monkish A New Sound - A New Star Blue Note
10:19am Paul Chambers Eastbound Paul Chambers Mosaic Select
10:15am Henry Kaiser / Mari Kimura / Jim O'Rourke / John Oswald Fuscia with Pthaloblue Acoustics Victo
10:11am Benjamin Herman Reef Heterogeneity A Records
10:09am Franz Koglmann St. Thomas About Yesterday's Ezzthetics hat ART
10:04am Tarbaby with special guests Oliver Lake & Marc Ducret Liberation Blues Fanon RogueArt
10:01am Kalle Kalima K-18 The Phantom Of Liberty Bunuel De Jour Tum N

10/20/2014 | 7:30AM-10:00AM | Jazz Playlist | DJ: Stann | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label New
8:49am johnny griffin without a song johnny grffin verve
8:48am ed wilkerson 8 bold souls light on the path sideshow arabsque
8:46am kahil el zabar africa n' da blues africa n' da blues delmark
8:29am eddie harris set us free second movement label m
8:18am chico freeman conversations morning prayer why not
8:17am gene ammons hittin' the jug boss tenor prestige
8:14am john coltrane and johnny hartman my one and only love john coltrane and johnny hartman impulse
8:12am douglas ewart 737 velvet fire arawak
8:11am von freeman vonski speaks vonski speaks nessa records
8:10am sun ra a house of beauty the heliocentric world of sun ra esp disk
8:09am johnny griffin the way you look ronight a blowin' session blue note
8:06am Roots Rock Society La Familia La Familia EP RRS International
8:06am Ernest Dawkins Mean Ameen Mean Ameen Delmark
7:59am Nat King Cole To Whom It May Concern To Whom It May Concern Capital
7:52am Nat King Cole Trio Unknown Unknown Unknown
7:48am Johnny Hartman By the Time I Get to Phoenix Today Perception Records
7:42am Mike Wheeler Self Made Man Self Made Man Delmark N
7:41am David Boykin Pyramids Expanse Unknown
7:37am Safari Feel Good First Step Trading Post

10/20/2014 | 5:00AM-7:30AM | Jazz Playlist | DJ: Mike Corsa | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label New
7:26am Mucca Pazza Torlonian Mambo Plays Well Together Mucca Pazza
7:22am The Whammies Somebody Special Play The Music Of Steve Lacy Vol. 2 Driff Records
7:14am Mario Schiano / Evan Parker / Alexander Von Schlippenbach / Joelle Leandre / Paul Lytton Trend Unlike Splasc(h)
7:06am Perelman / Shipp / Parker Domnant Quod Non Intelligunt Book Of Sound Leo Records N
7:02am Peter Kowald / Werner Ludi / Butch Morris / Sainkho Namtchylak A Little World Music When The Sun Is Out You Don't See Stars FMP
6:23am Satoko Fujii Orchestra New York Shiki Shiki Satoko Fujii
6:12am Ralph Towner / John Abercrombie Late Night Passenger [Various] LP/CD Re-issue 2014 ECM N
6:08am Roy Nathanson Closing Credits Camp Stories: Music From the Motion Picture Knitting Factory
6:05am Roy Nathanson Raid Sequence Camp Stories: Music From the Motion Picture Knitting Factory
6:04am Roy Nathanson Moishe & Wife Camp Stories: Music From the Motion Picture Knitting Factory
6:01am Roy Nathanson Baseball/Rafterball Camp Stories: Music From the Motion Picture Knitting Factory
6:00am Roy Nathanson Bus Camp Stories: Music From the Motion Picture Knitting Factory
5:35am Joe McPhee's Bluette Episode I: Renaissance - Harlem Spiritual Let Paul Robeson Sing CIMP
5:24am Louis Moholo Octet Ithi-gqui [Appear] Spirits Rejoice! Ogun
5:12am Ernest Dawkins' New Horizons Ensemble Mean Ameen The Messenger: Live At The Original Velvet Lounge Delmark Records
5:00am Kahil El'Zabar's Ritual Trio Another Kind of Groove Big Cliff Delmark Records

10/19/2014 | 5:30PM-7:00PM | R and B Flashback Playlist | DJ: Bill D. | Link

Start Artist Track Label
6:53pm Gene Chandler Since You've Been Gone Brunswick
6:49pm Swamp Dogg Got to Get a Message to You Canyon
6:41pm Bobby Patterson If You Took a Survey Paula
6:41pm Joe Simon Moonwalk Sound Stage 7
6:33pm Denise LaSalle Keep It Coming Westbound
6:33pm Wilson Pickett Mojo Mamma Atlantic
6:26pm Major Lance Sweet Music OKeh
6:22pm Lilttle Milton We Got the Winning Hand Checker
6:22pm Walter Jackson That's What Mama Said OKeh
6:21pm Billy Stewart Count Me Out Chess
6:21pm Beverly Shaffer Where Will You Be Boy One-Derful!
6:13pm Jackie Ross Dynamite Lovin' Chess
6:08pm James and Bobby Purify I Was Born to Lose Out Bell
6:07pm Righteous Brothers Try to Find Another Man Moonglow
6:06pm Sam and Dave Listening for My Name Roulette
6:01pm Clarence and Calvin Goodnight Irene Fairlane
6:01pm Marvin and Johnny Tick Tock Modern
5:53pm Screamin' Jay Hawkins Alligator Wine OKeh
5:53pm Don and Dewey Leavin' It All Up to You Specialty
5:53pm Johnny Fuller Haunted House Specialty
5:45pm The Daylighters Mad House Jump Bea & Baby
5:45pm The Hollywood Flames Frankenstein's Den Ebb
5:44pm The Duponts Screamin' Ball at Dracula Hall Roulette
5:43pm Jimmy Wright Move Over Rama

10/19/2014 | 2:00PM-4:00PM | Blues Playlist | DJ: Mike Baum | Link

Start Artist Track Label Album
3:57pm Jimi Hendrix My Friend The Cry of Love Legacy
3:56pm Freddy King Pack it Up Burglar Polydor
3:55pm Eddy "the Chief" Clearwater Please Accept My Love Soul Funky
3:40pm Walter Trout How Much Do You Want Breaking the Rules Provogue Records
3:39pm Jarekus Singleton Purposely Refuse to Lose Alligator Records
3:27pm Etta James Damn Your Eyes Seven Year Itch Island Records
3:24pm Deanna Bogart Collarbone Just a Wish Away... Blind Pig Records
3:19pm Sena Ehrhardt Slow Down Live My Life Blind Pig Records
3:10pm Joe Louis Walker Cold is the Night Cold is the Night Hightone Records
3:06pm Ronnie Earl & the Broadcasters Heart of Glass Just for Today Stony Plain
3:04pm Gary Moore Eyesight to the Blind Live at Bush Hall Eagle Records
2:51pm Paul de Lay Ocean of Tears Ocean of Tears Evidence Music
2:44pm Josh Smith Penance Inception joshsmithguitar.com
2:43pm Jarekus Singleton High Minded Refuse to Lose Alligator Records
2:28pm Robert Cray Band Phone Booth Bad Influence Hightone Records
2:23pm Albert King The Sky is Crying I'm in a Phone Booth, Baby Fantasy Records
2:21pm Son Seals Cold Blood Bad Axe Alligator Records
2:13pm Lonnie Brooks Two-headed Man Live in Chicago - Bayou Lightning Strikes Alligator Records

10/19/2014 | 12:00PM-2:00PM | Both Kinds Playlist | DJ: Al Finley | Link

Start Artist Track Label Album
2:00pm Rosanne Cash The Long Way Home The River & The Thread Blue Note Records
1:58pm Tommy Wommack My Name Is Mud Circus Town Sideburn Records
1:56pm Del McCoury Band Moneyland Moneyland McCoury Music
1:53pm Drive-By Truckers Made Up English Oceans English Oceans ATO Records
1:49pm Ricky Skaggs & Bruce Hornsby How Mountain Girls Can Love Cluck Ol'Hen Skaggs Family Records
1:45pm NRBQ Keep This Love Goin' Keep This Love Goin' Clang!
1:41pm Eliza Gilkyson Looking for a Place Roses at the End of Time Red House Records, Inc.
1:37pm Ruth Moody Trees For Sky These Wilder Things Red House Records, Inc.
1:33pm Rose Cousins Go First We Have Made A Spark Old Farm Pony Records
1:30pm Michael Fracasso Ada, OK Saint Monday Little Fuji Records
1:25pm Willie Watson Kitty Puss Folk Singer Vol. 1 Acony
1:21pm Willie Watson Rock Salt and Nails Folk Singer Vol. 1 Acony
1:18pm Willie Watson Mexican Cowboy Folk Singer Vol. 1 Acony
1:13pm Sinead O'Conor How About I Be Me I'm Not Bossy, I'm The Boss Nettwerk
1:11pm Kinky Friedman & The Texas Jewboys Get Your Biscuits In The Oven and Your Buns In The Bed Mayhem Afterthought Sphincter Records, Inc.
1:09pm Chris Ligon and the Problems Three Tammy Wynettes This Is Your Night Clang!
12:59pm The Black Lillies Ruby Runaway Freeway Blues North Knox Records
12:54pm The Black Lillies Smokestack Lady Runaway Freeway Blues North Knox Records
12:51pm The Black Lillies Nobody's Business 100 Miles of Wreckage North Knox Records
12:46pm Jeannie C. Riley From Harper Valley To The Mountain Top The Best of Jeannie C. Riley Varese Sarabande
12:43pm Jeannie C. Riley The Girl Most Likely The Best of Jeannie C. Riley Varese Sarabande
12:41pm Jeannie C. Riley How Can Anything So Right Be So Wrong The Songs of Jeannie C. Riley Koch Records
12:38pm Jeannie C. Riley I'll Be A Woman Of The World The Songs of Jeannie C. Riley Koch Records
12:36pm Jeannie C. Riley Harper Valley P.T.A. The Best of Jeannie C. Riley Varese Sarabande
12:26pm Moe Bandy Hank Williams , You Wrote My Life Hank Williams, You Wrote My Life Audium/Koch Records
12:23pm The Seldom Scene Keep Me From Blowing Away 15th Anniversary Celebration Sugar Hill
12:19pm Eagles Midnight Flyer On The Border Asylum
12:14pm Bobby Bare Dropkick Me, Jesus The Essential RCA

10/19/2014 | 10:00AM-12:00PM | Folk Playlist | DJ: Ron Lewis | Link

Start Artist Track Album
12:10pm Corky Siegel's Chamber Blues Unfinished Jump - Opus 13` Corky Siegel's Chamber Blues
12:06pm Rose Cousins Stray Birds Stray Birds
12:02pm Sam Amidon Maid Lamenting Lily-O
12:02pm Cosy Sheridan Sing Goodbye Pretty Bird
11:52am The Stray Birds Wind and Rain The Stray Birds
11:47am Mary Black Wildest Dreams The Best of Mary Black
11:42am Jim Post Oh Galena Jim Post and Friends
11:36am Eliza Gilkyson Midnight Oil The Nocturne Diaries
11:33am Ruth Moody Trouble and Woe These Wilder Things
11:25am Dag Juhlin Lindy Brown Live from the WNUR Studios - www.wnur.org
11:17am Old Crow Medicine Show Methamphetamine Tennessee Pusher
11:12am Richard Shindell Confession Somewhere Near Patterson
11:09am Eleanor McEvoy Mother's Little Helper Love Must Be Tough
11:06am Lori McKenna The Needle and the Damage Done Cinnamon Girl:Women Artists Cover Neil Young
11:01am Mimi Fox Kicks Kicks
11:00am Stan Freberg The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere Stan Freberg Presents The USA
10:53am Neil Young Who's Gonna Stand Up? Who's Gonna Stand Up?
10:50am Barry McGuire Eve of Destruction The Best of Barry McGuire
10:47am Phil Ochs I Ain't Marching Anymore I Ain't Marching Anymore
10:44am Ewan MacColl The Moving On Song Discover Folk Country
10:39am Lindsey Buckingham Trouble Live at the Bass Performance Hall
10:42am Steve Goodman Somebody Elses Troubles The Easter Tapes
10:30am Jim Infantino Stress Fast Folk Musical Magazine
10:24am Ellis Paul Broke and Hungry Urban Folk Songs
10:21am Judy Collins Brother Can You Spare a Dime Judith
10:15am Cat Stevens The Wind Teaser and the Firecat
10:12am Anais Mitchell Any Way The Wind Blows Xoa
10:08am Kate Eggleston and Kate Macleod The Living and the Breathing Wind Lost and Found
10:03am Andrew Calhoun The Living and the Breathing Wind You Tube - Live at Uncommon Ground 10-1

10/19/2014 | 8:00AM-10:00AM | Gospel Playlist | DJ: Praise & Worship Hours | Link

Start Artist Track
10:01am Michelle Williams Say Yes
9:53am Jason Nelson Dominion
9:53am Lonnie Hunter & Structure Anyway
9:41am Dorothy Norwood Oh Jesus
9:34am Karen Clark-Sheard I've Been Changed
9:31am Tahsa Page Lockhart Different
9:30am Dewayne Woods Friend of Mine
9:30am Isaac Carree But God
9:30am Charles Jenkins & Fellowship Chicago WAR
9:30am Donald Lawrence & Company The Gift
9:00am The Stars of Heaven I'm Holding On
8:55am Gods Posse God Got a Blessing
8:53am Marvin Sapp I Believe
8:35am Mississippi Mass Choir Hold on Old Soldiers
8:26am Jerry Maynard & Cathedral of Praise Just Believe
8:22am Freddie Washington & Cornerstone Hold On
8:16am Shanta Gray Make a Way
8:16am Jerry L Maynard Cathedral of Praise Just Believe
8:14am Rev. Gerald Thompson Ooh Wee I've got a Right to Praise
8:08am Mary Mary Sunday Morning

10/19/2014 | 6:00AM-8:00AM | Gospel Playlist | DJ: Wendy Pulliam-Leighton w/ Sunday Morning Rise | Link

Start Artist Track
7:54am Sam Cooke A Change Is Gonna Come
7:50am The Staple Singers I'll Take You There
7:41am Edwin Hawkins Singers Oh Happy Day
7:36am The Whispers For Thou Are With Me
7:30am Darwin Hobbs feat. Michael McDonald Everyday
7:27am Donald Woods Somebody Bigger
7:22am Lexi Abide
7:16am Rod McGaha Amazing Grace
7:11am Pastor Daryl Coley He That Dwelleth (Psalm 91)
7:07am Latisha Lee Psalm 91
6:59am 7 Sons of Soul Job
6:56am Mark Bunney Blessed Assurance
6:53am Michael Normal Ps. 23
6:49am Travis Bridges Jammin in the Valley
6:43am Eric Warren My Heart Will Stop, If You Stop Loving Me
6:41am Cynthia Jones Happy Birthday
6:25am Tim Rogers & The Fellas Real
6:23am Todd Dulaney I'll Keep Praying
6:17am Kirk & Kevin Whalum The Moment I Prayed
6:13am Dorothy Collins Spirit of God Descend Upon My Heart
6:04am Bryan Andrew Wilson Turning Away
6:04am Soul Tempo The Lord's Prayer
6:03am Curtis Price, Jr. Theme to Sunday Morning Rise
5:58am Ron Kennoly As For Me and My House

10/18/2014 | 10:00PM-11:30PM | Freeform Playlist | DJ: K-Sound with D.J. Oh | Link

Start Artist Track Album
10:26pm Carnival Do You Remember? Carnival
10:21pm Vibe While I look at Your Photo Do U Remember?
10:15pm Kim Kwang Suk Around 30 Kim Kwang Suk 4th Album
11:13pm Acoustic Collabo Photograph Midsummer Night Dream
11:10pm The Turtles Airplane Buy a Turtle
11:01pm Lee Sun Hee Oh! Old Times! To Love...
10:56pm Ahn Jae Ook Friend
10:53pm IU My Old Story Flower Mark
10:48pm Kim Kwang Suk With a Forgetful Mind Kim Kwang Suk Best
10:40pm Hans Band Arcade Hans Band
10:36pm Sketch of Trip Nostalgia Nostalgia
10:33pm Soran Memory Prince
10:25pm Lee Moon Se Old Love Old and New
10:22pm W.H.I.T.E. Dream of Squares Dream comes True
10:15pm Lee Sun Hee Fliiping through Memories Fliiping through Memories

10/18/2014 | 4:00PM-5:30PM | Airplay Playlist | DJ: Steph | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label
5:07pm Goon Moon Inner Child Abuse I Got A Brand New Layin' Machine Suicide Squeeze Records
5:04pm Dreamcrusher Godless Chic
4:58pm spazzkid Lovers (EASTGHOST Remix) Promise EP Remixes Magical Properties
4:53pm Ben Frost Venter (Evian Christ Remix) A U R O R A Bedroom Community
4:40pm Horselords Outer East Hidden Cities NNA Tapes
4:35pm Badbadnotgood Confessions III Innovative Leisure
4:34pm Badbadnotgood Triangle III Innovative Leisure
4:29pm Pacific Bell unknown park in haastrup A 56 degrees N
4:24pm Kraftwerk Kometenmelodie 2 Autobahn EMI
4:14pm Pulse Emitter Autumn Again Equinox Constellation Tatsu
4:12pm The Pen Test full EP Biology EP Moniker Records

10/18/2014 | 1:00PM-4:00PM | Classical and Beyond Playlist | DJ: Theron Humiston | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label
3:40pm Rhys Chatham Harmonie de Pontarlier Harmonie du soir Northern Spy Records
3:20pm Theo Loevendie Three Pieces for Piano Music On and Off the Keys Vienna Modern Masters
3:03pm Thomas Gaudynski Elementals Elementals Penumbra Music
2:39pm Eric Sawyer String Quartet #3 String Works Albany
2:21pm Nicole Lizee This Will Not Be Televised This Will Not be Televised CMC
2:02pm Steve MacLean Piano Drop Flies in the Face of Logic Pogus
1:47pm Stuart Saunders Smith I've Been Here Before A River Rose: Music for Violin New World Records
1:35pm John Cage Bacchanale Music for Keyboard 1935-1948 New World Records
1:21pm John Cage Metamorphosis Music for Keyboard 1935-1948 New World Records
1:00pm Florence B. Price Concerto in One Movement Concerto in One Movement Albany

10/17/2014 | 6:30PM-9:00PM | Rock Playlist | DJ: Stephen A | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label
8:57pm Dreamcrusher Reykjavik
8:41pm Ben Frost Full Album By The Throat Bedroom Community
8:05pm Small Interventions Untitled (Fits) Small Interventions EP Splitting Sounds Records
7:59pm Small Interventions Untitled (Parachute Holding a Box) Small Interventions EP Splitting Sounds Records
7:57pm Small Interventions Untitled (eh) Small Interventions EP Splitting Sounds Records
7:45pm Small Interventions Untitled (That I Can't Means That I Wouldn't) Small Interventions EP Splitting Sounds Records
6:32pm Sunn O))) Full Album Double-O Void Southern Lord

10/17/2014 | 4:00PM-6:30PM | Rock Playlist | DJ: Madeline P. | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label
6:26pm Luigi Archetti stuck 26 low tide digitals III RCD 2087
6:24pm Hellblinki The End oratory Hellblinki
6:22pm Mae-Shi You Can't Do That To An Axe To Hit Armor Class Zero Strictly Amateur Films
6:21pm Dark Horses Live On Hunger Hail Lucid State Lost Gang Records
6:11pm Outer Minds until you're dead outer Minds hozac
5:53pm Erasergun Acid House For What We Are About To Receive Silly Bird Records
5:49pm KPT Michigan HEY PEOPLE! KPT Michigan Aesthetics
5:26pm Kluster Klopfzeichen Part 1 Cleopatra Think Progressive
4:53pm Barana Asian Garden Elektro Shaman LopLop
4:50pm The Hanatarash Web Wig 4: Aids-A-Delic Public Bath
4:43pm Arab Strap The Shy Retirer Monday at the Hug & Pint Matador
4:40pm Big Star Dream Lover Third/Sister Lovers Rykodisk
4:33pm Stereolab Brigitte Noises Elektra
4:30pm Organ Wolf 3D Heavy Duty I Didn't Come Here and I'm Not Leaving (So You Can Just Kiss My Ass That's What You Are)` Organ Wolf Music
4:22pm Helios Come With Nothings Caesura Type Recordings
4:16pm Hooker O.K. Saturday Hooker O.K. Sweet Pea Records
4:12pm Ashtray Randall Lee Asht r ay Boy The Bounching Corporation
4:06pm Spiritualized I Think I'm In Love Ladies and Gentleman We Are Floating In Space Dedicated

10/17/2014 | 2:00PM-4:00PM | Rock Playlist | DJ: Brian Campbell | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label
3:58pm Clouddead Son of A Gun Clouddead AntiCon
3:55pm The Cosmic Jokers Galactic Joke Cosmic Jokers Eine Cosmic Courier Production
3:45pm Ian William Craig Before Morning Comes A Turn of Breath Angel Records
3:41pm The Weekend Celebration, FL Jinx Slumberland Records
3:38pm Renaldo & the Loaf Extracting the Re-Re The Elbow is Taboo some bizz are
3:31pm The Bar-Kays With a Child's Heart Soul Finger Bolt
3:31pm Jessy Lanza Kathy Lee 10 years of Hyperdub Hyperdub
3:24pm Pluramon Synth (Fender Mix) Render Bandits Mille Plateaux
3:14pm Nightmares on Wax 195 Lbs N.O.W Is the Time Warp Records
3:08pm Pantha Du Prince Photon Elements of Light Rough Trade
3:04pm Crown Larks Malone's Lullaby Catalytic Conversion self-released
2:58pm São Paulo Underground Afrihouse Sauna: Um, Dois, Tres Submarine Records
2:55pm Glenn Kotche Clapping Music Variation Mobile Nonesuch Records Inc
2:49pm Sleater-Kinney Words and Guitar Dig Me Out Sub Pop
2:44pm Hitch We Were All Wrong Clair.Obscur Latest Flame
2:42pm Salvatore Easy tempo/ Racing Junior
2:35pm D/A/D Farthest Reaches The Construct Hausu Mountain
2:23pm Sun Araw Crown Shell Ancient Romans Sun Ark
2:16pm Port-Royal spetsnaz/paul leni Flares Resonant

10/17/2014 | 12:00PM-2:00PM | Continental Drift Playlist | DJ: Claire | Link

Start Artist Track Album
2:00pm Bomba Estereo Bailar Conmigo Elegancia Tropical
1:56pm Karol Conka Gandaia Batuk Freak
1:53pm Karol Conka Boa Noite Single
1:49pm Apanhador So Mordido Role: New Sounds of Brazil
1:44pm Gaveola Canina Intuicao Role: New Sounds of Brazil
1:42pm Mestre Cupijo e Seu Ritmo Tubarao Branco Siria
1:39pm Mestre Cupijo e Seu Ritmo Mingau de Acai Siria
1:35pm Caetano Veloso Quero Ser Justo Abracaco
1:32pm Os Mutantes Eu Descobri Fool Metal Jack
1:30pm Novalima Diablo Karimba
1:24pm Novalima Festejo Karimba
1:20pm Son Palenque Tungalala (El Sapo) Afro-Colombian Sound Modernizers
1:16pm Owiny Sigoma Band Yukimwi Power Punch
1:12pm Owiny Sigoma Band Norbat Okelo Power Punch
1:08pm Kemialliset Ystavat Alempana Kuin Enkelit Alas Rattoisaa Virtaa
1:03pm Chieck Hamala Diabate Den Woulou Lalou Ake Doni Doni
12:57pm Ebo Taylor Abonsam Appia Kwa Bridge
12:51pm Ebo Taylor Saana Ebo Taylor
12:47pm Asmara All Stars Amayo Eritrea's Got Soul
12:42pm Alemayehu Eshete Addis abeba bete Ethiopiques, Volume 9
12:33pm Awa Sangho Dan Fin Ala Ta
12:32pm Awa Sangho Ala Ta Ye Tougnaye Ala Ta
12:23pm Girma Yifrashewa Chewata Girma Yifrashewa: Love and Peace
12:17pm Yasmine Hamdan Shouei Ya Nass
12:15pm Wu Man, Kronos Quartet A Spring Flowing Over Stones Immeasurable Light
12:10pm Alasdair Fraser, Natalie Haas Calliope Meets Frank Fire & Grace
12:10pm Hildur Gudnadottir Ascent Without Sinking

10/17/2014 | 10:00AM-12:00PM | Jazz Playlist | DJ: Eric Ricks | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label New
10:31am Paul Giallorenzo's Gitgo ROCKY TERRAIN FORCE MAJEURE DELMARK N

10/17/2014 | 7:30AM-10:00AM | Jazz Playlist | DJ: Flavian Wallis | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label New
9:52am Bley / Haden / Motian Monk's Dream Memoirs Soul Note
9:47am Clarence Penn Bemsha Swing Monk: The Lost Files Origin N
9:24am The Spin Quartet [McCullogh / Bradfield / Sommers / Watkins] Simple Song (for Esme) In Circles Origin N
9:15am Al Cohn / Zoot Simms Medley: These Foolish Things / Willow Weep for Me Easy as Pie - "Live" at the Left Bank Label M
9:05am Ira Sullivan Blues for johnny Bratton Circumstantial Nessa
9:00am Shawn Maxwell Song for Something Else Shawn Maxwell's Alliance Chicago Sessions N
8:41am Bobby Bradford / Frode Gjerstad Silver Cornet Tells Silver Cornet Nessa N
8:39am The Evergreen Classic Jazz Band Apex Blues Early Tunes 1915 - 1932 Jump 12-37
8:27am Rudresh Mahanthappa / Bunky Green The Journey Apex Pi
8:22am Steve Wilson / Lewis Nash Woody n' You Duologue MCG Jazz N
8:12am Yusef Lateef Night in Tunisia Prayer to the East Savoy
8:02am Cory Wright Eyedrop Apples + Oranges Single Speed N
7:53am Ted Rosenthal Someone to Watch Over Me Rhapsody in Gershwin Playscape N
7:46am Oliver Lake Lucky One What I Heard Passin' Thru N
7:31am Hal Russell Poodle Cut Generation Nessa

10/16/2014 | 9:00PM-10:00PM | WNUR Handpicked Playlist | DJ: Javier | Link

Start Artist Track Album
10:00pm Alta Winter/Mute Places
9:50pm Tyr The Hammer of Thor Ragnarok
9:42pm Dawn Stalker's Blessing Slaughtersun (Crown of the Triarchy)
9:38pm Corrosion of Conformity Break the Circle Blind
9:30pm Guttural Secrete Deadened Prior to Coitus Nourishing the Spoil
9:24pm Rigor Morrtis Poltergeist Slaves to the Grave
9:20pm Eluveitie Inis Mona Slania
9:17pm Anaal Nathrakh The One Thing Needful Disideratum
9:02pm Buried at Sea Movement II Migration

10/16/2014 | 6:30PM-9:00PM | Rock Playlist | DJ: IRA Glass, Handsome E, Grace Kelly w/ the Olly Llama & Chris | Title: Boyz Club | Mood: Mike Wilco Made It | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label
8:39pm Nels Cline 'n' Thurston Moore 4 Pillow wand Chess
8:31pm Glenn kotche Clapping Music Variations Mobile
8:24pm Loose Fur Chinese Apple Loose Fur
8:21pm Golden Smog Radio King Down By The Old Mainstream
8:14pm Nels Cline Trio Cropped Ground
8:08pm Wilco Spiders Kicking Television: Live in Chicago
7:54pm Dustin Wong Liberal Christian Youth Ministry Meditation of Ecstatic Energy Thrill jockey
7:53pm Parkay Quarts Uncast Shadow of a Southern Myth Content
7:39pm Jawbreaker The Boat Dreams from the Hill 24 Hour Revenge Thearpy
7:37pm The Hot Behind You Ghost Dancer S/T
7:33pm Oneonthrix Point Never Americans R Plus 7 Warp
7:25pm Vert Sth London Nine Types of Ambiguity
7:20pm Goblin Mold Somethings Wrong Do You Like Me?
7:17pm Uke of Space Corners Book of Tea Flowers in the Night Corleche
6:54pm Jane Slipping Away Beserker Paw Tracks
6:50pm Vert Blinds Light Nine Types of Ambiguity
6:41pm Idaho ECHELON The Lone Gunman Idaho
6:38pm Josef Van Wissem The Stars Fall From the Sky and teh Heavens Are Rolled Up like Scroll It is All That is Made Important Records

10/16/2014 | 4:00PM-6:30PM | Rock Playlist | DJ: Jenna Powell-Malloy | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label
6:17pm Steve Reich Drumming Pt. I Drumming Nonesuch
5:58pm Morning on the Moon Kawabata Makoto You are the Moonshine
5:56pm The Music Machine Trouble (Turn On) The Music Machine
5:54pm Pasarea Phoenix Lasa, Lasa (NR2) Mugur De Fluier Electrecord
5:44pm Table Feasting Time Table Humble
5:42pm Zombie Season Adieu Life is Tragic
5:27am Dustin O'Halloran Opus 55 Lumiere FatCat Records
5:23pm Sun Araw Lucretius Ancient Romans Sun Ark
4:56pm Karel Velebny The Uhu Sleeps Only During The Day SHQ ESP Disk
4:45pm Four Color Snow Petal As Pleat 12k
4:36pm Michael Vernusky Arc Blood that Sees the Light
4:11pm Faust BBC 1.3.73 BBC Sessions + ReR Megacorp

10/16/2014 | 2:00PM-4:00PM | Rock Playlist | DJ: Ryan L | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label
4:00pm Can Pinch Ege Bamyasi
3:56pm Red Stuff The New Country Swag Best of Red Hot Love Skell Records
3:52pm Bird Names Frosty Moon Fantic Yard Heavy Melody Records
3:48pm Califone Wingbone Heron King Blues Thrill Jockey
3:44pm The Causey Way Geo Logical Lust Causey vs. Everything Alternative Tentacles Records
3:42pm Cause For Applause The Wire Cause For Applause Say Hey Records
3:36pm American Football Never Meant American Football Polyvinyl Records
3:30pm The Flesh Eaters Life's a Dirty Rat A Hard Road to Follow Upsetter Records
3:28pm Cake On Cake Sea-Microphone I Guess I Was Dreaming Desolation Records
3:24pm Husker Du I Apologize New Day Rising SST Records
3:19pm Cluster & Brian Eno Old Land Old Land Relativity Records
3:14pm Cluster & Brian Eno Fur Luise Old Land Relativity Records
3:11pm Cluster & Brian Eno Wermut Old Land Relativity Records
3:08pm Cluster & Brian Eno Steinsame Old Land Relativity Records
3:03pm Cluster & Brian Eno Schone Hande` Old Land Relativity Records
3:00pm Bad Bad Hats It Hurts It Hurts - EP Afternoon Records
2:55pm Bleeding Rainbow Drift Away Drift Away Hozac
2:52pm Voicst Feel Like a Rocket Dutch Rock and Alternative 2009 Buma Cultuur
2:48pm Frank Allison and the Odd Sox Up All Night Monkey Business Relapse Records
2:45pm Buck-O-Nine Let's Drink Sustain Asian Man Records
2:43pm Medicine Onion Flower Medicine Creation Records
2:35pm The Solar Saturday City on the Ocean The Solar Saturday Near by Music
2:32pm The Electric Chairs Hot Blood The Electric Chairs Safari
2:26pm The Soft Boys Mr. Kennedy Nextdoorland Matador
2:22pm Cluster & Brian Eno The Belldog Old Land Relativity Records
2:15pm Cluster & Brian Eno Broken Head Old Land Relativity Records
2:10pm Cluster & Brian Eno Base & Apex Old Land Relativity Records

10/16/2014 | 12:00PM-2:00PM | Continental Drift Playlist | DJ: Serene D | Link

Start Artist Track Album
1:34pm Alaa Wardi Shalamonti Fel7al Shalamonti Fel7al
1:22pm Le Trio Jubran Laytaka A l'ombre des mots
1:10pm Zeid and the Wings Castel of Sand Aasfeh
12:45pm Yuna Mountains Nocturnal (Deluxe Edition)
12:35pm Dungua (Meet) the Garifuna Collective Ayo

10/16/2014 | 10:00AM-12:00PM | Jazz Playlist | DJ: Dave F | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label
12:01pm Montreux Summit/CBS Jazz All Stars Andromeda Montreux Summit Columbia
11:43am Return To Forever/Chick corea After The Cosmic Rain Hymn Of The 7th Galaxy Polydor
11:37am Greg Spero Raga Spero
11:34am Bill Dickens That's It Tha Truth Ropeadope Records
11:23am Frank Russell Noble Street 5 Circle Without End Sonic Portraits
11:14am Frank Russell Sly Covering All Basses
11:09am Dee Alexander Softly As In A Morning Sunrise Songs My Mother Loves Blu Jazz
11:06am Tim Tobias Balled Eagle
10:54am Pharoah Sanders Easy To Remember Journey to The One Theresa
10:44am Windy City Allstars Limehouse Blues Live At Andy's Big Foot Jazz
10:35am Ellington Dynasty I Let A Song Go Out Of My heart Live at Fitzgeralds
10:25am Windy City All Stars There'll Be Some Changes made Live At Andy's Big Foot Jazz
10:23am Ellington Dynasty Cottontail
10:23am Count Basie Blues For Ilene Before Frank Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab
10:22am Woody Herman Big Band Days of Wine & Roses 1963 Trip
10:18am Jazz Members Big Band Presidential Manor Diggin In Seabreeze
10:17am Clarke Boland Big Band Johnny One Note Ebullent Roaring and Screaming MPS

10/16/2014 | 7:30AM-10:00AM | Jazz Playlist | DJ: DJ Jazzy L | Title: King Rip's Caffeine Swing | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label
9:54am Soul Jazz Unit Pentatonic Acid Jazz Classics, Vol. 3 Irma Records
9:50am Ann Hampton Callaway It Had to Be You Easy Living Shanachie
9:45am Rob McConnell & The Boss Brass Gee Baby, Ain't I Good to You Don't Get Around Much Anymore Concord Records
9:22am Arturo Sandoval A Night In Tunisia (Actually An Entire Weekend) Black Music Month 2012 Sampler Concord Records
9:15am Gerry Mulligan Sextet Night Lights Night Lights VERVE REISSUES
9:10am Damita Jo I'll Get Along Somehow The Very Best of Damita Jo Collectables
9:06am Fabrizio Bosso Dizzy's Blues Jazz Al Dente Bonsaï Music
8:56am Woody Herman and His Orchestra Basie's Basement The Turning Point Hallmark
8:50am Carmen Lundy, Patrice Rushen Soul To Soul Soul To Soul Afrasia Productions
8:38am The Gene Harris Trio Plus One Things Ain't What They Used To Be [Live] The Gene Harris Trio Plus One Concord Records
8:33am Laverne Butler Go Away Little Boy A Foolish Thing To Do MAXJAZZ
8:27am Benny Bailey and Phil Woods Hard Sock Dance Big Brass & Rights of Swing Fresh Sound Records
8:16am Clark Terry Tee Pee Time Having Fun Delos
8:11am Carla Cook Tulip Or Turnip Simply Natural MAXJAZZ
8:06am Buddy Rich Love For Sale Live Remix The Best Of Buddy Rich / The Pacific Jazz Years Blue Note Records
7:56am Curtis Counce Complete You Get More Bounce With Curtis Counce Original Jazz Classics
7:53am Bill Charlap Liza Plays George Gershwin: The American Soul Blue Note Records
7:51am Lambert, Hendricks & Ross Cloudburst Twisted - The Best of Lambert, Hendricks & Ross Rhino / Wea
7:43am Eric Alexander Mr. Johnson Heavy Hitters Pony Canyon Records
7:36am Louie Bellson A Pearl For Louie Skin Deep Verve Records
7:31am Blue Mitchell Boomerang Out Of The Blue Fantasy Records
DJ Comments: King Rip's Caffeine Swing - Special guest interview with rising vocalist Sarah Marie Young, Thursday, October 25, 2014!

10/16/2014 | 5:00AM-6:00AM | Jazz Playlist | DJ: Javier | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label
6:10am Grant Green Django Idle Moments Blue Note
6:06am Sun Ra Impromptu Festival The Night of the Purple Moon
6:01am Eric Dolphy Mandrake Iron Man Metrotone
5:52am Jorgen Pettersson Jiin Saxophone con Forza
5:46am The Ornette Coleman Quartet Blues Connotation This Is Our Music Atlantic
5:37am Bob Falesch/Tatsuya Nakatani #3 Three Solo Improvisations
5:29am Bar Kokhba Sheloshim Bar Kokhba
5:24am First Brass October Sunshine First Brass
5:20am Wynton Marsalis Indeliable and Nocturnal Standard Time Vol. 2 Intimacy Calling Columbia Records
5:03am Anthony Braxton Composition 243 Four Compositions Delmark Records

10/15/2014 | 6:30PM-9:00PM | Rock Playlist | DJ: Alye M & Zach S w/ Paul T & Erik B | Link

Start Artist Track Album
8:43pm The Supremes Side A High Energy
8:39pm Various Artists Compromise / Midnight In And Out of Love
8:33pm The Secret Goldfish Venus Bonding/Erotic Mars The Secret Goldfish
8:30pm Titmachine 1989 Titmachine
8:28pm Martha Reeves and the Vandellas My Baby Loves Me Anthology
8:25pm Subsonics I Will Walk Alone A Lot To Forget
8:25pm Slits Slime In The Beginning
8:18pm Holly Golightly Without You The Good Things
8:14pm Mecca Normal Paris in April Paris In April
8:11pm Glass Candy Love on a Plate Glass Candy 2002
8:06pm Mary Timony Hard Times Are Hard! Ex Hex
8:04pm Tulips The Year Before I Went Crazy Night Of The Hunter
7:54pm Lesbians on Ecstasy Lesbians on Ecstasy Parachute Clubbing
7:50pm Mogwai Katrien Mogwai Young Team
7:45pm The Keep Sweet Suzanne Song For The Country 7"
7:40pm Gang of Four 5-45 Entertainment
7:37pm Tom Espinola / Lorraine Duisit Palindrome Feather River
7:36pm The Electras Soul Searchin The Electras
7:35pm Serge Gainsbourg Boomerange Les Annees Psychedeliques
7:32pm Hot Tuna Extrication Love Song Hot Tuna Live
7:21pm Outer Minds Bloodshot Eyes / Ordinary
7:11pm Tullycraft Radio Theme/Sent to the Moon Surf Beat Fun
7:10pm Omaha On This Day Accident
7:02pm Mecca Normal Tower Island Paris in April
6:55pm Beanpole/Nerdy Girl Beings Turn Out Okay/Horse In and Out of Love
6:50pm Olivia Tremor Control Today I Lost a Tooth/California Demise Pt 1 and 2 Presents: Singles and Beyond
6:48pm Nineteen Twenty-Nine Happy Electronics Last But Not Leased
6:43pm Paige Brook Samba de Orpheus Swingin' Flute
6:38pm Licorice Roots Pixellated Pixie Licorice Roots 7"

10/15/2014 | 4:00PM-6:30PM | Rock Playlist | DJ: Jack C & Jessie D | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label
6:23pm Ali Azmat Garaj Baras Paap
6:19pm Shreya Ghoshal Nagada Sang Dhol Ram-Leela Universal Music
6:15pm Sharif Zapatos de Cristal A Ras de Sueno BOA
6:09pm Yuvan Shankar Raja Loosu Penne Vallavan
6:05pm Shingo Suzuki Rebirth LA JPN LA Vol. 1 Oragami Productions
6:00pm Seabear Good Morning Scarecrow The Ghost That Carried Us Away Hausmusik
5:59pm Shesus B-Side Radio Shesus Loves You... Narnack Records
5:58pm Routineers The Insolence of Cowardice Routineers Sammich Records
5:48pm Minyeshu Halafi nen kealem (serra) Dire Dawa Me and My Other Records
5:40pm Per Tjernberg Boro Vershan The Third World Rub-A-Dub Records
5:36pm Bau Raquel Cape Verdean Melancholy Africa Nostra
5:31pm Abdulaye Diabate Foronto Frikyiwa Six Degrees Records
5:27pm LaBrassBanda Marienkafer Habediehre Eulenspeigel
5:25pm Houria Aichi & L'Hijaz La Jument Grise Ethnoport Poznan
4:59pm The Atomic Bitchwax Kiss The Sun Boxriff MeteorCity
4:55pm Firestone Code to Destroy Fuzzsplit Of The Century Fuzzorama Records
4:50pm Valley of the Sun Hearts Aflame The Sayings Of The Seers No Label
4:45pm Trippy Wicked & The Cosmic Children Of The Knight Up the Stakes Going Home Superhot Records
4:41pm John Garcia My Mind John Garcia Napalm Records
4:38pm Alabama Thunderpussy Shapeshifter Staring At The Divine Relapse Records
4:31pm Sub Division Promise (Bad Mammal Mix) The Primos EP Hard Soul Records
4:26pm Grasscut The Door In the Wall 1 Inch/½ Mile Ninja Tune
4:22pm Pond Aloneaflameaflower Hobo Robot Modular Recordings
4:19pm Fuerzabruta Corredor Final Fuerzabruta OST Ozono Producciones
4:15pm Bomba Estereo Huepaje Bomba Estereo Vol 1 Polen Records
4:11pm Luisa Maita Fulaninha (Maga Bo Mix) Maita Remixed Cumbacha
4:09pm DJ Kridlokk X Not On Label (DJ Kridlokk Self-released)
4:08pm The Figura Ze Bula (Chancha Via Circuito Mix) Rio Arriba Ultrapop

10/15/2014 | 2:00PM-4:00PM | Rock Playlist | DJ: The Bun Show | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label
3:49pm Oozing Wound Colonel's Kernel Earth Suck Thrill Jockey
3:34pm Unstoppable Death Machines Track 2 Untitled
3:20pm Television My Very First Nervous Breakdown Perspectives
3:17pm Henry's Dress (You're My) Radio One Henry's Dress Slumberland Records
3:12pm Rita Mitsouko Un Soir Un Chien The No Comprendo Virgin
3:07pm Japanther Claudia's Symptoms The Operating Manual For Life Here On Earth Menlo Park
3:04pm Lapalux The Dead Sea Nostalchic
3:03pm Mirah 1982 (atari) Storageland Yoyo Recordings
2:53pm Throbbing Gristle Persuasion 20 Jazz Funk Greats Mute
2:52pm Duane Pitre Mvmt IV. Koan Origin
2:46pm Oneida Medium Cool A Place Called Shaddai's
2:42pm Origami Artika NY Stein Vardogr Silber Records
2:37pm Yasuhiro Otani Fragment2 Brain-Wash Pale Blue
2:24pm Wrekmeister Harmonies Then It All Came Down Then It All Came Down Thrill Jockey
2:17pm none African Voodoo Drum Music
2:14pm Dante Augustus Scarlatti Subsonic Cleansing of the Static Masses Worship At The Throne Of The Oscillator Auris Apothecary
2:11pm Terry Riley Full Album Persian Surgery Dervishes

10/15/2014 | 10:00AM-12:00PM | Jazz Playlist | DJ: Marv Goldsher | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label New
12:11pm Barre Phillips Trio Big Man, Huge Man Trignition 9winds '99
11:58am Utoma Trio Bianco Dunmall Picard Labyrinths Utoma Trio (1999) Eminem '00
11:36am Duke Ellington Medley: Black and..Creole Love..The Mooche Duke Ellington At The Alhambra Pablo '02
11:29am Mark Turner Quartet Lathe Of Heaven Lathe Of Heaven ECM Records '14
11:29am Nick Levinovsky Loneliness Special Opinion Butman Music '13 N
11:25am Marius Peyer We Kiss In A Shadow Weber* - Stoffner* - Unsung Songs Unit Records '00
11:11am Elliott Levin Quartet Burning Flame The Motion Of Emotion CIMP '97
11:00am Peter Madsen's Cia trio Hound Dog Elvis Never Left The Building Playscape '14 N
10:52am Percy Humphrey's Crescent City Joymakers When I Grow To Old To Dream Climax Rag Delmark '99CIM
10:42am Satoko Fuji's Ma-Do Quartet Ring The Bell Heat Wave Libra Records '08
10:34am Hafez Modirzadeh Numbers That Move In Convergence Liberating Pi Recordings '14 N
10:22am John Coltrane Octet Light Blue Interplay For 2 Trumpets and 2 Tenors Prestige '57
10:16am Mosaic Sextet Mr. Phinney Today, This Moment GM Recordings '91
10:15am Ellis MarsalisTrio Jitterbug Waltz Ellis Marsalis Trio Blue Note '91

10/15/2014 | 7:30AM-10:00AM | Jazz Playlist | DJ: John | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label New
9:59am Art Ensemble of Chicago Walking in the Moonlight The Third Decade ECM Records
9:53am Lol Coxhill Third Rare Duet Alone and Together Emanem
9:46am Guillermo Gregorio Construction With Three Groups Faktura hat ART
9:26am Derek Bermel: Alarm Will Sound Hot Zone Canzonas Americanas Cantaloupe
9:21am Brass Ensemble of the Jazz and Classical Music Society Suspensions Birth Of The Third Stream Columbia
9:13am Eric Alexander Just One Of Those Things Chicago Fire HighNote N
9:06am Alessandro Collina Brazilian Like Michel On Air ITI Records N
8:58am Klang #32 Busonius Tea Music Allos Documents
8:51am Jeb Bishop Trio Cryptic Remark Jeb Bishop Trio, Kent Kessler, Tim Mulvenna Okka Disk
8:45am Todd Bishop Group Rover Travelogue Origin N
8:42am Nat King Cole Trio Laugh! Cool Clown The Best of the Nat King Cole Trio Capitol Jazz
8:34am Freddy Cole Somewhere Down The Line This Is The Life Muse Records
8:19am Anthony Braxton Lush Life In the Tradition SteepleChase
8:14am Michael Carvin Experience In Walked Bud Flash Forward Motema N
8:08am Marilyn Crispell & Raymond MacDonald Sun Song Parallel Moments Babel N
7:51am Stefano Leonardi The Melody Remains Conversations About Thomas Chapin Leo Records N
7:46am Alan Chan Jazz Orchestra Tsu Zu Ku Shrimp Tale Crown Heights Audio Network N
7:31am Assif Tsahar & the Brass Reeds Ensemble Rainbow on My Table The Hollow World Hopscotch

10/15/2014 | 5:00AM-7:30AM | Jazz Playlist | DJ: Alain D | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label New
7:25am The Spin Quartet Cowboy Song In Circles Origin Records N
7:14am Angelica Sanchez / Wadada Leo Smith Veinular Rub Twine Forest Clean Feed N
7:09am Bradford/Gjerstad Quartet And Me, Me and You Silver Cornet Nessa Records N
6:59am Tomas Fujiwara Trio Insomniac's Delight Variable Bets Relative Pitch Records N
6:56am Nels Cline & Julian Lage Racy Room Mack Avenue N
6:43am Russ Johnson Out to Lunch Still Out To Lunch! Enja N
6:37am Aki Takase - Alex von Schlippenbach The Prophet So Long, Eric! Homage to Eric Dolphy Intakt Records N
6:28am Jimmy Bennington / Demian Richardson Trio Know More Blues Exotic Coda CIMP N
6:18am Ken Thomson and Slow/Fast Welding for Freedom Settle NCM East N
6:07am Matt Bauder Octavia Minor Nightshades Clean Feed N
6:01am Pandelis Karayorgis Quintet Obsession Afterimage Driff Records N
5:52am Evan Parker & Sylvie Courvoisier If/Or Either Or And Relative Pitch Records N
5:42am Stemeseder - Gray - Webber For Erik Jagged Spheres Self-released N
5:36am Ronald Jackson & The Decoding Society Mother's Day Montreux Jazz Festival Knit Classics
5:19am Kris Davis Trio Whirly Swirly Waiting For You To Grow Clean Feed N
5:08am Connie Crothers Dans Mes Rêves Concert In Paris New Artists N
5:03am Steve Lacy Lush Life Avignon and After - Volume 2 Emanem N
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