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Time Wednesday
  • Freeform
  • DJ Jazzy L
  • Saturday, February 2nd, 2013
  • 2:00AM - 5:00AM
  • Playlist
  • Jazz
  • Alain D
  • Wednesday, January 30th, 2013
  • 5:00AM - 7:30AM
  • Playlist
  • Jazz
  • DJ Jazzy L
  • Thursday, January 31st, 2013
  • 5:00AM - 7:30AM
  • Playlist
  • Jazz
  • Geoffrey
  • Friday, February 1st, 2013
  • 5:00AM - 7:30AM
  • Playlist
  • Jazz
  • Mike Corsa
  • Monday, February 4th, 2013
  • 5:00AM - 7:30AM
  • Playlist
  • Jazz
  • Joe G
  • Tuesday, February 5th, 2013
  • 5:00AM - 7:30AM
  • Playlist
  • Gospel
  • Wendy Leighton
  • Sunday, February 3rd, 2013
  • 6:00AM - 8:00AM
  • Playlist
  • Jazz
  • John
  • Wednesday, January 30th, 2013
  • 7:30AM - 10:00AM
  • Playlist
  • Jazz
  • Flavian Wallis
  • Friday, February 1st, 2013
  • 7:30AM - 10:00AM
  • Playlist
  • Jazz
  • Stephen Ptacek
  • Tuesday, February 5th, 2013
  • 7:30AM - 10:00AM
  • Playlist
  • Gospel
  • Gospel Show
  • Sunday, February 3rd, 2013
  • 8:00AM - 10:00AM
  • Playlist
  • Jazz
  • Tolga/Christophe
  • Wednesday, January 30th, 2013
  • 10:00AM - 12:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Jazz
  • Marv Goldsher
  • Thursday, January 31st, 2013
  • 10:00AM - 12:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Jazz
  • Eric Ricks
  • Friday, February 1st, 2013
  • 10:00AM - 12:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Jazz
  • Art Lange Peter Kostakis
  • Monday, February 4th, 2013
  • 10:00AM - 12:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Continental Drift
  • Michael Bortinger
  • Thursday, January 31st, 2013
  • 12:00PM - 2:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Continental Drift
  • Jessica P
  • Friday, February 1st, 2013
  • 12:00PM - 2:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Both Kinds
  • Al Finley
  • Sunday, February 3rd, 2013
  • 12:00PM - 1:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Continental Drift
  • Svyat N
  • Monday, February 4th, 2013
  • 12:00PM - 2:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Continental Drift
  • Kevin L
  • Tuesday, February 5th, 2013
  • 12:00PM - 2:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Classical and Beyond
  • Theron Humiston
  • Saturday, February 2nd, 2013
  • 1:00PM - 4:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Rock
  • Eileen H
  • Wednesday, January 30th, 2013
  • 2:00PM - 4:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Rock
  • Ethan
  • Thursday, January 31st, 2013
  • 2:00PM - 4:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Rock
  • Harlynn Siler
  • Friday, February 1st, 2013
  • 2:00PM - 4:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Rock
  • the voice of reason
  • Monday, February 4th, 2013
  • 2:00PM - 6:30PM
  • Playlist
  • Rock
  • Gillian
  • Tuesday, February 5th, 2013
  • 2:00PM - 4:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Lotus Beat
  • Jalpa
  • Sunday, February 3rd, 2013
  • 3:30PM - 5:30PM
  • Playlist
  • Rock
  • Emai & Chris
  • Wednesday, January 30th, 2013
  • 4:00PM - 6:30PM
  • Playlist
  • Rock
  • Ramona Roy
  • Thursday, January 31st, 2013
  • 4:00PM - 6:30PM
  • Playlist
  • Rock
  • Dan Sloan
  • Friday, February 1st, 2013
  • 4:00PM - 6:30PM
  • Playlist
  • Rock
  • samstahl
  • Tuesday, February 5th, 2013
  • 4:00PM - 6:30PM
  • Playlist
  • Freeform
  • Javier
  • Sunday, February 3rd, 2013
  • 6:00PM - 8:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Rock
  • Gillian and Jason
  • Wednesday, January 30th, 2013
  • 6:30PM - 9:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Rock
  • Peter + Caitlin
  • Friday, February 1st, 2013
  • 6:30PM - 9:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Rock
  • Jason
  • Monday, February 4th, 2013
  • 6:30PM - 9:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Rock
  • Ethan
  • Tuesday, February 5th, 2013
  • 6:30PM - 9:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Hidden Forms
  • Hidden Forms
  • Saturday, February 2nd, 2013
  • 7:00PM - 9:00PM
  • Playlist
  • WNUR Handpicked
  • ajain
  • Wednesday, January 30th, 2013
  • 9:00PM - 10:00PM
  • Playlist
  • WNUR Handpicked
  • Kimberly
  • Monday, February 4th, 2013
  • 9:00PM - 10:00PM
  • Playlist
  • Hip-Hop
  • DJ Deluge
  • Tuesday, February 5th, 2013
  • 10:00PM - 12:00AM
  • Playlist

Recent Playlists

08/04/2015 | 5:00AM-7:30AM | Jazz Playlist | DJ: Joe G | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label
7:31am Assif Tsahar/Cooper-Moore/Hamid Drake The Sheperd Lost Brother Hopscotch Records
7:21am Roy Campbell Pyramid Trio Imhotep Ethnic Stew And Brew Delmark Records
7:07am DKV Trio Elephantasy Trigonometry Okka Disk
7:05am Hamid Drake & Assif Tsahar St. Thomas Soul Bodies, Vol. 2 Ayler
6:56am Hamid Drake & Michael Zerang Zikr of the Heart Ask the Sun Okka Disk
6:50am Hamid Drake & Bindu Take Us Home Reggaeology Rogueart
6:39am Chicago Trio Jah Music Velvet Songs To Baba Fred Anderson Rogueart
6:32am Ernest Dawkins' New Horizons Ensemble Ah Mandela After the Dawn has Risen Open Minds
6:23am Fred Anderson & Hamid Drake Black Women Back Together Again Thrill Jockey
6:15am Indigo Trio Anaya with the Moon Anaya Rogueart
6:09am Eri Yamamoto & Hamid Drake Midtown Blues Duologues AUM Fidelity
6:00am William Parker Raining on the Moon Doctor Yesterday Corn Meal Dance AUM Fidelity
5:55am Art Ensemble of Chicago Odwalla / Theme Urban Bushmen ECM
5:51am Le Super Borgou de Parakou Ko Guere The Bariba Sound 1970-1976 Analog Africa
5:48am Gilberto Gil & Gal Costa Chuva, Suo e Cerveja Live in London '71 Discobertas
5:43am The Mighty Sceptres Just Didn't Mean It All Hail The Mighty Sceptres Ubiquity
5:40am Lefties Soul Connection Fais-Do-Do MPM-038 (7") Melting Pot Music
5:35am Spaceways Incorporated She Just Got Here Version Soul Atavistic
5:16am William Parker Move on Up I Plan to Stay a Believer: The Inside Songs of Curtis Mayfield AUM Fidelity
5:06am Curtis Mayfield Move on Up The Very Best of Rhino
5:02am Detroit Emeralds I'm Qualified Greatest Hits Soul Classics
5:00am Bunny & Cindy Sure Didn't Take Long Philadelphia Roots: The Sound Of Philadelphia, Funk Soul And The Roots Of Disco 1965-73 Soul Jazz

08/03/2015 | 6:30PM-9:00PM | Rock Playlist | DJ: JasonV & RamonaR | Title: ROCK | Mood: rock | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label
9:07pm Lobo de Lava Oriente Lobo de Lava Cool Ghost Records
8:55pm Lobo de Lava NNN Lobo de Lava Cool Ghost Records
8:53pm Asparagus City Blues Garfield Cool Ghost Records
8:49pm El Sur Agosto DO Cool Ghost Records
8:45pm Original Artyefacts Paris, Texas Put in Wave Cool Ghost Records
8:44pm Santos Wussies Pumpkins Cool Ghost Records
8:41pm Santos Wussies Summer Case Cool Ghost Records
8:36pm El Sur Such a Shame We Cool Ghost Records
8:30pm Santos Wussies Queridia Mia Cool Ghost Records
8:25pm The Octocats Dragon Flame Cool Ghost Records
8:22pm Original Artyefacts Satelite Put in Wave Cool Ghost Records
8:20pm Asparagus City Blues Kung Fu Jesus Cool Ghost Records
8:18pm Los Waffles Brigitte Bardot Cool Ghost Records
8:15pm Nico Wussy Ripped Jeans Cool Ghost Records
8:15pm Santos Wussies Hippie Foods Cool Ghost Records
8:14pm Original Artyefacts Lovely Cool Ghost Records
7:59pm Holly Herndon Morning Sun Platform Rvng Intl.
7:56pm Viki Dirty Teacher Viki Animal Disguise
7:52pm Jet Black Crayon Tomorrow was Raining Inaccuracies Of The Mind Machine Function8
7:47pm Ssleeperhold Timeghosts Ruleth HoloDeck
7:43pm Takako Minekawa Fantastic Cat Little Darla Has a Treat for You Darla
7:37pm Merzbow Looping Jane (Beat Mix) Merzbeat Important Records
7:30pm Flying Saucer Attack Past New Lands Drag City
7:25pm Merzbow Tadpole Merzbeat Important Records
7:24pm Charles Edward Fambro Happens Apartment House 2006
7:20pm Mae Shi Jubilee Terrorbird 5 Rue Christine
7:08pm Cake Kitchen Old Grey Coast The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea Merge
7:05pm The Body The Mourner of Perished Days Christs, Redeemers Thrill Jockey
7:00pm St.ride Icq St.ride Snowdonia / Mizmaze
6:40pm Trapist For All The Time Spent In This Room Ballroom Thrill Jockey
6:35pm Mike VanPortFleet Stellar Buckshot Awaits Beyond the Horizon Line Silber Records

08/03/2015 | 4:00PM-6:30PM | Rock Playlist | DJ: Lou Kovitz | Title: The Outer Limits | Mood: Tired | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label
6:22pm Psychic TV Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun A Saucer Full Of Pink Cleopatra
6:14pm Zodiac Youth/Orb Fast Forward The Future (Orb Remix) Auntie Aubrey's Excursions Beyond The Call Of Duty Deviant
6:07pm Killing Joke Grattitude Hosannas From The Basements Of Hell Cooking Vinyl
6:01pm Porcupine Tree And The Swallows Dance Around The Sun Stars Die Kscope
5:56pm The Boyzz Too Wild To Tame Too Wild To Tame Cleveland International Records
5:53pm Max Webster Chalkers Universal Juveniles Anthem Records
5:47pm How To Destroy Angels Keep It Together Welcome Oblivion Columbia
5:42pm Pretty Things Baron Saturday Heavy Mod Mojo
5:31pm Liberation Thru Herring The Root Verses Of The Six Bardos Pick & Mix Delerium
5:16pm Ghost Mastillah/RabiRabi Lama Rabi Rabi Drag City
5:09pm Offspring/Lard The Disclaimer/Faith, Hope and Treachery Ixnay/Pure Chewing Satisfaction ?/Alternative Tentacles
5:04pm Cevin Key I Still Ate Her` Wild Planet Subconscious Communications
4:58pm Nazareth Somebody To Roll Play N The Game A&M
4:54pm Bubble Puppy Hot Smoke And Sassafras Heavy Mod Mojo
4:49pm Painkiller Buried Secrets Buried Secrets Earache
4:31pm Electric Masada Karaim At The Mountains Of Madness Tzadik
4:25pm Alice Cooper Talk Talk/Clones Flush The Fashion Warner Bros. Records
4:19pm Prong Controller Rude Awakening Epic
4:11pm Download Hallo Gallo A Homage To Neu! Cleopatra
4:09pm Test Dept. Chillio Drug Test 2 Invisible

08/03/2015 | 2:00PM-4:00PM | Rock Playlist | DJ: SLIME | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label
3:09pm Naked City Vals de Travers Absinthe / Leng T'che Tzadik
3:05am +DOG+ plastic surgery plastic surgery love earth music
3:01pm Dying Ground The Cruel One Dying Ground Jasrac
2:54pm Earthling Tempel Black Obsidian Morning Pilgramage To Thunderbolt Pagoda Lotushouse Records
2:52pm The Body Night of blood in a world without end Christs, Redeemers Thrill Jockey
2:42pm Stelvio Cipriani Tentacoli Soundtrack
2:39pm Naked City Snagglepuss Naked City Elextra Nonesuch
2:36pm Dhow Act of Grace Dhow Inam Records

08/03/2015 | 10:00AM-12:00PM | Jazz Playlist | DJ: Art Lange Peter Kostakis | Title: Writers' Bloc | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label
11:49am Michael Sell Ensemble Tentettvariations On... Der Heilig'n Landmusik MISP
11:32am Jackie McLean Right Now! (alternate take) Right Now! Blue Note
11:24am The Art Ensemble Tatas Matos Art Ensemble 1967 / 68 Nessa
11:14am Terumasa Hino / Masabumi Kikuchi Quintet J.L.L. (ver. 1) Counter Current Sony Music Japan
11:09am COWWS Quintet P. Waltz Grooves 'n' Loops FMP
11:02am ICP Orchestra Serendipity Music By Willem Breuker ICP
10:52am Count Basie's Kansas City Seven Count's Place Kansas City 7 Impulse
10:47am Thomas Heberer's Clarino Mole Klippe Clean Feed
10:45am Billie Holiday & Her Orchestra No Regrets Billie Holiday On Columbia Columbia
10:41am Shelly Manne Steeplechase "The Three" & "The Two" Contemporary / jvcmusic (Japan)
10:39am Bob & Ray The Question Man Vintage Bob And Ray, Volume 2 RadioArt
10:33am Tonight At Noon (Andre Sumelius / Mikko Heleva / Jussi Kannaste / Mikko Innanen / Jukka Eskola) Ecclusiastics To Mingus, With Love Prophone
10:20am Eric Dolphy Mandrake Iron Man Fuel 2000
10:16am Carmell Jones Kisses Sweeter Than Wine Mosaic Select: Carnell Jones Mosaic Records
10:13am Cor Fuhler Zand I Corkestra Datarecords
10:07am Chet Baker Brash In Paris: The Barclay Years 1955-56 Fresh Sound
10:04am Borah Bergman Meditation1 Meditations For Piano Tzadik
10:02am George Chisholm and His Orchestra All is Not Gold That Jitters Early Days 1935-44 Timeless

08/03/2015 | 7:30AM-10:00AM | Jazz Playlist | DJ: Stann | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label New
8:49am nicole mitchell navigator Black Unstoppable Delmark Records
8:47am kenny garrett boogety boogety Seeds From The Underground Mack Avenue Records
8:47am dee alexander rossignol Wild Is The Wind blujazz
8:46am melissa aldana dear joe melissa aldana and crash trio Inner Circle Music
8:45am john coltrane aisha ole' coltrane Atlantic Jazz
8:44am miles davis ah leu cha at newport 1958 Columbia
8:42am betty carter something big inside betty carter United Artists Records
8:41am sonny rollins blessing in disguise east broadway rundown impulse
8:40am billy paul going east going east/war of the gods Raven Records
8:38am gato barbieri india the impulse story Impulse!
8:37am charlie parker old folks legendary hits 2000 point entertainment
8:30am charlie parker mohawk bird and diz Clef Records
8:29am charlie parker leap frog bird and diz Clef Records
8:19am Gene Ammons/Sonny Stitt John Brown's Body Boss Tenors In Orbit Verve Records
8:09am Larry Newcomb Quartet All the things You Are Live Intentionally! Essential Messenger N
8:02am Chico Hamilton Larry of Arabia Best of Chico Impulse!
8:01am Chico Hamilton Evil Eye Best of Chico Impulse!
7:57am Johnny Lytle Happy Ground! Happy Ground! Jazzland
7:47am B B King Everyday I Have the Blues Live in Cook County Jail ABC Records
7:45am Future 2000 I think I'm in Love EP Boom Shot Records N
7:40am United Rythms of Messidor Mario Bauza United Rythms Messidor
7:37am Hampton Hawes Sierra Morena Northern Windows Prestige
7:35am Louis jordan Ain't Nobody but us Chickens Best of Capital
7:33am Louis Jordan Choo Choo Chi Boogie Best of Capitol

08/03/2015 | 5:00AM-7:30AM | Jazz Playlist | DJ: Mike Corsa | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label New
7:23am Charles-Cha-Cha-Shaw Super Silk Into Morning Folkways Records
7:20am Trio Lost Frequency Smell of Ginko Found Frequency Leo Records N
7:18am Ivo Perelman Part 1 Counterpoint Leo Records N
7:13am Sir Richard Bishop Bound in Morocco Tangier Sessions Drag City N
7:08am Ken Aldcroft & Scott Thomson Red Red & Blue Trio Records And Productions N
7:00am Roy Nathanson & Anthony Coleman La Monte's Nightmare The Coming Great Millenium... Knitting Factory Works
6:57am Harry Miller Architecture Open House Optimism
6:47am Chris Golinski, Tim McNally, Boaz Roberts [Track 1] Rodeo Edgetone Records
6:36am DKV Trio Complete Communion Suite: Parts 1 & 2 Live In Wels & Chicago, 1998 Okka Disk
6:32am Jamaaladeen Tacuma Rhythm Of Your Mind Jukebox Gramavision
6:28am Ernest Dawkins Live the Spirit Residency Big Band Subterfuge Memory In The Center: An Afro Opera - Homage To Nelson Mandela Dawk Publishing N
6:18am Aram Shelton Quartet Relief These Times Singlespeed Music
6:12am Connie Crothers Vibration Perception SteepleChase
6:07am The 3.5.7. Ensemble Stand Fast Amongst The Smokestacks and Steeples Milk Factory Productions
5:54am Archie Shepp Whisper Not Little Red Moon Soul Note
5:47am Tim Berne's Snakeoil Lost In Redding You've Been Watching Me ECM Records N
5:43am Gary Burton Doin The Pig Throb Atlantic
5:25am Gene Ammons All Stars Not Really The Blues Jammin' With Gene Prestige
5:19am Wolfgang Dauner Quintet Come On In On In The Oimels MPS Records
5:15am Jeff Marx / Jeff 'Siege' Siegel / John Esposito Mr K Tahrir Sunjump
5:09am Ruby Braff with the Ed Bickert Trio Featuring Don Thompson And Terry Clark This Year's Kisses [Self-Titled] Sackville
5:00am Michael Carvin Experience Night In Tunesia Flash Forward Motema N

08/02/2015 | 7:00PM-9:00PM | WNUR Handpicked Playlist | DJ: Vil Z | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label
7:36pm Intruders Save The Children Let's Clean Up The Ghetto Philadelphia International
7:30pm G.W. McLennan Easy Come Easy Go Easy Come Easy Go Phil Kakulus

08/02/2015 | 5:30PM-7:00PM | WNUR Handpicked Playlist | DJ: gbuzzard | Title: Shred, White, and Blue | Mood: Headbanging | Link

Start Artist Track Album
6:59pm Despair Descending Inner Night Monotony Fields
6:55pm Saviours (feat. Wino) Hot Rails to Hell (Blue Oyster Cult cover) Decibel single
6:50pm Envy Blue Moonlight Atheist's Cornea
6:47pm Witchery House of Raining Blood Restless & Dead
6:43pm Autopsy Gasping for Air Severed Survival
6:34pm Barghest Neo-Promethean Into Weeping Firmament
6:29pm Big Business Grounds for Divorce Here Come The Waterworks
6:23pm Iskra Predator Drone MQ-1 Ruins
6:15pm blackQueen The Olde Relgion The Directress
6:08pm Battlecross Misery Pursuit Of Honor
6:01pm One Master At the Hour of Saturn Reclusive Basphemy
5:56pm Sacrilege At Death's Door Behind The Realms Of Madness
5:49pm A Forest of Stars Hive Mindless Beware The Sword You Cannot See
5:45pm Blind Guardian War of the Thrones At the Edge of Time

08/02/2015 | 4:00PM-5:30PM | Lotus Beat Playlist | DJ: Grishma & Jalpa | Link

Start Artist Track Album
5:41pm Swami Pal bhar Mein
5:40pm Daawat-e-Ishq Daawat-e-Ishq
5:38pm Mannat Daawat-e-Ishq
5:10pm Udhi Udhi Paa
5:09pm Intezaar Paap
5:08pm Sunn Raha hai Aashiqui 2
5:08pm Kajra Re Bunty Aur Babli
5:07pm Chikni Chameli Agneepath
5:07pm Rang De Thakshak
5:07pm Aise Na Dekho Raanjhanaa
5:07pm Tutti Bole Wedding Welcome Back
5:06pm Afghsn Jalebi Phantom
5:06pm Yolo All Is Well
5:06pm Brothers Anthem Brothers
5:05pm Dum Ghutta hai Drishyam

08/02/2015 | 2:30PM-4:00PM | Blues Playlist | DJ: SteveTemkin | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label
3:26pm Tinsley Ellis Cut You Loose Storm Warning Alligator Records
3:25pm Tinsley Ellis Devil for a Dime Storm Warning Alligator Records
3:15pm Sharon Lewis The Real Deal Mother Blues Delmark
3:15pm Liz Mandeville Clarksdale/Riverside Hotel Blues Clarksdale Blue Kitty Records
3:14pm Buddy Guy Thick Like Mississippi Mud Born to Play Guitar Silvertone
3:13pm Buddy Guy Feels Like Rain Can't Quit the Blues Silvertone Records
2:45pm Peter Parcek Lord Help the Poor and Needy The Mathematics Of Love Redstar Entertainment
2:43pm Vance Kelly The Blues Is Allright/Going Fishing Live at the Kingston Mines Wolf Records
2:43pm Vance Kelly Members Only Live at the Kingston Mines Wolf Records

08/02/2015 | 12:00PM-2:30PM | Both Kinds Playlist | DJ: Al Finley | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label
2:28pm The Wailin' Jennys Summertime Live At The Mauch Chunk Opera House Red House Records
2:24pm Black Lillies The Fall Runaway Freeway Blues North Knox Records
2:22pm Steve Earle & The Dukes (& Duchesses) Love's Gonna Blow My Way The Low Highway New West Records
2:17pm NRBQ Keep This Love Goin' Keep This Love Goin' Clang!
2:16pm Sara Watkins You're The One I Love Sun Midnight Sun Nonesuch Records
2:12pm Justin Townes Earle Worried Bout The Weathers Single Mothers Vagrant Records
2:06pm Nathan Stanley You Can't Make Old Friends Every Mile Willow Creek Records
2:03pm Ralph Stanley He Suffered For My Reward A Mother's Prayer Rebel Records
1:53pm The Band The Genetic Method Rock Of Ages Capitol Records
1:47pm Jamey Johnson Living For A Song Living For A Song - A Tribute To Hank Cochran Mercury
1:45pm Jamey Johnson A-11 Living For A Song - A Tribute To Hank Cochran Mercury
1:40pm Jamey Johnson I Fall To Pieces Living For A Song - A Tribute To Hank Cochran Mercury
1:37pm Jamey Johnson Make The World Go Away Living For A Song - A Tribute To Hank Cochran Mercury
1:35pm Hank Cochran I'm Ready The Eddie Cochran Box Set EMI Records Ltd
1:34pm Hank & Eddie Latch On The Eddie Cochran Box Set EMI Records Ltd
1:32pm Hank Cochran Latch On The Eddie Cochran Box Set EMI Records Ltd
1:29pm Hank Cochran & Billy Don Burns I'd Better Write It Down Desperate Men: The Legend And The Outlaw Smal Dog-A-Barkin'
1:25pm Hank Cochran & Billy Don Burns Way To Mexico Desperate Men: The Legend And The Outlaw Smal Dog-A-Barkin'
1:22pm Hank Cochran & Billy Don Burns Patsy Desperate Men: The Legend And The Outlaw Smal Dog-A-Barkin'
1:15pm Gene Vincent Dance To The Bop The Gene Vincent Box Set: Complete Capitol And Columbia Recordings/Dance To The Bop EMI Records Ltd
1:13pm Gene Vincent I Got It The Gene Vincent Box Set: Complete Capitol And Columbia Recordings/Dance To The Bop EMI Records Ltd
1:10pm Gene Vincent Rip It Up The Gene Vincent Box Set: Complete Capitol And Columbia Recordings/Get It EMI Records Ltd
1:06pm Gene Vincnet Rocky Road Blues The Gene Vincent Box Set: Complete Capitol And Columbia Recordings/Get It EMI Records Ltd
1:03pm Gene Vincent Get It The Gene Vincent Box Set: Complete Capitol And Columbia Recordings/Get It EMI Records Ltd
12:58pm The Whites Slow Dancin' Give A Little Back Step One Records
12:56pm The Whites Give A Little Back Give A Little Back Step One Records
12:52pm Buddy Emmons Oleo One For The Road Americana Records, Inc.
12:50pm Buddy Emmons Intro-Raisin' The Dickens Live Americana Records, Inc.
12:47pm Buddy Emmons Bottle Baby Boogie Buddy Emmons Sings Bob Wills Flying Fish
12:44pm Buddy Emmons Indian Killed a Woodcock/Sugarfoot Rag Steel Guitar Flying Fish
12:41pm Buddy Emmons Indiana (Back Home Again In Indiana) Steel Guitar Jazz Verve Records
12:39pm The Country Boys Country Boy Bounce Amazing Steel Guitar: The Buddy Emmons Collection Razor & Tie
12:37pm The Country Boys Raisin' The Dickens Amazing Steel Guitar: The Buddy Emmons Collection Razor & TIe
12:34pm Little Jimmy Dickens Life Turned Her That Way I'm Little But I'm Loud: The Little Jimmy Dickens Collection Razor & Tie
12:32pm Little Jimmy Dickens (I Got) A Hole In My Pocket I'm Little But I'm Loud: The Little Jimmy Dickens Collection Razor & Tie
12:29pm Faron Young I'm Gonna Live Some Before I Die Steelin' It Proper Records Ltd.
12:27pm Faron Young Shame On You Steelin' It Proper Records Ltd.
12:24pm Onie Wheeler A Beggar For Your Love Steelin' It Proper Records Ltd.
12:21pm Onie Wheeler A Booger Gonna Get Getcha Steelin' It Proper Records Ltd.
12:15pm Lynn Anderson How Can I Unlove You You're My Man Collectables Records
12:12pm Lynn Anderson You're My Man You're My Man Collectables Records
12:09pm Lynn Anderson Nothing Between Us Rose Garden Collectables Records
12:05pm Lynn Anderson Sunday Morning Coming Down Rose Garden Collectables Records
12:03pm Lynn Anderson Rose Garden Rose Garden Collectables Records

08/02/2015 | 10:00AM-12:00PM | Folk Playlist | DJ: Ron Lewis | Link

Start Artist Track Album
11:59am Anne Heaton The Alchemist Honeycomb
11:58am Pat Gaughan, LJ Slavin Red Haired Boy From Erin's Shore
11:54am Kristin Lems Chicago I Will You and Me and All of the Above
11:50am Watkins Family Hour Steal Your Heart Away Watkins Family Hour
11:45am Justin Townes Earle Worried Bout the Weather Single Mothers / Absent Fathers
11:41am April Verch The Newpart The Newpart
11:33am Cry Cry Cry Speaking with the Angel Cry Cry Cry
11:31am Jack Johnson Angel Sleep Through the Static
11:27am Sarah McLachlan Angel Surfacing
11:24am James Taylor Angels of Fenway Before This World
11:21am Merrilee Rush, The Turnabouts Angel of the Morning Angel of the Morning
11:18am The Kennedys Angels Cry-Live Retrospective
11:11am Jim Croce New York's Not My Home Lost Time in a Bottle
11:09am Simon and Garfunkel The 59th Street Bridge Song Live 1969
11:05am Paul Simon The Only Living Boy in New York - Live Live in New York City
11:02am The Milk Carton Kids New York Prologue
10:54am Iron and WIne, Ben Bridwell This Must Be The Place Sing Into My Mouth
10:51am Patty Griffin Rider of Days Rider of Days (Single)
10:45am Heart Dog and Butterfly: Acoustic Demo Strange Euphoria
10:42am Patty Larkin I Told Him My Dog Wouldn't Run Angles Running
10:37am The Story Dog Dreams Grace in Gravity
10:34am Tom Dundee Dog Lyfe Tyme a Rhyme
10:29am The Weepies I Was Made for Sunny Days Be My Thrill
10:27am Chad and Jeremy A Summer Song Sounds of the City-London
10:20am Josh Pyke The Summer Chimney's Afire
10:18am Emiliana Torrini Sunny Road Fisherman's Woman
10:14am James Taylor Oh, What a Beautiful Morning Other Covers
10:11am Pickin' On Series Zip A Dee Doo Dah Heigh Ho Banjo: Bluegrass Salutes Favorite DIsney Songs
10:08am Edie Carey August Come Close

08/02/2015 | 6:00AM-10:00AM | Gospel Playlist | DJ: Wendy Leighton w/ Sunday Morning Rise | Link

Start Artist Track
9:59am Kirbyjon Caldwell Come Let's Worship
9:55am Pastor Charles Jenkins War!!
9:52am Canton Jones That Devil
9:48am Mali I Believe
9:45am Ace Tinashe Its My Time
9:43am Bishop Tudor Bismark I Am
9:34am Anita Wilson You Love Me (Best of My Love)
9:31am Kim Burrell Thank You, Jesus
9:25am Ethan Kent My Hope Is In Glory
9:22am AnnaMaria Horn Steps of A Good Man
9:17am Lexi Abide
9:13am Latisha Lee Abide
9:03am Bishop Neal Roberson Don't Let The Devil Ride
8:59am Mama Sue Roseberry He's Alive
8:54am Kevin LeVar Jesus Blues
8:51am The Soul Messengers Take It Easy
8:47am The Canton Spirituals Don't Leave Me
8:36am Isaiah D. Thomas & Elements of Praise Ain't No Harm
8:31am Darnell Davis & The Remnant Praise Him
8:27am Darius Washington feat. Alexis Spight I Love To Praise
8:23am Chicago Mass Choir Sending Up Our Praises
8:18am Minister Bruce Seawood & Spring Into Praise Mass Choir I Command My Soul
8:12am Pastor Daniel X Smith & NSMIC I Can Go To God In Prayer
8:10am Donald Lawrence Let The Word Do The Work
8:10am Kelly Price This Is Who I Am
8:10am Helen Baylor How Sweet It Is
7:49am Anita Wilson Reaons Don't Take Your Love Away
7:43am Chicago's One Accord I Need Thee/That's Way of The World
7:39am DeWayne Woods, Dave Hollister, Anthony Hamiliton Friend of Mine
7:36am The Faith Band Work to Do
7:23am William Murphy It's Working
7:20am Anthony Brown & Group Therapy Worth
7:15am Renzo Campbell feat. Lyric Nicole Beautiful
7:14am Kirk Whalum Call to Worship
7:10am Latisha Lee Beauty of Fellowship
7:04am Kim Burrell Sweeter
6:56am Damita I Won't Complain
6:52am Julius Adams You Gotta Have Faith
6:50am AnnaMaria Horn Steps of a Good Man
6:47am Cynthia Jones Happy Birthday
6:26am Todd Ledbetter Meditations
6:21am Sean O'Bryan Smith The Blood
6:16am Rod McGaha We Fall Down
6:12am Dorothy Collins Just A Closer Walk with Thee
6:11am Pastor Daryl Coley He That Dwelleth
6:01am Soul Tempo The Lord's Prayer
6:00am Curtis Price, Jr. Theme to SMR
6:00am Les Paul Roque SMR Promo
5:58am Ron Kenoly As For Me and My House
5:51am TobyMac feat. Kirk Franklin Mandisa Lose My Soul
5:44am MercyMe I Can Only Imagine
5:43am James Fortune feat. Monica & Fred Hammond Hold On
5:42am Brandon Heath Love Does

08/01/2015 | 4:00PM-6:00PM | Jazz Playlist | DJ: Geoffrey | Title: Dear Jamie | Link

Start Artist Track Album
6:22pm Janis Joplan Summertime I Got Dem Ol' Kozmic Blues
6:09pm Wycliffe Gordon Cousins Cone and T-Staff
6:04pm Duke Ellington Second Line New Orleans Suite
5:58pm George Lewis Bergundy Street Blues Jazz Funeral
5:53pm Bruce Springsteen When the Saints Come Marching In Live in Dublin
5:49pm Mississippi John Hurt Since I've Laid My Burden Down The Best of Mississippi John Hurt
5:45pm Eddie Holland Jamie Eddie Holland
5:42pm Elvis Presley You'll Never Walk Alone Peace in the Valley
5:37pm Roxy Music More Than This Avalon
5:35pm Jennifer O'Connor Sister Over The Mountain, Across The Valley And Back To The Stars
5:28pm Milk Carton Kids Michigan Prologue
5:18pm Phil Woods Mom Bouquet
5:16pm Gerry Mulligan The Nearness of You The Original Gerry Mulligan Chet Baker Quartet
5:02pm Wynton Marsalis and Eric Clapton Just a Closer Walk with Thee Wynton Marsalis and Eric Clapton Play the Blues: Live From Lincoln Center
4:58pm Magnificent Sevenths Funeral Procession: Narration Authentic New Orleans
4:57pm Dirty Dozen Brass Band Amazing Grace Funeral for a Friend
4:53pm George Jessel My Mother's Eyes Hollywood Stars of the Silver Screen
4:46pm Etta Jones My Mother's Eyes My Mother's Eyes
4:38pm Donald Byrd Motherless Child His Majesty King Funk
4:35pm Rosemary Clooney What'll I Do The Songbook Collection
4:28pm Ike Quebec Blues for Charlie Blue and Sentimental
4:26pm Magnificent Sevenths Wake Service: Narration Authentic New Orleans Funeral
4:20pm Terrence Blanchard Dear Mom A Tale of God'd Will
4:14pm Terrence Blanchard Funeral Dirge A Tale of God's Will
4:07pm Mahalia Jackson Summertime Medley Nearer, My God, To Thee
DJ Comments: This Jazz Impressions show is dedicated to Jamie Mohlar Haberkorn, may she rest in peace.

07/31/2015 | 12:00PM-2:00PM | Freeform Playlist | DJ: Gil | Title: The Mix Tape | Mood: 80s College Rock | Link

Start Artist Track
12:55pm Re-Flex Politics of Dancing
12:49pm Wang Chung Fire in the Twilight
12:46pm Book of Love Boy
12:40pm Joe Jackson You can't get what you want
12:38pm Go West We close our eyes
12:35pm The Housemartins Happy Hour
12:33pm Psychedelic Furs Heartbreak Beat
12:33pm APB Summer Loving
12:33pm English Beat Mirror in the Bathroom
12:18pm Spandau Ballet Chant No. 1
12:18pm Duran Duran Girls on Film
12:17pm Animotion Obsession
12:17pm Martha and the Muffins Echo Beach

07/31/2015 | 12:00PM-2:00PM | Freeform Playlist | DJ: Kirk Fox | Link

Start Artist Track

07/31/2015 | 10:00AM-12:00PM | Jazz Playlist | DJ: Eric Ricks | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label New
10:51am HU VIBRATIONAL SOMA The Epic Botanical Beat Suite - Boonghee Music 4 Meta Records N
10:43am CHICAGO REED QUARTET BROKEN RECORD FUGUE Western Automatic Aerophonic Records N
10:14am GLENN HORIUCHI CALLING IS IT AND NOW Calling Is It And Now Soul Note
10:05am kenny gill vALLEY OF ALL BROTHERS WHAT WAS WHAT IS WHAT WILL BE Warner Bros. Records

07/31/2015 | 7:30AM-10:00AM | Jazz Playlist | DJ: Flavian Wallis | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label New
9:59am Fats Waller Hold Tight (Want Some Seafood Mamma) A Good Man Is Hard to Find: The Middle Years, Part 2 (1938-40) Bluebird
9:43am Gene Ammons Woofin' and Tweetin' Gene Ammons All-Star Sessions with Sonny Stitt OJC
9:36am Kenny Werner Voncify the Emulyans The Melody Pirouet N
9:31am King Oliver Everybody Does It in Hawaii The New York Sessions (1929 -1930) Bluebird
9:18am Dave Burrell / Steve Swell Battle at Vicksburg Turning Point NoBusiness Records N
9:12am Andy Sheppard Origin of Species Surrounded by Sea ECM N
9:06am Art Farmer / Joe Carter Skating in Central Park Art Farmer, Lee Konitz with the Joe Carter Quartet & Trio Stash
8:55am Howard Rumsey Long Ago and Far Away Howard Rumsey's Lighthouse All-Stars, Vol. 6 Contemporary Records
8:45am Howard Rumsey La Soncailli Mexican Passport Contemporary Records
8:36am Chris Potter Imaginary Cities 1: Compassion Mexican Passport ECM N
8:27am Michael Logan Cry Me a River Night Out Muse
8:22am Jim Norton Interplay Time Remembered: Composotions of Bill Evans Origin Records N
8:14am Matt Panayides Of the Winter Light Conduits Pacific Coast Jazz N
8:02am Ahmad Jamal Sunday Afternoon Ahmad Jamal Live in Marciac, August 5 2014 Jazz Village N
7:56am Barney Kessel How Long Has This Been Going On? Kessel Plays Standards Contemporary
7:42am Dave Liebman Anubis Live / As Always MAMA Records
7:32am Cyrus Chestnut A Time for Love A Million Colors in Your Mind Highnote N

07/30/2015 | 6:30PM-9:00AM | Rock Playlist | DJ: thoward | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label
8:51pm Hieroglyphic Being Un Autre Endroit (Part 9) Un Autre Endroit (Part 9) Self-Released
8:41pm Eric Witt Arrogance of Dispair Arrogance Of Enthusiasm, Arrogance Of Despair Structures Without Purpose
8:30pm Throbbing Gristle Discipline Discipline Fetish Records
8:27pm Dan Deacon 1/1 (Brian Eno Cover) Moogfest Vol. 1 Moogfest
8:22pm Moses Sumney O Superman (Laurie Anderson Cover) Moogfest Vol. 1 Moogfest
8:16pm Spiral Stairs True Love The Real Feel Matador
8:10pm Ought Men For Miles Sun Coming Down Constellation
8:08pm White Reaper Makes Me Wanna Die (Deerhoof Remix) Makes Me Wanna Die Polyvinyl Record Company
7:58pm Gastr Del Sol A Watery Kentucky The Serpentine Similar Teenbeat
7:55pm White Reaper Makes Me Wanna Die White Reaper Does It Again Polyvinyl Record Company
7:51pm Lou Rawls Trade Winds Let's Clean Up The Ghetto Philadelphia International
7:45pm Since 1902 Take Me 100% Wet Self-Released
7:34pm Larry Wish People Are People 2 Orange Milk Split Series Vol. 1 Orange Milk Records
7:31pm wishbone GAZIN' GAZIN' single Self Release
7:29pm Virginia Wing Donna's Gift Measures Of Joy Deluxe self release
7:28pm Blessin' Rough Draft Go Self Release
7:24pm Azul Toga pop 2 #2 Track and Field
7:21pm PERSONA LA AVE AT LAST fmly fest 2k14 (minneapolis) FMLY FEST
7:16pm Culled Untitled 4 I Structures Without Purpose
7:12pm Max Tundra MBGATE Mastered By Guy At The Exchange Not On Label (Max Tundra Self-released)
7:10pm Vacation Dad Half Seas Vacation Dad fmly
6:56pm Sufjan Stevens Too Much Age of Adz Asthmatic Kitty Records
6:51pm Caribou Odessa Swim Merge Records
6:48pm Dan Deacon Crystal Cat Spiderman Of The Rings Carpark Records
6:42pm Ryan Hemsworth Gods Secret Songs Secret Songs
6:42pm Holly Herndon Interference Platform 4AD
6:37pm J Fernandez Casual Encounter Many Levels Of Laughter Joyful Noise

07/30/2015 | 2:00PM-6:30PM | Rock Playlist | DJ: Dj Soundoferror | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label
6:22pm todd barton spatial morphology
6:15pm 3001 secondary rush
6:12pm pierre schaeffer pklutot melodique & moins banal le tredre fertil (fertile trihedron) 1976 recollection grm / editions mego
6:12pm announce
6:12pm pierre schaeffer plutot harmonique
6:00pm douglas leedy entropicalmparadise1
5:58pm added: Musicthing EMS stockholm buchlan 1 and oth3er random synth snippets inc pierre schaeffer
5:48pm fastus waking from adream places youve never been
5:43pm fly away religion surrounded and floating
5:42pm sundog70 the rest of your life blippoo box/benjolin/bugbrand delay
5:34pm ralph lundsten/leo nilson elektron muisk studion dokumentaion 1
5:29pm Duplan L'angoissse molle
5:29pm taylor dupree 12K ando/focux
5:26pm physinth the belgians and dutch are looking at clay & salts
5:25pm macro dx kalkulation
5:16pm jim orourkwe, k drumm michaek colligan live 1-19-1998 myopic bookstore live music workshop vol1 boxmedia
5:13pm aas above trinh anh taun
5:11pm w/ hoan keim chess team tran huynh duy thuc wooden box game of life
5:10pm drj3rk XOrytyhms

07/29/2015 | 9:00PM-10:00PM | Rock Playlist | DJ: Marv Goldsher | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label New
11:57am PDXV Quintet Of Portland Outfits Vol. 1 Heavywood
11:48am Sun Ra Ankh Sound Of Joy Delmark Records
11:43am John Russell Tea For Three The Fairlly Young Bean (1981) Emanem
11:38am Jean Derome./Louis Sclavis Quartet Jonas Un Moment De Bonheur Les Disques Victo
11:15am Anthony Colelman Metonymies Of Pastness 1 You New World Records N
11:03am Frank Tiberi Spets Esrever Tiberian Mode NY Jam Records
10:49am George And Chico Freeman Essence Of Silence All In The Family Southport Records N
10:43am Albert Beger Triangle Peacemaker Anova Music
10:42am Marilyn Crispell Trio Not Wanting .. With Reggie Workman Gerry Hemingway On Tour Music And Arts Programs Of America, Inc.
10:40am Jacki Byard My One And Only Love Jaki Byard At Maybeck Concord Jazz
10:36am Rob Brown Trio Trickster High Wire Soul Note
10:18am King Oliver Deep Henderson Sugar Foot Stomp Decca Jazz
10:02am Butch Morris Conduction #35 , Part 1 Testament: A Conduction Collection New World Records
9:35am Carrier/Lapin/Lambert Inner Spire Inner Spire Leo Records
9:34am Janeel Moondoc & the Jus Gru Orchestra Spirit House Spirit House Eremite
9:12am Florian Ross Quintet Rondo #3 Seasons And Places Naxos Jazz
9:07am Davi Sanchez Street Scenes Street Scenes Columbia
8:48am Sten Sandell Not Fixed, Easily Changed Solid Musik Nuscope Recordings

07/29/2015 | 2:00PM-4:00PM | Rock Playlist | DJ: Prophet on The Burning Shore | Link

Start Artist Track Album
3:52pm Grateful Dead Death Don't Have No Mercy 1968-08-23 Shrine Audtorium
3:47pm Grateful Dead I Know You Rider 1972-05-11 Rotterdam Civic Hall
3:42pm Grateful Dead China Cat Sunflower> 1972-05-11 Rotterdam Civic Hall
3:39pm Grateful Dead Chinatown Shuffle 1972-05-11 Rotterdam Civic Hall
3:34pm Grateful Dead Deal 1972-05-11 Rotterdam Civic Hall
3:29pm Grateful Dead Black Throated Wind 1972-05-11 Rotterdam Civic Hall
3:24pm Grateful Dead Feel Like A Stranger 1981-02-26 Uptown Theater
3:07pm Grateful Dead The Other One 1972-04-07 Wembley Empire Poo
2:57pm Grateful Dead El Paso> 1972-04-07 Wembley Empire Pool
2:44pm Grateful Dead The Other One> 1972-04-07 Wembley Empire Pool
2:43pm Grateful Dead Drums> 1972-04-07 Wembley Empire Pool
2:30pm Grateful Dead Truckin'> 1972-04-07 Wembley Empire Pool
2:21pm Grateful Dead Cream Puff War 1966-07-16 Fillmore Auditorium
2:19pm Grateful Dead Cardboard Cowboy 1966-07-16 Fillmore Auditorium
2:11pm Grateful Dead Viola Lee Blues 1966-07-16 Fillmore Auditorium

07/29/2015 | 5:00AM-8:30AM | Jazz Playlist | DJ: Alain D | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label New
8:35am Jerry Bergonzi Do It To Do It Rigamaroll Savant N
8:25am Kenny Werner Balloons The Melody Pirouet N
8:19am Gary Peacock Trio Esprit de Muse Now This ECM Records N
8:11am Vijay Iyer Trio Mystery Woman Break Stuff ECM Records N
8:00am Wooley - Rempis - Niggenkemper - Corsano Count Me Out From Wolves To Whales Aerophonic Records N
7:49am Steve Coleman and the Council of Balance Celtic Cells Synovial Joints Pi Recordings N
7:41am Nick Mazzarella Trio Neutron Star Ultraviolet International Anthem Recording Company N
7:35am Daniel Levin Trio Metaphor Fuhuffah Clean Feed
7:25am Roscoe Mitchell Waves Duets with Tyshawn Sorey Wide Hive Records
7:15am Nick Fraser Nostalgia for the Recent Past Too Many Continents Clean Feed N
7:07am Myra Melford Promised Land Snowy Egret Enja/Yellowbird N
7:03am Whigham - Mangelsdorff - Persson - Hampton Uli's Dance Trombone Workshop MPS Records
6:51am Denman Maroney Fowler's Blues Gaga Nuscope Recordings
6:44am John O'Gallagher Eve Day Honeycomb Fresh Sound New Talent N
6:33am Marion Brown Fortunato Three for Shepp Impulse!
6:22am Rob Mazurek/Exploding Star Orchestra Free Agents of Sound Galactic Parables: Volume 1 Cuneiform Records N
6:12am Thomas Chapin Trio Alphaville Sky Piece Knitting Factory Records
6:06am Ivo Perelman - Whit Dickey For Coltrane Tenorhood Leo Records N
5:54am Collective 4tet Mira Orca Leo Lab
5:38am Sun Ra and His Intergalactic Research Arkestra Strange Dreams - Strange Worlds - Black Myth/It's After the End of the World It's After the End of the World MPS Records
5:26am Steve Coleman Regeneration Genesis & The Opening of the Way RCA Victor
5:01am Skein Schacht Skein Leo Records N

07/28/2015 | 4:00PM-6:30AM | Rock Playlist | DJ: John Hardberger & Jenna Powell-Malloy | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label
8:52pm Zelienople Please to Police Pajama Avenue
8:47pm Danger Adventure New Sound The Pomegranate
8:41pm Smith Westerns Idol Soft Will
8:31pm Isotope 217 Hodah Commander Mindfuck
8:26pm The Honeydips Lost and Found Lost and Found
8:15pm The Flying Luttenbachers The Elimination of Incompetence Infection and Decline
8:11pm Jim O'Rourke Ghost Ship in a Storm
8:09pm Fotosputnik Translucent Marmoset Translucent Marmoset
8:01pm WAH! Somesay The Maverick Years
7:57pm Modern Mod Don't Tunnels
7:52pm Panda Bear Take Pills Person Pitch
7:46pm Field Mouse Water in the Valley Hold Still Life
7:36pm Neu! Hero Neu! 75
7:34pm Can Sing Swan Song Ege Bamyasi
7:33pm Lightning Bolt 2morro Morro Land 2morro Morro Land
7:25pm The Voyeurs Things People Say Well Known Drag
7:21pm Sonic Youth Chapel Hill Dirty
7:16pm The Books Read, Eat, Sleep Thought For Food
7:10pm Gravez Genes Hooded Fang
7:04pm Deerhunter Desire Lines Halcyon Digest
7:00pm The Dead Space Fractured Push Faker
6:59pm Colleen Lighthouse Captain of None
6:48pm Eagulls Nerve Endings Eagulls
6:46pm Lush Desire Lines Split
6:28pm Grouper Lighthouse Ruins kranky
6:20pm Ben Frost Nolan A U R O R A Bedroom Community
6:10pm Tim Hecker Azure Azure Radio Amor Alien8 Recordings
5:54pm nathan Halverson Off-Eyes Manx Nurse/Shark Peapod Recordings
5:41pm Foscil Track 15 s/t Fourthcity
5:32pm Flux Information Sciences Adaptech Private/Public Young God Records
5:27pm Flossin Untitled 2 Lead Singer Ache
5:25pm Field Mouse A Place You Return to in a Dream Hold Still Life
5:14pm Thee Silver Mount Zion Memorial Orchestra American Motor Over Smoldering Field "This is Our Punk Rock," Thee Rusted Satellites Gather + Sing
5:01pm yMusic Beautiful, Mechanical (composed by Son Lux) Beautiful Mechanical
4:57pm Instrumental Sparrowfall (Brian Eno Cover) Acoustek
4:51pm Colleen Holding Horses Captain of None
4:38pm Colin Stetson To See More Light New History Warfare Vol. 3: To See More Light
4:29pm Liturgy High Gold Aesthetica

07/28/2015 | 5:00AM-7:30AM | Jazz Playlist | DJ: Joe G | Link

Start Artist Track Album Label
7:25am Vandermark Five Special Edition Cement The Horse Jumps & the Ship is Gone Not Two
7:19am Sam Rivers Precis Dimensions & Extensions Blue Note
7:14am Steve Coleman & Dave Holland Syzygy Phase Space DIW
7:04am Oliver Nelson Trane Whistle Taking Care of Business Prestige
6:58am Sanna Mnguni Nesimanjemanje Ukhulupheka AB 284 7" CBS
6:56am Soul Sisters Mtakwethu PB 68 7" Soul Brother
6:53am Mahlathini Nezintombi Zomgqashiyo and the Makgona Tsohle Band Ngicabange Ngaqeda The Indestructible Beat of Soweto Earthworks
6:49am Betty Wright One Thing Leads To Another Danger High Voltage RCA Victor
6:46am Sharon Cash Shake He Lives Within My Soul Mothers Records & The Snarf Company
6:44am The Coctails Don't Got Time The Early Hi-Ball Years Carrot Top
6:41am James Brown Headache Soul Pride: the Instrumentals Polydor
6:39am Mr. Paljas band Rock Lobster Mr. Paljas Gallotone
6:38am Lucinda Williams Jug Band Music Ramblin' Smithsonian Folkways
6:34am Alick Nkhata Umphawi Uli Ndiine Shalapo & Other Love Songs: Original Zambian Hits From The 1950's Retro Afric
6:29am Septeto Nacional de Ignacio Piñiero Echale Salsita Cuba: I am Time - Bailar con Cuba Blue Jackel
6:25am Gilberto Cruz Pantaloncitos Calientes (She Got To Use What She Got To Get What She Wants) El Barrio: Latin Funk - Nu Yorican Funk 1968-76 Fania
6:22am Los Casmeños Chachita Cumbia Beat, Vol. 2 Vampi Soul
6:19am Conjunto Classico con Tito Nieves Al Salir El Sol Los Rodriguez Lo Mejor Records
6:13am Grupo Fantasma Saca la basura Comes Alive Aire Sol
6:03am Skah Shah Neg Guinnin Live at King's Palace Brooklyn, NY in 1977 unknown
5:54am Getatchew Mekuria & ICP Orchestra Shellelle Some History Terp
5:49am Amadou Balake Super Bar Konon Mousso Rare Afro & Caribbean Funk, Vol 2 Mokili Productions
5:47am Afro 70 Afrousa (Move On) Kenya Special: Selected East African Recordings from the 1970s & '80s Soundway
5:38am Air B.K. Air Mail Black Saint
5:33am Don Cherry Brown Rice Brown Rice A&M Records
5:20am Ronnie Boykins The Will Come Is Now The Will Come Is Now ESP Disk
5:12am William Parker & Hamid Drake Sky Summer Snow AUM Fidelity
5:07am Dave Holland Quartet Conference of the Birds Conference of the Birds ECM
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