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This program was broadcast live on WNUR 89.3FM in Chicago, IL USA and streamed worldwide via our live webstream.
Date:Thursday, August 28th, 2014
Time:2:00PM - 6:30PM
Start Artist Track Album Label
2:17pm king crimson 20century schizoid man live
2:19pm sylvie walder non depourvue d'une certaine violence + pita //pe2 boxmedi drumm pita 12"
2:20pm pita //pCe3 boxmedi drumm pita 12"
2:22pm sylvie walder the most abstract to date moments experimedia
2:26pm vincce guarldi trio pebble beach a boy named charlie brown
2:28pm k drumm ill never go to mass again boxmedi drumm pita 12 boxmedia
2:36pm gjango reinhardt please be kind
2:37pm dreaming together//xenakis 4 edens and a world of shells dammerschein
2:40pm test dept the faces of freedom 3
2:43pm ben vida live on wnur airplay 2-26-05
2:51pm test dept faces of freedom 1 end
2:54pm grateeful dead caution do not stop on tracks anthem of the sun
2:54pm the babys head first
2:58pm sparks propaganda//at home at work at play propaganda
3:04pm susanna hangout
3:18pm opvik & jennings the lazst country village
3:18pm food natures recipe 3 track from runeology rune grammfon& WIRE
3:19pm EN HALVOKT I FOLIE satanic permutaions
3:20pm gushing cloud witness beat wings in vain
3:26pm Radian R4
3:31pm herbie hancock watermelon man headhunters
3:37pm dazzling killmen medicine me/my lacerations/poptones recuerda
3:47pm ramones do you wanna dance
3:49pm ny dolls pusss n boots
3:52pm the damned melody lee machine gun etiquet
3:55pm queen stone cold crazy
4:05pm atomic shadow we sleep on magnets city of chrome and glass
4:15pm klaus schulze neuronengesang cyborg
4:25pm hans grusel quarintimes
4:29pm en halvokt i folie boffo hard ons (in the woods) the totally out music of en halvokt i folie
4:32pm ==richard smith buchla 100
4:45pm dead tech got me on the run
4:45pm warner jepson buchla christmas
4:50pm karl fousek synthbits jan 1-5
4:52pm richard devine grayscale-algorrhythm-binary reticulating rhytms patch
4:55pm fly away religion far left final
4:59pm regenbot phon-echo-erbverb
5:01pm despino sopund three cheers for the computer age
5:03pm kkempes me you and a sole
5:08pm keith fullerton witman london & toronto ontario live 2014
5:17pm david mcclanahan invention #1
5:22pm dead tech pit of darkness+++dan p & todd scartches
5:24pm dan p synthi LD 1
5:26pm r c hoffman serge wad experiments
5:33pm warner jepson orange wind youtube cnet video face circa 1970
5:39pm warner jepson heads up
5:45pm ++mick jagger invocation of my demon brother soundtrack to kenneth anger film
5:51pm klaus schulze
5:54pm skinny puppy blue serge
6:00pm EN HALVOKT I FOLIE satanic permutations
6:08pm liason dangeroues pet etre pas
6:09pm sex pistols emi
6:14pm the things i will not miss burt b soundtrack to lost horizen
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