WNUR Playlist

This program was broadcast live on WNUR 89.3FM in Chicago, IL USA and streamed worldwide via our live webstream.
Date:Thursday, July 10th, 2014
Time:2:30PM - 6:30PM
Start Artist Track Album Label
2:28pm gong shapeshifter
2:29pm john faulknber the wjhalewatchers/drunken landlady kind providencwe
2:39pm happy family rocj & young
2:39pm radian tg11
2:43pm BDP nervous by all means nec
2:50pm supermarket zombie//mason williamsCLASSICAL GAS
2:50pm MEAT BEAT MANIFESTO origanl control satyyricon
2:56pm blipveert eat the ink (live)
2:56pm lady soverighn random
2:59pm supermarket zombie goodby bartelby
3:04pm amerie 1 thing
3:13pm pizzacato 5 magic carp ride
3:13pm cornelius mic check,-clash phantasma
3:42pm vikki jackman nd then a blue sky overhead
3:43pm steve albini the dspoken word
3:43pm steve fisk go at full throttle sub pop 100
3:45pm lupe diaz its been a
3:46pm boy dirt car impacty test
3:56pm a certain ratio lucinda
4:06pm barbara streisand
4:06pm david ryle the fireflies of saturn
4:07pm vilkova resistant yellow oleander
4:10pm throbbing gristle 20 jazz funk greats
4:10pm sun falls 97 spring
4:16pm throbbing gristle still walking
4:22pm james holden prtesents the inheroitors live at la machine du moulin rouge paris 2013
4:25pm abraxisfm approach
4:31pm the feb thaw guitar 4 mod improv
4:36pm wendy carlos sinfonia to cantata #29
4:41pm richard scot primate pt 3
4:42pm prof oblivion 2nd day ph study
4:46pm wendy carlos 2 part inv in d min
4:48pm Tib poor porism wood for the trees
4:50pm epoch modular benjolin met rene
4:52pm blipvert candycane man
4:55pm dr octave spacehip buhl destination noise
5:01pm sam prekop a places old punch card
5:05pm obsolete synthesis the scouting
5:12pm sam prekop a places pt 2
5:12pm panagiotis stathis sucking peppbles
5:32pm the new sound of music 1979
5:32pm TG distant dreams
5:35pm joe colley disasters of self-untitled unstable STEREO circuit
5:36pm sutekh hexen monument of decay
5:41pm fluxbikes live at burlington 3-16-14
5:49pm colley sutekh
5:58pm 1o thick bed lucys pshychiatric booth
6:00pm iggy & stooges hard to beat
6:07pm pointless orchestra nosferatu approaching totality
6:08pm shay torrent flying fiddles ultra loung vol11
6:10pm jeffery comanor//the group garry sherman a famous myth midnight cowboy
6:13pm the beach boys fall breaks and back to winter smiley smile
6:15pm johnny ride help me//credit will be restored
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