WNUR Playlist

This program was broadcast live on WNUR 89.3FM in Chicago, IL USA and streamed worldwide via our live webstream.
Date:Monday, December 30th, 2013
Time:9:00PM - 11:30PM
Start Artist Track Album Label
2:30pm oval do while 94diskont. Thrill Jockey
2:37pm P16 D4 ekstase des sozialismus kuhe in 1/2 trauer
2:39pm hip deep trilogy frayed knot//dutch dream cannnibal smile
2:47pm randy greif woman in the mirror waht nis truth
2:51pm croiners relentelss
2:51pm bauhaus dive
2:54pm hip deep trilogy the rapture
3:07pm douglas quinn arctic fathom
3:07pm ritchie decarlo total wretch wednesday week
3:13pm and per se edge of the eye
3:17pm phisynth feel like a hopi indian'
3:21pm cebec transformersubstation
3:26pm lu katavist phob
3:33pm jargmarbin haight ashbury robot surgury
3:46pm tib whos brinier
3:48pm einzelgangertraumt zen unknown footsteps
3:50pm bytecas hum
3:51pm dubfactory serge22
3:57pm phisynth an emphaisi on so called service robots
4:09pm douglas quinn arctic
4:10pm douglas lowly unbird sleeper
4:18pm mark mcguire the passing of the road chief
4:38pm furry couch sea hunt/phone fun
4:39pm eugene chadbouns invitation to a jam session
4:39pm fat worm of error court of the pleasing fungus scarab
4:45pm janes addiction ocean size
4:49pm john orsi can you draw attention
4:52pm unitsCANNIBALS
4:55pm HIp deep trilogy train wreck cannibal smile
4:55pm Da! this doubt
5:05pm francois bayle divine comedi part 5
5:09pm a mouse orchestra a lump in your throat part 2
5:13pm scott walker on your own
5:13pm francois bayle l'experience acoustique IV
5:18pm croiners relentless rhytm of chnge
5:26pm dimmer sun dog
5:31pm violence and the sacred now a god dances through me
5:32pm dimmer//david lee myer sky wire//calyx
5:42pm alan watts
5:42pm dead kennedys kill the poor//when u get drafteed
5:53pm davis interludeAGHARTA
5:58pm KOENJIHYAKKEI wammilica iffirom angherr shissspa magaibutsu
6:17pm skeleton key panic bullets obtanium
6:19pm slayer exile
6:20pm skeleton key digbat revolution
6:22pm the byrds so you wanna be a rock and roll star
6:40pm philip glass music in 12 parts part 9
6:40pm jon hassel earthquake island
6:50pm caberet voltaire 3 mantras-western mantra
7:09pm fennesz santora hotel mparallel
7:13pm dustin wong mediation of eecstatic energy
7:44pm outer space memory bomb-j elliot live a week f thur 1/ 1/9 w/ cr & c metro
7:50pm dense reduction reductive determinism d r 1 notice recordings
7:58pm moddy g awake arise
8:02pm M pop muzik
8:05pm einzelganger traumt zen geometric shapes-cones
8:05pm erwin hofstede only a synthi
8:23pm ritchie decarlo sad sundays
8:23pm head boggle ambient synthi combo
8:24pm crhris and cosey void
8:27pm notfromearth mizar
8:31pm Ethera history before
8:31pm trap & zoid pluie noire (part 2)
8:38pm future sound of london room 208
8:42pm summer lungs 2 shoulder holster
8:45pm pin can the sound change
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