WNUR Playlist

This program was broadcast live on WNUR 89.3FM in Chicago, IL USA and streamed worldwide via our live webstream.
Date:Monday, October 7th, 2013
Time:2:00PM - 6:30PM
Start Artist Track Album Label
2:37pm shadoebug you can come down
2:44pm sylvie & babs high thigh companion side 1 (nurse w/ wound)
2:49pm gordon mumma music from the venezia space theatre (1964)
3:00pm shadowbugthe fortunate slave// sylvie & babs
3:04pm anna lockwood tiger balm
3:09pm pierre schaeffer 5 etudes de bruits (1948)
3:12pm koutaro fukui es
3:14pm talk talk after the flood laughing stock
3:24pm koutaro fukui travia
3:36pm Tunnel descent
3:37pm not breathing airbourn jellyfish
3:40pm phisynth bb4
3:42pm 3 bursts set out electronic art ensemble inquietude
3:44pm strettara kiwu
3:45pm ethera what should i do/every action tempered
3:49pm throbbing gristle Ab/7a 3rd & final report
3:53pm Benge leraf
3:56pm asscasket asscaskett
3:58pm regenbot happy song
4:04pm maelum metal aliens lapdance
4:10pm ben vida panfestissue june 2013 perf sat 10/12 graham foundation-free lampo.org
4:14pm keith fullerton witman def leppard-pour some sugar on me +esplendor geometrico-el acero de partido
4:24pm david ryle ice bridge
4:29pm phisynth with a little help from my bugbrand pulse divider
4:40pm wire lets panic later
4:47pm wire strange pink flag 1977
4:48pm Dome cancel your order/cruel when complete dome 1 1980
4:48pm wire feeling called love/12xu
4:53pm dome rolling upon my day dome 1
4:55pm gilbert & lewis 3R4 barge calm
5:24pm wire 2 people in a room 154 warner bros 1979
5:29pm wire nice streets above
5:30pm dome danse dome 3
5:31pm dome red tent 1 & 2 dome 2
5:41pm dome this dome4
5:44pm wire former airline
5:47pm wire the other window 154
5:50pm dome jasz dome 3
5:52pm dome twist up dome 2
5:54pm wire blessed state
6:00pm wire once is enough
6:04pm wire i dont understand read and burn 1
6:08pm cupol like this for ages
6:12pm wire 40 versions 154
6:16pm he said do you mean that/pump hail
6:21pm wirer comet read and burn 1
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