WNUR Playlist

This program was broadcast live on WNUR 89.3FM in Chicago, IL USA and streamed worldwide via our live webstream.
Date:Monday, September 30th, 2013
Time:2:00PM - 6:30PM
Start Artist Track Album Label
2:22pm P16d4 kultstudien zu anselm weinberg distruct
2:23pm eureka perception recognitions avant archive cassette
2:34pm einstrurzende neubauten das schaben (halber mensch)
2:38pm jon mueller silver++das schaben 2 halves notice recordings
2:51pm gordon mumma epifont
2:59pm P16 d 4 luxus $ mehrwert distruct
3:04pm illusion of safety historical pt 1 historical staalplaat
3:12pm shadowbug 4 roomwith voice
3:16pm battleship cassette ++sonance quarry
3:24pm K drumm sonnance quarry CD
3:34pm trap & zoid demain matin
3:35pm sarah davachi rainbands the untuning of the sky cassette fullspectrumrecords
3:45pm professor tick tock windowpane soundcloud ems synthi group
3:45pm helen kellerare friends electro electro ohio experimedia
3:47pm buchlabum masterzorlons cannon
3:51pm don hassler amplifying cascade of further cleavages
3:52pm Donald Crunk the city (exc) yankee notch
4:02pm george karamanolakis tehe man of tomorrow
4:02pm btbyrd digitalminimoog
4:04pm audioplayback engineer ego block
4:10pm benge loar forms++david ryle Am land
4:14pm STK 7-12-13
4:18pm phisynth bb1
4:20pm david ryle an exquisite sheet
4:27pm strettara 3082013
4:27pm richard galbraith o salutaris hosit
4:34pm nichael nyman decay music 1-100
4:34pm brian eno energy fools the magician Before And After Science
4:37pm fripp n eno swasitka girle no pussyfooting
5:00pm eno julie with/by this river/through hollow lands before and after science
5:01pm eno blank frank here come the warm jets
5:04pm eno the true wheeel the true wheel/china my china taking tiger mountain by strategy
5:14pm roxy muaic beauty queen for your pleasure
5:21pm snatch & eno raf
5:22pm byrne & eno help me somebody
5:26pm cluster 7 eno side 2 cluster & eno
5:44pm fennessz plus 47degrees minus 16 degrees touch cd
5:48pm plunderphincs john oswold
5:50pm sidewinder enter the beast/the drummer as mechanism
5:55pm meat beat manifesto your mind belongs to the state
5:58pm scorpions another piece of meat
6:01pm henry cow the long march
6:11pm bruce gilbert angel food/the shivering man/net in the feather the shivering man
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