WNUR Playlist

This program was broadcast live on WNUR 89.3FM in Chicago, IL USA and streamed worldwide via our live webstream.
Date:Friday, September 27th, 2013
Time:4:00PM - 6:30PM
Start Artist Track Album Label
4:06pm The Vile Cherubs Rose Garden The Man Who Has No Eats Has No Sweats White Heap Records
4:09pm Ty Segall Finger Melted Goner Records
4:13pm Charlie Megira and The Modern Dance Club Sababa One Love Police Guitars and Bongos Records
4:14pm Titus Andronicus Arms Against Atrophy The Airing Of Grievances XL Recordings
4:20pm Black Bug You Scream Reflecting The Light Hozac Records
4:23pm A Sunny Day In Glasgow No. 6 Von Karman Street Scribble Mural Comic Journal Notenuf Records
4:26pm Holy Ghost! Okay Dynamics DFA
4:31pm Shocked Minds Along For the Ride Shocked Minds HoZac Records
4:33pm Shocked Minds Drug Song Shocked Minds HoZac Records
4:39pm Rakehell Empty Spaces Pure Pop Poison Three Peas Records
4:40pm Ticonderoga North Shore Ticonderoga 54º40' Or Fight!
4:43pm Goudron Civil Symmetry Raw Voltage Ersatz Audio
4:56pm Solar Anus Track 1 Skull Alcoholic: The Complete Solar Anus
4:57pm Big Black Racer-X Racer-X Homestead Records
5:01pm Diarrhea Planet Field Of Dreams I'm Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams Infinity Cat Recordings
5:06pm Kaia World's Greatest Haircut Oregon Mr. Lady
5:10pm Sons Of The West Leave Your Home Sons Of The West
5:12pm Melvins Night Goat Houdini Atlantic
5:18pm The Japonize Elephants Two Minutes Le Fete Du Cloune-Pirate Secretly Canadian
5:21pm Gosta Berlings Saga 354 Glue Works Cuneiform Records
5:30pm Jehova Waitresses State of the Disunion Perfect Impossible
5:33pm IQU Under the Cherry Blossom Sun Q Sonic Boom Recordings
5:39pm Verma Chrome HoZac Records
5:48pm Gritty Kitty Transport Beaches Mistaking Airplanes For Stars Kindercore Records
5:55pm Bellblinki Sanjula's Junk These Bubbles Come From Ants
5:56pm Guitar Wolf Planet of the Wolves Planet of the Wolves Matador
5:58pm Idaho Live Today Again The Lone Gunman Retrophonic
6:07pm Winter Bear Jump In The Fire HoZac Records
6:09pm Woolworthy Bad Penny Woolworthy/Dingy Grey Music
6:11pm Unsane Body Bomb Peel Sessions Matador
6:15pm The Brights The Res Bright Ba Da Bing!
6:17pm Cake on Cake Pictures from 1964 I See No Stars Desolation Records
6:20pm Appendix Out Fortified Jackdaw Grove The Night Is Advancing Drag City
6:30pm Soft Machine Spaced Two Spaced Cuneiform Records
6:38pm Gossip Gone Tomorrow Arkansas Heat Kill Rock Stars
6:40pm Yo La Tengo Ohm Fade Matador
6:51pm Arms Akimbo The Kids Still Love us The Arms Akimbo Futureman
6:51pm Teen Suicide I wanna be a witch Goblin Problems
7:08pm Sonic Youth Slaapkamers Met Slagroom
7:08pm The Chutes Echo of Love Cross Keys Records
7:14pm Ink Ships Cassettes
7:14pm Unouomedude Frequency (Soundmen Remix) Frequency EP
7:20pm Aurul Burrows End of Times
7:21pm Bibio You Silver Wilkinson
7:26pm Washed Out Paracosm Paracosm
7:33pm The Jam Saturday Kids The Sound Of The Jam
7:38pm Cuckoo Chaos Jesus Flag American Fish Woman
7:42pm Nai Harvest WHATEVER Whatever
7:48pm Paul McCartney Wild Life Wild LIfe
7:55pm toe After Image For Long Tomorrow
8:00pm FourTet Hilarious Movies of the 90s (Koushik's Funny Flic) Remixes
8:01pm Jefferson Airplane Share a Little Joke Crown of Creation
8:03pm 1,2,3 Confetti Confetti
8:06pm Spirit Why Can't I be Free?/Love has Found a Way Twelve Dreams Of Dr. Sardonicus
8:10pm Junk Culture My Two Hands West Coast
8:11pm Earl Greyhound Oye Vaya Suspicious Package
8:17pm Ty Segall The Drag Ty Segall
8:18pm Spoon Government Darling Telephono
8:22pm The Black Tambourines 27-25 Blues Chica
8:28pm YES I've Seen All Good People The Yes Album
8:29pm The Go! Team Huddle Formation Thunder, Lightning, Strike
8:35pm The Oxford Collapse Please Visit Your National Parks Remember The Night Parties
8:36pm Young Buffalo Baby Demons
8:44pm Hella Biblical Violence Acoustics
8:47pm Mylets Ampersand Retcon
8:47pm WU LYF Dirt Go Tell Fire To The Mountain
8:56pm Arcade Fire Reflektor Reflektor
8:56pm Atoms for Peace Ingenue Amok
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