WNUR Playlist

This program was broadcast live on WNUR 89.3FM in Chicago, IL USA and streamed worldwide via our live webstream.
DJ:Zach and Camille
Date:Thursday, September 12th, 2013
Time:6:30PM - 9:00PM
Start Artist Track Album
6:37pm Bob Log III Log Bomb Log Bomb
6:38pm Sons of the West Leave Your Home Sons of the West
6:42pm Outrageous Cherry More Than Blue Nothing's Going To Cheer You Up
6:43pm Totally Crushed On Silently That Dog
6:45pm PSAPP Fickle Ghost The Camel's Back
6:51pm The Crows Dead Beat The Crows
6:52pm Bum I Hardly Breathe Wanna Smash Sensation
6:56pm The Crowd Run for the Money Letter Bomb
7:01pm The Cynics Baby What's Wrong? No Siesta Tonite
7:03pm Quasi Seven Years Gone Hot Sh*t!
7:06pm Quasi Peace and Love When The Going Gets Dark
7:09pm Weird War N.D.S.P. If You Can't Beat 'Em, Bite 'Em
7:15pm Twin Wrecks the Memory Riot Ready Royal Drug Lodge (Trouble For the Rest of Us)
7:19pm Black Grape Get Higher Get Higher
7:27pm Crime in Choir Round Air Copy Gift Givers
7:27pm IQU Sun Q Sun Q
7:32pm Fool's Gold Surprise Hotel (Radio Edit) Fool's Gold
7:36pm Culture Payday Payday
7:42pm Ecstatic Sunshine Perrier Freckle Wars
7:44pm Abunai! Tomorrow The Mystic River Sound
7:47pm African Head Charge Some Bizarre Great Vintage Volume 2
7:52pm Nobody Siesta Con Susana And Everything Else...
7:58pm Typewriter New Mexico Your Carcass is a Wonderland
7:59pm Malachi Snowflake Ugly Side of Love
8:05pm Blue Eskimos Coming Home Johnny Guitar E.P.
8:09pm Honeybunch Hey Blue Sky Time Trials 1987-1995
8:11pm The Dagons Heaven Wasn't in the Sky Teeth For Pearls
8:14pm Tizzy Sugarcoat Befriend Us
8:24pm Party of Helicopters Brutal Enigma Please Believe It
8:25pm Stephen Loved By You Radar Of Small Dogs
8:26pm Hockey Nights Princess Starcrystal Rad Zipping
8:27pm Hello Goodbye Have You Seen My Boy? Heart Attack
8:28pm Magnapop Texas Kiss My Mouth
8:35pm Rocket Redux Ain't It Fun Rocket From the Tombs
8:38pm T. Raumschmiere The Game is Not Over Radio Blackout
8:40pm Triclops! Freedom Tickler Out Of Africa
8:47pm Nick Riff Strange Disposition Freak Element
8:52pm The Zachary Thaks Bad Girl Nuggets
8:54pm Lynnfield Pioneers Yos to Go Lamp Comp EP
8:57pm Pak Gotta Get it Right Pak
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