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This program was broadcast live on WNUR 89.3FM in Chicago, IL USA and streamed worldwide via our live webstream.
Date:Thursday, July 25th, 2013
Time:2:00PM - 6:30PM
Start Artist Track Album
2:01pm robert rutman buzz chime zhuhh
2:08pm brise-glace neithjer yeild nor rreap when in vanitas
2:16pm gong i never glid before youtube 1973
2:25pm robert mills recordings from laos, cambodia,thailand and myanmar
2:25pm brise-glace host of latecommers
2:34pm soft verdict struggle for pleasure/salernes struggle for opleasure 1983 les disc du crepescule
2:39pm barry adamson central control moss side story
2:42pm beequen for daniel in the lions mouth gund
2:49pm mandibble chatter swans and ponds
2:55pm jon hassell aka dabari java
2:57pm henry flynt goodbye wall street
3:02pm concret 7"
3:07pm gregory whitehead what words want
3:08pm madible chatter on the needles these days
3:08pm residents eskimo
3:11pm electro static cat 7"
3:13pm pox rut
3:17pm john allison the wich of glouchester
3:23pm andreas martin hirschmore
3:31pm mantler/wyat the insect god
3:38pm cycle 60 metiset
3:43pm philip glass music in 12 parts (pt. 2)
4:01pm runz due procc gurglestock
4:02pm phisynth sege vid 48
4:06pm donald crunk cause it alright
4:06pm delete the presets hello
4:12pm david ryle silver triangles in an unfiltered sky
4:18pm asmus titchens teilmenge 33a
4:19pm autechre incunabula tyrk 2
4:22pm chris n cosey just like you
4:24pm mars everywhere attack of the giant squid
4:24pm bsmith xrur
4:31pm voltage ctlr the sun gave birth to shadows
4:38pm richard devine creature 2
4:43pm buchlabum 25oe self programming 4 step rhythm
4:49pm soundof error unreleased edits
4:49pm milky sway hyperspace exit in slow motion
4:56pm david cohen wiggler freedom
4:57pm chris n cosey useless information
5:10pm mark shippy x-invucrant-x
5:10pm henry mancini flamingo
5:11pm henry flynt missionary stew
5:15pm iggy pop some weird sin
5:27pm henry mancini
5:27pm joy division i remember nothing
5:33pm syd barrett maisie
5:35pm generstion x your generation
5:43pm jah wobblw blueberry hill
5:46pm wire blessed state
5:49pm johnny ride yorker
5:53pm tape beatles/gregory whitehead
5:57pm wolf mother ??
6:02pm johnny ride call me johnny
6:08pm sidewinder the big bang theory
6:09pm a certain ratio below the canal
6:15pm Bran..pos archival rodeo at the gambling hall
6:18pm albert marcour trk 2 split cassette tago mago 1982 casette w.this heat
6:21pm d rider arranged marriage to no toms
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