WNUR Playlist

This program was broadcast live on WNUR 89.3FM in Chicago, IL USA and streamed worldwide via our live webstream.
Date:Thursday, June 20th, 2013
Time:2:00PM - 6:00PM
Start Artist Track Album
2:02pm cheer-accident baby elephant walk
2:07pm contact duncan mmkenzie
2:07pm chrome read only memory
2:16pm black sdabbath wicked world
2:17pm damned melody lee
2:19pm the osmonds crazy horses
2:26pm tim caitlin hysterisis radio ghosts
2:33pm contackt/drumm guilotine licker
2:39pm coil ubu noir-panic
2:46pm damned machine gun etiquette
2:49pm public enemy vs. nonesuch
2:54pm mu fa or galactivating the love based econimy
3:06pm TG heathen earth
3:07pm sutek hexen bled thy likeness the power to condemn
3:09pm FM einhiet 6/4
3:16pm arcane device from engines of myth
3:16pm sutek hexen murmur the power to condemn
3:23pm ENS swimming behavior of th ehuman infant
3:30pm rik rue dead travel faster
3:31pm eric lunde co
3:36pm greater than one trust
3:47pm david sylvian maria
3:50pm DAF die kleinen & die bosen
3:52pm big city orchestra s'wonderful hits from the 20's
3:57pm andreas martin hirschmore
4:01pm anthony janis- live action
4:28pm umcorps lttm
4:29pm john foxx & harold budd drift music 4
4:31pm homogenized terrestrials truth egg
4:37pm wwolfgangschaltung orchestraal ruins
4:46pm kozz sun and mudd
4:49pm chher accident whitey 4th and down
4:54pm spitezoo experimental lab the dream sequencer
4:58pm tubeway army when machines rock replicas
5:05pm CHEER-ACCIDENT fat dog's gonna hatch dumb ask
5:10pm CHEER-ACCIDENT elbow deep in turkey
5:14pm trying the night
5:15pm the law of attraction
5:17pm simple life
5:26pm salad dies no ifs ands or dogs
5:27pm day after i never met you
5:31pm Go gone green what sequel
5:35pm post-somnia ifs ands or dogs
5:35pm the certainties vasectomy -86
5:36pm zervas introducing lemon
5:41pm death by pollyanna ifs ands or dogs 2010
5:46pm IOS vs. CHEER-ACCIDENT unreleased
5:51pm cheer accident surviving a methodology what sequel
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