WNUR Playlist

This program was broadcast live on WNUR 89.3FM in Chicago, IL USA and streamed worldwide via our live webstream.
Date:Monday, May 6th, 2013
Time:12:00PM - 4:00PM
Start Artist Track Album
12:12pm yoko ono why plastic ono band
12:12pm pox rut fin
12:15pm francois bayle motion emotion 1986 ina grm
12:20pm yoko ono greenfield morning
12:22pm impact test the juniper tree
12:26pm bayle
12:34pm alan watts zen bones
12:38pm metal urbain paris maquis
12:41pm tuxedomoon joeboy in rrotterdam
12:51pm various ubu web selections
12:52pm 10thick bed bighorn sleep
12:59pm nancy walker ihate men
12:59pm clark teryy girl talk
1:02pm tony bennet girl talk
1:03pm godley & crme hit factory/busines is business
1:19pm john oswald plunderphonics
1:23pm mash up
1:28pm el tren fantasma chris watson
1:32pm crispy ambulance & kevin drumm concord square & i like the idea of a power trio...
1:37pm crispy ambulance death from above
1:40pm john adams violin concerto 1
1:52pm maurizio bianchiSYMPHONY FOR A GENOCIDE
1:55pm UPSILON ACRUX when satan ruled the ocean
2:10pm carlos giffoni i always lie arrogance
2:19pm KNYST modular punk:glass stone electricity
2:20pm I.J. SEE music for an empty warehouse in detroit
2:28pm magnetis stripper unknown
2:28pm CV slime 800 endexclamation
2:32pm bartlebooth plumbutter 2
2:34pm panagiotis stathis genevieve beast& house of figs
2:42pm strettara sketch 4
2:51pm alka diode malfunction
2:53pm fernlodge sea and sunlight
2:59pm die form die form
3:05pm ramones journey to the center of the mind
3:08pm dead kennedys california uber alles
3:12pm massacre legs
3:12pm nick loweSO IT GOES
3:19pm MODERN ENGLISH gathrering dust
3:24pm nicj lowe heart of the city
3:26pm tubeway army thats too bad
3:39pm i travel simple minds
3:39pm bauhaus st vitus dance
3:43pm steve fisk go at full throttle
3:46pm lupe diaz its beena
3:50pm pharrel williams fun fun fun
3:51pm thymme jones someone else
3:51pm picycle radical attitude
3:55pm sidewinder enter the beast
3:55pm anne briggs go your way
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