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This program was broadcast live on WNUR 89.3FM in Chicago, IL USA and streamed worldwide via our live webstream.
Date:Monday, March 25th, 2013
Time:2:00PM - 6:30PM
Start Artist Track Album
2:14pm upsilon acrux a quart of zolex volucrus avis dirae-arum
2:22pm the work i hate america (tim hodgkinson-h cow) 7" 1981recommended recs
2:23pm upsilon acrux when satan ruled the ocean jesus made my fish tank boil volucrus avis dirae-arum
2:31pm crystal belle scrod riding the red rag belle du jour
2:36pm klanngkrieg korpus 38cbm (nd
2:37pm the work fingers & toes
2:42pm collage/mission imp raymond scott
2:42pm cab voltair western 3 mantras+mission imp+ francois bayle
2:54pm + timothy leary/bayle motion emotion 1986 ina grm
3:00pm raymond scott snake woman ectoplasm
3:06pm francois bayle motion emotion 1986 ina grm
3:07pm Kazuo Fukushima HI-kyo for flute strings piano *& perc the new music vol3 1968 RCA victrola
3:15pm brion gysin wheres that word perditi0n plastic cd
3:16pm P. Children social life documentation 1987-1992
3:21pm boy dirt car friction moves 1/2RRR rrrecords 1986
3:26pm corridors trk 2
3:36pm gysin reactive agents
3:37pm zappa sofa no. 2 one size fits all
3:44pm lounge lizards incident on south street
3:45pm soft machine volume 2
4:05pm gary numan films the pleasure principle
4:08pm voltagcntrl invocation of freedom
4:16pm autumn Drones hard orange frequency
4:23pm TG adrenalin
4:31pm todd rundgren a treatis on cosmic fire
4:36pm skye klein 12-28-12
4:45pm harvey vasquez the preacher became one whom nature had corrupted
4:45pm metabolist le grande prique
4:52pm donald crunk the city (from nwew cassette on kamagraph records
4:57pm don hassler the cy3 conjugate the synthi group vol 3
4:58pm wendy carlos switched on bach
5:03pm die form gestual equivoque
5:05pm Knyst singing rotors/triangular code
5:09pm hafler trio owl ionization recording bang an open letter
5:10pm wendy carlos
5:14pm delia derbyshire im falling/h30
5:15pm golden retreiver serene velocity
5:24pm the beach boys lets go away for a while
5:29pm the pink fairies do it
5:33pm tina turner/BEF ball of confusion
5:37pm lupe diaz itsbeena
5:38pm mx-80 someday youll be king
5:41pm steve fisk go at full throttle
5:44pm damned help
5:46pm us maple coming back to damnit/arvo zylo dental wo
5:49pm abc beauty stab
5:55pm pizzicato five magic carpet ride
6:03pm eddie and the hot rods do anything you want to do
6:07pm motorhead white line fever
6:12pm sex pistolS EMI
6:15pm WIRE 12xu
6:22pm pil the flowers of romance
6:23pm a certain ratio back to the start
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