WNUR Playlist

This program was broadcast live on WNUR 89.3FM in Chicago, IL USA and streamed worldwide via our live webstream.
Date:Monday, March 11th, 2013
Time:2:00PM - 6:30PM
Start Artist Track Album Label
1:57pm PTV dawn mouth of the night
2:17pm hermann nitdchenviroments test rec musik der action 80/tinntinnabulation contemplative sound/m fhead trunculance
2:24pm Velehentor track 2 from From The Gloom of Graves
2:24pm (sound collage)
2:41pm hydros plus overcoat
2:49pm skinny puppy jahjya/
2:49pm sesso violetno Suraba
2:50pm stooges ann
2:54pm brainbombs OH WHAT A FEELING
3:11pm DEAD PREEASANTS INSURANCE septic shipwreck
3:12pm crash worship pyru
3:23pm test dept inheritance
3:24pm pig & sow blood sucking bitch
3:32pm einsturzende naubauten tanz debil kollaps
3:39pm xenakis concret p-h 11w/ neuabauten
3:39pm fm einheit 6/4w. xenakis /E.Naubaytn
3:44pm holger hiller die baller die blatter
3:48pm fm einheit the hektic
3:52pm locrian dort ist der weg
4:12pm pulsating cyst horrible signal
4:15pm mass marriage help me god
4:20pm Michael Esposito & Chris Connelly The Phantoms of Purgatory Souls
4:27pm Megaptera Research of Epileptic Attacks
4:28pm Aelter Follow you beloved
4:36pm Forms of Things Unknown Errant Bodies
4:36pm Fantomas excerpt from Delirium Cordia
4:39pm Joke Lanz & Bryan Lewis Saunders French Spies
4:44pm rema rema instrumental/fond affection 4ad 1980
4:53pm tubeway army are you real tubeway army
5:16pm tom reccione the real strugaphone
5:17pm rema rema feedback song/rema rema
5:24pm //dissecting table/the universe is only an suburb city///dissecting table/the universe is only an object///autechre peel sessions the sidwinder
5:29pm bourbonese qualk suburb city
5:35pm morton subotnic live at ctm 2011
5:40pm panagiotis stathis foams gravity
5:44pm empty noises modcan vcdo, delay & flanger w/b.bob & j guy-bela dubby
5:49pm cotton museum moist me,brane moistmembrane
5:54pm dan_p SVdub w. magnetic stripper / locks
6:11pm skye KLein stk
6:12pm george kayavis untitled
6:16pm menemonist rotolimbs exc
6:19pm this mortal coil fyt
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