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This program was broadcast live on WNUR 89.3FM in Chicago, IL USA and streamed worldwide via our live webstream.
Date:Monday, January 14th, 2013
Time:2:00PM - 6:30PM
Start Artist Track Album
2:19pm H3o/Einsturzende neubauten kill the king/das schaben 7"
2:26pm fripp & eno no pussyfooting
2:49pm zoviet france/wings of desire
2:49pm bastion void primary moss jpeg horicon sketches
2:53pm zoviet france ritual burlap 1981
3:02pm iggy & stooges your pretty face is going to hell raw power
3:07pm crispy ambulance loupgarou
3:10pm sonic youth stereo sanctity
3:14pm wire 2 people in a room
3:16pm marcus schmickler say loud onea gako
3:24pm soft machine fire engines passing/pig volume 2
3:29pm brice glace neithwer yelid nor reAp when in vanitas
3:35pm guy reibel granulation 1
3:35pm schmikler
3:42pm colin newman ive waited ages/ & jury a-z beggars banquet
3:54pm cheer accident surviving a methodology
3:57pm phil n the blanks i want some more
4:00pm epicycle radical attitude
4:01pm massacre legs
4:04pm us maple aplomado
4:06pm troy schafer the desire towards joy
4:12pm michael nyman inital treat
4:14pm laurie speigel appalchian grove 2
4:22pm amm 3 live 1979
4:35pm cluste rn eno broken head
4:36pm oval mediation systemich
4:39pm keith freund horses on air constant comments-experimedia
4:43pm cluster & eno tzima n arki
4:51pm max eastley instalation recordings
4:53pm keith freund the ortza
5:19pm perry & kingsley
5:23pm ios thermonuclear
5:23pm esp summer your hands
5:30pm cab volt agent man
5:36pm c n c tantalize
5:39pm negative space the wingless flight of the delta wavew guy reibel balancement
5:45pm todd barton krell orchestral piece
5:47pm Zaqoba buchla 100 sketch 4
5:49pm Richard devine ceature 2
6:02pm mudlogger stepping on the toes of giants
6:07pm hainbach kids, flashlights, slingshots
6:09pm todd barton 4x4 radio medieval
6:12pm jim morrison--3rd thing neg space theta wave
6:17pm hafler trio into & out of
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