WNUR Playlist

This program was broadcast live on WNUR 89.3FM in Chicago, IL USA and streamed worldwide via our live webstream.
Date:Thursday, August 23rd, 2012
Time:3:00PM - 6:30PM
Start Artist Track Album
3:13pm quentin crisp
3:18pm ense reduction natrual flaxstreet
3:20pm tubes what do you want from life
3:26pm bejaamin lew ?
3:30pm mott the hoople marionette the hoople 1974
3:34pm the clash drug stabbing time
3:37pm le syndicat panzerprick macisto fuzztanz
3:42pm chris n cosey just like you heartbest
3:46pm nick drake joey
3:50pm artificial memory trace the ality asbfract
3:58pm louise huener seduction through withchraft
4:01pm scriabin symphony #3 in c minor
4:03pm torna A sorrento international guitars
4:08pm Illusion of safety security of tghe 4th world children of the fear of truth
4:10pm nick drake rider on the wheel
4:14pm fugs 10 commandments
4:14pm various ? meridians (touch)
4:20pm fugs
4:20pm happy the man stumpy the firecracker in stencil forest happy the man 1977
4:25pm jean debvuffet 1961/ARTI mem trc
4:28pm burroughs
4:38pm burroughs/gyson AMT
4:40pm bowie breaking glass low
4:45pm marc barreca music works for industry
4:46pm bowie weeping wall low
4:50pm mars everywhere zoln
5:00pm massacre aging with diginity killuing time
5:12pm this heat the fall of saigon made available peel sessions
5:13pm marc barrerca music works for industry
5:17pm rental leer/meridians
5:20pm mothers of invention
5:26pm pox why trains crash
5:31pm todd rundgres the spark of life
5:38pm lrar & rental fade away the bridge
5:58pm cillian john ducks day
5:58pm faustus summer meadow
5:58pm throgging g ab7a
5:59pm mudlogger pressure points
6:01pm bug 9 break 2
6:06pm plainspace numbers
6:08pm tommaso number 2
6:09pm mudlogger marbles
6:12pm soleil vert modular 882 scene13
6:14pm cillian john a cycle
6:20pm tuxedomoon tritone half mute
6:20pm cluster n eno broken head
6:28pm gen x 100 punks rule
6:28pm new york dolls personality crisis
6:32pm ramones do you wanna dance
6:38pm the stooges ann
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