WNUR Playlist

This program was broadcast live on WNUR 89.3FM in Chicago, IL USA and streamed worldwide via our live webstream.
DJ:Dan S.
Date:Tuesday, July 17th, 2012
Time:6:30PM - 10:00PM
Start Artist Track Album Label
6:37pm Mx-80 Sound Obsessive Devotion Crowd Control Ralph
6:40pm The dB's Dynamite Stands for Decibals Albion
6:44pm The Mugwumps Searchin' The Mugwumps Warner
6:55pm Mercury Rev Chasin' A Bee Yerself Is Steam Mint Films
6:58pm The Chills Dream By Dream The "Lost" E.P. Flying Nun
7:03pm Tall Dwarfs Phil's Disease (Day 1) Hello Cruel World Flying Nun
7:04pm The Clean Billy Two Compilation Flying Nun
7:07pm Tall Dwarfs Nothing's Going To Happen Hello Cruel World Flying Nun
7:11pm The Clean Two Fat Sisters Live Dead Clean Flying Nun
7:14pm The Chills Pink Frost Kaleidoscope World Homestead
7:21pm The Verlaines All Laid On Halleluiah All The Way Home
7:22pm The Chills I Love My Leather Jacket 12" Flying Nun
7:24pm The Clean Whatever I Do Is Right In-a-Live Flying Nun
7:26pm Tall Dwarfs Senile Dimentia 3EPs (Sam's Spaniel) Flying Nun
7:32pm Tall Dwarfs Neusyland 3Eps (Up The Down Staircase) Flying Nun
7:38pm Daniel Johnston King Kong Yip/Jump Music Homestead
7:44pm Daniel Johnston Ain't No Woman Gonna Make A George Jones Outta Me Continued Story Homestead
7:45pm Daniel Johnston The Dead Dog Laughing In The Cloud Continued Story Homestead
7:49pm Daniel Johnston Tears Stupid Tears 1990 Shimmy Disc
7:52pm Feedtime Nobody's Fault But Mine Shovel Aberrant
8:00pm Daniel Johnston Some Things Last A Long Time 1990 Shimmy Disc
8:01pm R. Stevie Moore Why Should I Love You Glad Music New Rose
8:04pm R. Stevie Moore I Wanna Sleep What's The Point?!! Cuneiform
8:07pm R. Stevie Moore I Like To Stay Home Glad Music New Rose
8:11pm R. Stevie Moore Conflict Of Interest What's The Point?!! Cuneiform
8:14pm R. Stevie Moore I Want You In My Life Verve Hamster
8:18pm R. Stevie Moore 1st Or Mas Stance HP Music
8:32pm R. Stevie Moore The Flavor Is Mine/Aftertaste Clack! self-released
8:36pm R. Stevie Moore Sit Down (parts two & one) Clack! self-released
8:41pm R. Stevie Moore I Go Into Your Mind Clack! self-released
8:43pm R. Stevie Moore Teen Routines Clack! self-released
8:46pm R. Stevie Moore You Always Want What You Don't Have Clack! self-released
8:50pm R. Stevie Moore Goodbye Piano Phonography self-released
8:55pm R. Stevie Moore California Rhythm Phonography self-released
8:58pm R. Stevie Moore Little Man R. Stevie Moore Returns self-released
9:07pm CAN Oh Yeah Tago Mago
9:14pm Faust The Lurcher Live at the BBC 1.3.73 Cuneiform
9:22pm Amon Duul II Archangels Thunderbird Yeti
9:25pm Hoelderlin Traum Hoelderlins Traum Think Progressive
9:33pm Harmonia Dino Musik Von Harmonia
9:36pm Tangerine Dream Circulation of Events Atem Castle Music
9:42pm Kraftwerk Antenna Radio-Activity
9:46pm CAN Spray Future Days
9:54pm NEU! Hallogallo NEU!
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