WNUR Playlist

This program was broadcast live on WNUR 89.3FM in Chicago, IL USA and streamed worldwide via our live webstream.
DJ:Gillian and Jason
Date:Monday, April 23rd, 2012
Time:4:00PM - 6:30PM
Start Artist Track Album Label
3:59pm Plexi Part of Me Part of Me b/w Caught Up 7" Sub Pop
4:01pm Gizzard Let 'em Die Let em Die EP Drazzig
4:04pm Speed Lustre Tease Tease b/w Feel OK 7" Wicked Disc
4:06pm Drill Team Dolorosa Pluto My Cream b/w Dolorosa 7" Fish of Death
4:12pm Heros Severum Grounded... Like a Prop Plane Grounded... Like A Prop Plane Ep Two Sheds Music
4:15pm Sort Sol feat. Lydia Lunch Boy-Girl Dagger and Guitar
4:17pm X-Ray Spex Oh Bondage, Up Yours! Germfree Adolescents EMI
4:19pm Violators The Fugitive Gangland b/w The Fugitive No Future
4:24pm ST-37 Unknown Soldier Fun's Not Dead compilation More Fun
4:27pm Hans-A-Plast Polizeiknuppel Hans-A-Plast Lava
4:31pm TNT Razzia Razzia b/w They Robbed Us 7" Disctrade
4:36pm The Source Keypunch Operator Constantly b/w Keypunch Operator Wasp
4:40pm The Cuban Heels Walk on Water Walk on Water EP Virgin
4:42pm Vanilla Trainwreck Kiss me Kiss Me b/w Electric Guitar 7" Mammoth
4:46pm Sonic Youth feat. Lydia Lunch Death Valley '69 Bad Moon Rising Homestead
4:50pm Chromatics Three Hearts (WASP) Plaster Hounds Gold Standard Laboratories
4:54pm Sweetheart White-Eye Mr. Cocktail b/w White-Eye 7" Bad Vugum
5:03pm The Astronauts Crossfire The Big Sound of the Astronauts EP Pin Up
5:06pm Biting Tongues Panorama Biting Tongues EP Factory
5:09pm Joy Division Atrocity Exhibition Closer Factory
5:15pm FuscilLage Ribbons ...things won't be the same
5:17pm The Huxtables Wizard of Ice A Touch of Wonder Terrorbird
5:21pm Dingle Wren Boy Scooby Doo 7" Boxodonuts
5:27pm Citay Careful With That Hat Dream Get Together Dead Oceans
5:35pm Dis Ed Was Solace Ed Was Solace 7" 12 Inch
5:36pm Zuzu's Petals How Long How Long 7" Koko Pop
5:40pm Bear in Heaven Ultimate Satisfaction Beast Rest Forth Mouth Hometapes
5:47pm BIG'N Radiator Raisins and Vomit Compilation Series Volume 1 Ratfish
5:49pm Circulatory System Days to Come Circulatory System Cloud
5:51pm Meerk Puffy The One I Want Old Tyme Lemonade Hospital
5:53pm Julie Trend Velvet Philadelphia Phreedom Proteen
5:55pm Kimbashing Bad Jammer Philadelphia Phreedom Proteen
6:01pm Circus Devils Gargoyle City Pinball Mars Revolver
6:04pm TrainTruckTractor Go to the Fair Philadelphia Phreedom Proteen
6:08pm Meringue I Have So Many Friends Philadelphia Phreedom Proteen
6:11pm Superchunk Late-Century Dream Late-Century Dream EP Merge
6:14pm Dianogah Garden Airplane Trap Garden Airplane Trap b/w Eucalyptus ActionBoy300
6:19pm Screw Party Elephant Shoes Screw Party EP Chuy
6:25pm The Smiths William, It Was Really Nothing Louder Than Bombs Sire
6:27pm Soundpool On High On High Aloft
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