WNUR Playlist

This program was broadcast live on WNUR 89.3FM in Chicago, IL USA and streamed worldwide via our live webstream.
DJ:Zach R
Date:Sunday, January 8th, 2012
Time:6:00PM - 8:00PM
Start Artist Track Album
6:10pm Cloudkicker Oh, God Beacons
6:11pm Botanist Convolvulus Althaeoides The Suice Tree/ A Rose From the Dead
6:11pm Alcest Autre Temps Les Voyages De L'Ame
6:19pm Melecesh Touching the Spheres of Sephiroth Emissaries
6:19pm Blut Aus Nord Epitome VIII 777 The Desanctation
6:28pm Celtic Frost Nocturnal Fear Morbid Tales
6:40pm Carontte When the Sky is Burning/ When the World is Falling Down As Grey As They Said
6:40pm When My Eyes Blackened The Light of Those Who Failed When My Eyes Blackened
6:47pm The Human Abstract Holographic Sight Digital Veil
6:55pm Trap Them All by the Constant Vulse Darker Handcraft
6:59pm Frederick Thordendal's Special Defects Bouncing at the Bottomless Pit Sol niger within
7:00pm At The Gates Terminal Spirit Disease Terminal Spirit Disease
7:03pm Hammers of Misfortune 17th Street 17th Street
7:08pm Mitochondrion Plague Evockation (Pestilentiam Intus Vocamus, Voluntatem Absolvimus Part 1) Parasignosis
7:12pm Vildhjarta Phobon Nika Masstaden
7:19pm Forged in Flame Miss Mothership EP
7:25pm After the Burial A Vicious Reforming of Features Rareform
7:31pm Ash Borer Rest, You Are The Lighning Ash Borer
7:38pm Bloodbath Weak Aside Unblessing the Purity
7:46pm Omnyouza Gainagateya Hyakki Ryouran
7:51pm Ulcerate Dead Oceans The Destroyers of All
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