WNUR Playlist

This program was broadcast live on WNUR 89.3FM in Chicago, IL USA and streamed worldwide via our live webstream.
DJ:Jason Lederman & Alina Dunbar
Date:Friday, November 4th, 2011
Time:2:00PM - 4:00PM
Start Artist Track Album
2:16pm K-9 Cologne The Dead Pinched Harmonies
2:17pm Kabata and Youngs "Blue Bar" Makoto Kawabata/Richard Youngs
2:18pm Kadane Hell Music from the film Hell House
2:24pm Kadura Alyster From the depths of the other space
2:33pm Kaia 19 Finally a Dyke Album for the Whole Family
2:34pm Kaito nothin new band red
2:43pm Kaleidoscope Why Try Side Trips
2:44pm Manish Kalvakota Diamond Mine Outer Limits
2:53pm Kalvako Presence S-T
2:53pm Killektief Palimpsest Jinx
2:56pm Laika Black Cat Bone Good Looking Blues
3:01pm Lake of Dracula Heather M Skeletal Remains
3:03pm The Jam In the Midnight Hour This is the Modern World
3:06pm Can Future Days Future Days
3:14pm FM Knives CanÃ��ïÿýÃ�ïÃ�ÿÃ�ýÃ��Ã�ïÃ��Ã�ÿÃ��Ã�ýÃ��ïÿýÃ��Ã�ïÃ��ïÿýÃ��Ã�ÿÃ��ïÿýÃ��Ã�ýÃ��à FM Knives
3:17pm The Undertones Family Entertainment The Undertones
3:21pm Tangerine Dream Origins of Supernatural Probabilities Zeit
3:32pm Kitty Craft I Got Rulez Kitty Craft
3:34pm Lakeside Project Thirty Year Waiting List Animal Logic
3:41pm Lali Puna Rapariga Da Banheira Tridecoder
3:44pm Lali Puna Call 1'800'fear Faking the Books
3:49pm Lambarena Mayingo Bach to Africa
3:50pm Lambchop I can hardly spell my name Autumn��ïÿý�ï�ÿ�ý���ï���ÿ���ý��ïÿý�ï�ÿ�ý��ïÿý���ôs Vicar
3:52pm Lambchop Spent Spent
3:58pm Nomy Lamm Effigy Effigy
4:00pm Lampshade Puzzles Surprise!
4:04pm Landed Pass the Buck How Little Will it Take
4:05pm Landing Summer Song Circuit
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