WNUR Playlist

This program was broadcast live on WNUR 89.3FM in Chicago, IL USA and streamed worldwide via our live webstream.
DJ:Dan 'n' Adam
Date:Friday, September 30th, 2011
Time:4:00PM - 6:30PM
Start Artist Track Album
4:14pm Acid Mothers Temple Le La Lo Mantra of Love
4:29pm The Microphones The Breeze It Was Hot We, Stayed In The Water
4:31pm Red Red Meat Idaho Durt S/T
4:34pm Jim O'Rourke Therefore I am Insignificance
4:40pm The Homosexuals Hearts In Exile The Homosexuals' Record
4:42pm Butch Willis Drugs The Rocks
4:48pm The Readymen Jack The Ripper Get Ready!!
4:50pm St. Ride Squeak The Mouse St. Ride
4:55pm The Electric Prunes I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night) I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)
4:59pm Bird Names track 1 Bird Names EP
5:15pm Mekons This Sporting Life EP
5:16pm L'incendie le 6 septembre
5:17pm Damon & Naomi more sad hits
5:18pm Wild Billy Childish Daddy Rolling Stone Musicians of the British Empire
5:26pm Golden Birthday Infinite Leagues Infinite Leagues
5:27pm Bobby Conn A Taste of Luxury The Golden Age
5:31pm Tussle Don't Stop Tussle EP
5:35pm The Young Gods Stay With Us The Young Gods
5:38pm Gastr Del Sol The Harp Factory On Lake Street The Harp Factory On Lake Street
6:00pm The Scientists Set It On Fire Blood Red River
6:00pm The Chameleons Don't Fall Script of the Bridge
6:15pm Television Personalities La Grand Illusion And Dont The Kids Just Love It
6:15pm Gather 'Round for Savior #2 The Frogs Its Only Right and Natural
6:15pm Jack The Ripper parts 1 and 2 The Gruesomes Some Friendly
6:20pm Broken Bone Iceage New Brigade
6:20pm Magik Markers Empty Bottles Boss
6:27pm Gosta Berlings Saga 354 Glue Works
6:33pm Lee Fields Last Ride My World
6:36pm Max Tundra Gum Chimes Parallax Error Beheads You
6:40pm Bruce Haack Party Machine Party Machine
7:03pm Charles Manson Devil Man Charles Manson Sings
7:06pm The Soft Machine Hope for Happiness One Way
7:07pm Sleater Kinney Dig Me Out Dig Me Out
7:08pm A Certain Ratio Sounds Like Something Dirty Early
7:13pm Asobi Secksu Thursday Citrus
7:17pm Maps & Atlases Witch You and Me and the Mountain
7:21pm Sharon Clark and the Product of Time It's Not Your Business Eccentric Soul
7:24pm Smith Westerns Gimme Some Time The Smith Westerns
7:29pm Robert Pollard Touch Me in the Right Place at the Right Time Space City Kicks
7:31pm Lifter Puller Lifter Puller VS the End of the Evening Fiestas and Fiascos
7:33pm Blind Lemon Jefferson Deceitful Brownskin Blues Moanin' All Over
7:40pm Small Faces Every Little Bit Hurts Ogden's Nut Gone
7:41pm Skeletons This is the Part of the Story Where Everyone's Having Sex Life and the Afterbirth
7:50pm Man Man Push the Eagle's Stomach Six Demon Bag
8:02pm The Electric Prunes I Had Too Much to Dream (Last Night) Nuggets
8:03pm The Sir Douglas Quintet She's About a Mover Nuggets
8:05pm The Elastik Bands Spazz Nuggets
8:09pm The Standells Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White Nuggets
8:16pm The Chocolate Watch Band Let's Talk About Girls Nuggets
8:16pm The Third Bardo I'm Five Years Ahead of My Time Nuggets
8:17pm The Human Beinz Nobody But Me Nuggets
8:21pm Mouse Public Execution Nuggets
8:23pm The Palace Guard Falling Sugar Nuggets
8:24pm The Knickerbockers Lies Nuggets
8:27pm The Brogues I Ain't No Miracle Worker Nuggets
8:31pm The Hombres Let It All Hang Out Nuggets
8:41pm Blues Magoos Tobacco Road Nuggets
8:41pm The Shadows of the Knight Bad Little Woman
8:41pm The Nightcrawlers Little Black Egg
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