WNUR Playlist

This program was broadcast live on WNUR 89.3FM in Chicago, IL USA and streamed worldwide via our live webstream.
Date:Thursday, September 8th, 2011
Time:6:30PM - 9:00PM
Start Artist Track Album Label
6:34pm Shockabilly People are Strange Greatest Hits Red
6:35pm Naked Raygun I Don't Know Caroline
6:39pm Big Black IL Duce Homestead
6:44pm Sonic Youth Teenage Riot Daydream Nation Enigma
6:49pm Sonic Boom You're the One Spectrum Silvertone
6:55pm Amon Duul II Pig Man Vive La Trance United Artists
7:00pm These are Powers Crows of Troy Elsie and Jack
7:01pm California Raisins Down at the Flophouse Permanent
7:04pm Bevis Frond 41 Years Sprawl Woronzow
7:06pm To Live and Shave in LA New Songs With Drug & Pornographic Themes Audible Hiss
7:15pm Unknown Unknown 500 Lock-Grooves by 500 Artists RRR
7:16pm Phantom Surfers El Aguila Demolition
7:17pm The Boss Mustangs Mrs. McKee Spinout
7:23pm Leon Ferguson & The Groove Tones Stokin' Instrumental Explosion BGP
7:34pm Wolf Eyes Untitled
7:35pm Grimble Grumble Grimble Grumble RAPT
7:38pm The Rockin' Ace Light A Fire With Desire MassPike
7:42pm His Electro Blue Voice Fog S-S
7:46pm Mannequin Men Telemarketers Do The Math
7:51pm Misfits Green Hell Earth A.D.
7:52pm Fred Frith You Are What You Eat The Technology of Tears SST
8:00pm Hunting Sleeve 7000 Times Diggy-Daggy
8:05pm FLOPhOUSE Cop Shoot Kid Cop Shoot Kit Foundation-T.dieZ.
8:09pm Silver Abuse Cuban Homo Farm/Plastic Rows schwa
8:13pm FLOPhOUSE Operation S.H.O.V.E. Foundation-T.dieZ.
8:18pm Research Defense Squad Samba with Me FLOPsQUAD Foundation-T.dieZ.
8:25pm FLOPhOUSE Taste of Cicero FLOPhOUSE 999 to the 999th Power Foundation-T.dieZ.
8:25pm EMG 777 Foundation-T.dieZ.
8:31pm FLOPhOUSE Destructor/Hey There Fester Foundation-T.dieZ.
8:35pm Staklo mobilization Arable Farmland Sampler Volume 1 Arable Farmland
8:37pm Thriving Cult Lines
8:39pm Mike Campbell confu4a Wet Noodles 3
8:43pm Alan Richter Kamikaze Stunt Films Foundation-T.dieZ.
8:43pm FLOPhOUSE Dica Esuoh NAM #2 The Chicago Loops Sub Up
8:47pm Irwin Allen Project People Aren't Things
8:50pm Old Town School of Folk Music Dulcimer Ensemble Over the Rainbow
8:52pm FLOPhOUSE Chaotic Control Device FLOPhOUSE on Acid Foundation-T.dieZ.
9:00pm FLOPhOUSE and Friends House House (Jackin' Your Mind) Foundation-T.dieZ.
9:12pm Stillborn Terror Smokin' Hoorhouse Foundation-T.dieZ.
9:13pm FLOPhOUSE Infinity Foundation-T.dieZ.
9:14pm FLOPhOUSE Have You Heard the Newest Bugs on Neptune? Foundation-T.dieZ.
9:14pm RachelHouse Mexican Dan Foundation-T.dieZ.
9:15pm FLOPhOUSE Flight Recorder Foundation-T.dieZ.
9:19pm Old Town School of Folk Music Dulcimer Ensemble Fiddle Tune Medley
9:30pm FLOPhOUSE eatapita Foundation-T.dieZ.
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