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This program was broadcast live on WNUR 89.3FM in Chicago, IL USA and streamed worldwide via our live webstream.
DJ:Battle Static Badlands
Date:Thursday, July 21st, 2011
Time:6:30PM - 9:00PM
Start Artist Track Album
6:45pm Future Islands Tin Man In Evening Air
6:48pm Shugo Tokumaru Mizukagami L. S. T.
6:52pm Maps and Atlases Every Place is a House Trees, Swallows, Houses
6:57pm Giraffes? Giraffes! TOMHANKS'S'ES(EM)ANTICS'ES'S Superbass!!!! (Black Death Greatest Hits Vol. 1)
7:07pm Running Garbage Truck/Do the Do the/Overdrafter/Always Open Running
7:08pm Giant Squid Sutterville (Vibrio Cholarae) The Ichthyologist
7:14pm HEALTH Nice Girls Get Color
7:14pm Ruins Gharaviss Perrdoh Pallaschtom
7:20pm Neu! Fur Immer Neu! 2
7:30pm Twin Sister All Around and Away We Go Color Your Life
7:35pm Gang of Four In the Ditch Solid Gold
7:39pm Mountaineers Apart From this Messy Century
7:43pm Loden Twerk Buggy
7:48pm Man or Astro-Man? Breathing Iron Oxide Made from Technetium
7:51pm Fungi Girls Lucie Some Easy Magic
7:54pm Los Saicos Demolicion! Demolicion! The Complete Recordings
7:58pm Roger Nusic Electric Boy Hello Lovers Roger Nusic Here for you Only
8:00pm Ty Segall The Floor Goodbye Bread
8:07pm Upsilon Acrux Who's Running Shit (Sons of Destiny's Child) Galapagos Momentum
8:12pm Upsilon Acrux In-A-Gadda-Devito Radian Futura
8:19pm Upsilon Acrux The Court of Zolex Volucris Avis Dirae-Arum
8:21pm Upsilon Acrux Expiration Date (Alaska, My Darkness) Galapagos Momentum
8:25pm Upsilon Acrux Pythagorean Theory In the Acrux of the Upsilon King
8:30pm Upsilon Acrux Intronics Last Train Out
8:34pm Upsilon Acrux Touched by God (Inappropriately) Galapagos Momentum
8:39pm Upsilon Acrux Random Denouncement The Last Pirates of Upsilon
8:44pm Upsilon Acrux Plate Tectonics Last Train Out
8:44pm Upsilon Acrux Ballet Instructor-Dracula Volucris Avis Dirae-Arum
8:57pm Upsilon Acrux Boa vs. Crab Galapagos Momentum
8:57pm Upsilon Acrux 45 Rodents Volcris Avis Dirae-Arum
8:57pm Upsilon Acrux Twice the Tweek Last Train Out
8:57pm Upsilon Acrux Landscape with Gun and Chandelier Radian Futura
8:58pm Upsilon Acrux Valence Electrons Volcris Avis Dirae-Arum
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